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How to Post Tickets for Resale

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to resell your season tickets through Ticketmaster's new resale platform, TM+. Ticketmaster remains the only verified resale marketplace of Penn State Athletics.

Step 1:

1. After logging into your NLC account, select "manage this event" next to the game you wish to post for sale

Screenshot 1

Step 2:

On the event's page, click on "Sell Tickets", check the boxes next to the tickets you wish to sell, and then click the "post for sale" button

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

Step 3:

The following confirmation page will appear. Click on the blue "Continue to post for sale" button

Screenshot 4

Step 4:

The top half of the next page will ask for details on how you want to sell your tickets. There are 3 options: Fixed Price, Market Price, and Declining Price.

If you chose Fixed Price, the price listing and your payout price will remain constant for the duration of the sale
Screenshot 5

If you choose Market Price, the price listing and your payout price will change daily to reflect changes in the average price of each ticket posted for resale in your section. You can set your initial posting price and TM+ will alter it daily for you.
Screenshot 6

If you choose Declining Price, you set a starting payout amount and the ticket listing price will decline throughout the duration of your sale until the sale is cancelled or the posting expires. You can set a minimum payout amount that the listing will now go below.
Screenshot 7

Step 5:

The bottom half of the sale page allows you to choose how you want to get paid when your tickets sell: Direct Deposit or Account Credit.

With Direct Deposit, you will need to enter your banking information, including your Bank's routing number, your account number, and whether it is a checking or savings account. The deposit will get posted to your account within 7 business days of your tickets selling.
Screenshot 8

With Seller Credit, the funds from your payout price will get placed onto your account and can be used to purchase tickets to any future athletic event.
Screenshot 9

Hit Continue after you have chosen how you want to get paid.

Step 6:

You will be brought to a Review Listing page where you can review your sale information. Click "Submit Listing" if all the information is correct.
Screenshot 10

Step 7:

A confirmation page will appear, and you will receive a confirmation email to the email address on your account within 30 minutes.
Screenshot 11


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