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"It's On Us" is a new national public awareness campaign aimed at engaging students and campus communities in helping prevent sexual assault at colleges and universities.

SAAB is proud to be a full supporter of this new movement. We are constantly striving to positively impact those around us and as "ambassadors" of this university we hold a lot of potential to be a powerful voice within this community. We are asking everyone - men and women- to make a personal commitment to step up and be a part of the solution to campus sexual assault. A change is Needed and Possible and IT'S ON US to be a part of it.

Our Mission:

Consistent with the institutional mission of the University, the Athletics Department strives for excellence by offering all students model programs to develop meaningful standards of scholarship, athletic performance, leadership, community service, ethical and sports-like conduct within the institution's educational and social environments. The Athletics Department is committed to creating a climate for students and staff that reflects diverse values and needs; fosters an appreciation of a multicultural human society; assures equal access to athletic and academic opportunities without regard to personal characteristics or ability; and seeks greater involvement with an increasingly interdependent world.

Our Vision:

The vision of the Athletics Department is to maintain a broad-based program the equal of any in the nation; to achieve the most favorable graduation rate possible for student- athletes; to aid in the social preparation of young people for the diverse world they are about to enter; to create an awareness of public service and the importance of participation in community outreach; to field teams that compete at the highest levels of national and conference play; to encourage individual excellence and the esteem that follows; to provide recreational facilities and opportunities to address numerous interest areas; and to entertain the University student body and staff, alumni and fans with a consistently high level of competition that does not compromise the integrity that has characterized the Penn State athletics program from its inception.

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Home | What is Title IX | Reporting/How to Report | Hotlines | Resources | SHRP


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