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 2018 Penn State Football
Annual Seat Selection Help Center

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Whether you are selecting seats for the first time, adding seats, or just considering a move around the stadium, we know that these locations are best chosen by you!

Penn State is pleased to again offer the Virtual VenueTM, the award winning, in-venue, digital experience. This simulated Beaver Stadium will provide real-time display of available seating; including details regarding price/donation, nearby amenities and conveniences, and even a virtual view from the seat!

Although there is nothing that can truly recreate the feeling of being at Beaver Stadium, we hope this cutting-edge technology will help you choose your gameday seats with confidence. For a sample of the technology, click on the stadium image on the left. Thank you for supporting Penn State Athletics and the Nittany Lion Club.

 2018 Seat Selection Help Center
 Preparing for Seat Selection

When will the annual seat selection begin for the 2018 season?

The selection process will begin March 20 through April 10 at 3:00 p.m.

What do I need to log in to my Penn State Account Manager?

You'll need a valid email address registered in your account, your account number, and password.

Why can't I retrieve my password?

Call a representative at 1-800-NITTANY to make sure that a valid email address is registered in your account.

Who can participate in the seat selection?

The annual selection process is exclusively a privilege of Nittany Lion Club members that made their gift by Feb. 1, opted in to participate, and paid their season tickets. Our supporters are provided with an individual selection start date/time to access the online VenueTMand review available seating.

How are the selection dates/times assigned?

The selection assignments are ordered by Nittany Lion Club point totals as of Feb. 1, 2018. The selection assignment represents the earliest time that you can access the venue. The overall selection process requires two weeks to complete and we cannot offer exceptions to the assigned dates or times.

Will I receive a notification?

Yes, we will deliver your assignment date and time via email and US Mail.

If I am not relocating or buying new seats, do I have to take any action in the Venue?

No, you do not. Relocating seats is totally optional. The only thing you have to do is make sure your annual Nittany Lion Club gift is satisfied and your tickets are paid.

Where can I go to review a sample of the Virtual VenueTM technology?

Good question! We recommend that you explore the sample we have posted for you. It does not hold the actual seating availability, but it will familiarize you with its look, feel, and menus. When you're ready to explore, click Virtual Venue.

Does the Virtual VenueTM posted on your webpage show what seats are available?

No, the sample Venue we have posted is a representation of the actual site customers will use to review overall availability, pricing, amenities, etc... The live site will only be accessible through the Penn State Account Manager with an account number and password.

Do I have to use the computer to select my seats?

We know that our customers have the most benefit and the most control if they use the online technology. However, if you cannot access an internet connection on your assigned date / time, please call a Ticket Representative at 1-800-NITTANY to schedule an appointment by phone. We sincerely hope you will take advantage of the online option, but we'll be happy to help you either way!

 Computer Requirements

What special requirements are needed for my computer, tablet, or smartphone?

Sorry, selections are not able to be completed using all models of tablets or smartphones.....yet! The iPad is compatible, but not the iPhone. Most modern computers are already equipped properly, but for the best performance, please make sure that your computer is running the following:

One of these browsers; Internet Explorer 10.0+, Mozilla Firefox 4.0+, Safari 5.1+, and Chrome 15+.
The Virtual VenueTM is best viewed with the most recent version of Chrome. To download the most recent version of the Google Chrome browser, click HERE for free download.
Smartphones and tablets are not fully supported at this time.

 Selecting Seats

How do I access the live selection site?

The live selection site can only be accessed by eligible Nittany Lion Club members through their online Account Manager. We will deliver an invitation to all eligible members that specifies a date / time when they can enter the live Virtual VenueTMfor the first time. This invitation will be delivered via email and US Mail and you will need your account number and password for secure access.

If you need to retrieve or reset your password, it is best to do this in advance of your selection time! Click Penn State Account Manager.

How many times can I change my seats?

You can only change your seats once per season. You can shop for seating locations as frequently as you want between your assigned start time and the conclusion of the process on March 30, 2017 at 5:00 p.m., but you can only finalize new seating once.

It is very important to remember that seat selections are final.

How many seats can I select?

You can select the same number of seats you begin with; you'll see that total when you login to your Account Manager or call 1-800-NITTANY.

I have several seats together, but I only want to move a couple of them. Can I do that?

Yes, however, only if the seats are available to select in Account Manager. If they are grouped together then please call 1-800-NITTANY, a Customer Relations or Ticket Representative can assist you.

How long do I have to select seats?

You can begin looking at available seats as soon as your assigned date / time arrives and you can continue to look around until you secure new seats or until the conclusion of the overall process on April 10, 2018 at 3:00 p.m. You do not have to choose new locations right away, but as the time progresses, others are also entering the process and making new selections or relocating.

However, once you begin to process a sale or a relocation, you will have time limits on each step of the transaction. You may cancel a sale up until the final confirmation page.

Can I "hold" seats?

You can hold seats in your cart for 5 minutes. Then, you will have to proceed with the selection or the seats will be released.

Can I order additional or new parking through the VenueTM ?

Sorry, not through this process. General (Yellow) parking is typically available for you to buy in late spring/early summer.

If I find some great new seating locations, but my current donation will not support the upgrade to another seating zone, can I still secure the seats and pay the extra donation?

Yes! As long as you are not exceeding the total number of tickets you started with! You will be able to select seats in a higher premium zone and satisfy the balance of the donation at the time of the change.


Why can't I retrieve my password?

Call a representative at 1-800-NITTANY to make sure that a valid email address is registered in your account.

It looks like I 'timed-out' but I don't think enough time went by...what happened?

It is likely that you used the Back arrow on your browser rather than the navigation controls in the Virtual VenueTM.

I selected some seats, timed-out, and the seats are no longer available in the Venue. Is there a chance they are still there?

Please call a representative at 1-800-NITTANY as soon as possible. We'll check for you and help you secure them. You probably timed-out or used your browser back arrow.

I am looking at the simulated Beaver Stadium, but there is no seat availability showing.

You are likely looking at the sample site, which can show you only views from the seats - not real-time inventory. You must log in to your Account Manager to access the integrated VenueTM.

I successfully logged into my account, but I'm having trouble getting the Virtual VenueTM to load. Why?

That typically happens for one of the following reasons:

  1. You might also have tried to log in a little earlier than your assignment time. The page will NOT automatically refresh for you. You'll have to log in again.
  2. You might be trying to use your phone, or tablet.

 Via Feedback, Customers Also Asked About...

How do I apply for Away Game Tickets -

Eligible Nittany Lion Club members will be able to apply for 2018 Away Game tickets through their online Account Manager. Specific date is TBD and allocations will be in point total order.

How do I apply for additional Single Game Tickets -

Eligible Nittany Lion Club members will have access to the exclusive Nittany Lion Club sale, scheduled to begin in June.


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