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Parking Lot Rules

Note: Please make sure all parking passes are always visable

For noon games parking lots open at 7 a.m., and any start time after noon, lots open at 8 a.m.

Actions prohibited in parking areas:
  • Amplifications of sounds
  • Behavior that interferes with other guests' enjoyment of the event, including threatening and abusive language, fighting, kicking, wrestling, etc.
  • Breaking the ground plane by driving stakes or anchors, digging, trenching, etc.
  • Consumption of alcohol in the lots while the game is in progress
  • Distributing handbills or pamphlets; Picketing or political campaigning (Refer to University Policy AD51)
  • Infringing on another guest's area while tailgating. This includes throwing of objects, and taking more than one parking space.
  • Lining up on the street before the lots open.
  • Littering, draining fluids and grease, dumping coals, etc.
  • Parking in a space or area designated as no parking or reserved parking
  • Saving parking places
  • Solicitation, promotion, or sales unless authorized by Intercollegiate Athletics prior to game day.
Items prohibited in parking areas:
  • Advertising banners or displays, balloons, tethered blimps and other oversized inflatables (unless authorized by Intercollegiate Athletics)
  • Bicycles (except Police and EMS personnel), in line skates, scooters, skateboards, motorized bikes, motorized coolers, or carts other than those used by disabled patrons
  • Box trucks, dump trucks, converted ambulances, converted fire trucks
  • Drones/UAVs - The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's/Drones) at Beaver Stadium and the surrounding areas is prohibited. University policy in conjunction with the 4.5 mile flight radius of the University Park Airport does not allow for the use of aircraft.
  • Flag poles taller than 20 feet (measured from the ground)
  • Fires - charcoal or wood fires of any type are prohibited
  • Glass bottles or containers in grass parking areas
  • Golf carts and gators (except Stadium Operations personnel)
  • Kegs of beer or beverage alcohol
  • Portable heaters with visible flames. Including open flame heaters, fireplaces and fire pits.
  • Tow behind box trailers, tow behind grills and smokers, tow behind tailgate trailers and bars, concession trailers
  • Vehicles over gross vehicle weight appropriate for the parking area (refer to
  • Weapons, fireworks
For the safety and enjoyment of our fans, violations of these rules may result in ejection from the lots, loss of parking and/or ticketing privileges, parking violations.

Log on to GoPSUSports website for the "why" behind the rules.

Inbound Game Day Traffic Patterns (patterns reversed for outbound traffic)

Click for Map: here.

One Way Patterns - ALL GAMES
  • Traveling West on Park Ave from Orchard Rd to Porter Rd
  • Traveling East on Park Ave from Shortlidge Rd to University Dr
  • Traveling North on Porter Rd from US-26 (College Ave) to Dauer Dr
  • Traveling South on Bigler Rd from Park Ave to Curtin Rd
  • Traveling East on Park Ave from I-99/US-322/US-220 to Orchard Rd
  • Traveling West on Park Ave from Atherton St to Shortlidge Rd
Road Closures
  • Curtin Rd from University Dr to Porter Rd
  • Curtin Rd from University Dr to Bigler Rd (DEPENDENT ON GAME DAY TRAFFIC)
  • Porter Road from Park Avenue to Dauer Road
No Entry
  • Please refer to map link above for specific locations


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