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Penn State-Wisconsin Post-Game Quotes

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March 26, 2011

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Head Coach Robin Petrini

Opening Statement
I was really proud of our kids, coming back when that fly ball went to left field, just from practice, our left fielders had some problems with fly balls and I thought she was going to lose that in the sun, everybody keep running, and that allowed us to get back in the game.

Q: How special was it to get a win on opening day?
A: It's good, it's a good thing to get a win on the day you open, because then people want to come back and watch some more. We also generate a lot of offense, and fans love offense so that was good, so hopefully people will come back tomorrow and see a little bit more.

Q: Can you talk how important it was to get the first conference win out of the way?
A: Conference wins are all important. They are all equally important and you get them whenever you can. Wisconsin is vastly improved. I think they played a lot harder than they played last year, so that accredited to their new coaching staff. I was proud of our kids for never giving up and hanging in there and doing what we needed to do to get the win

Q: Could you talk about the job Lisa did in relief?
A: Lisa (Akamine) was awesome, she came in shut it down. She didn't let the umpire bother her at all. And then she came up with a big hit and speedy (Akamine) over there was able to round the bases while the ball was still in the park so that was good too

Q: Jackie (Hill) had a tough day in the circle today
A: I was surprised. I don't know what was going on. I know that she felt that the strike zone was pretty tight. She'll bounce back, I'm not worried about her, I know she'll be fine

Q: Does the cold temperature effect the pitchers grip on the ball?
A: I don't think so. They are used to it. It's in your head when your pitching so you either deal with it or you don't and I don't think that was a factor for either one of them. They actually thought it was warm today.

Q: Can you talk about Kasie (Hatfield) coming in for Jackie (Hill) and getting the go-ahead RBI?
A: Kasie (Hatfield) has been hitting the ball well at practice. Actually everyone's hit the ball really well at practice so I really felt like we had a couple different people we could go to. We actually used three different hitters in the late innings because I felt pretty confident in the way we were hitting the ball at practice.

Q: You guys have a beautiful brand new stadium, what does it mean for you having been here for a long time and for Penn State softball?
A: It's great for Penn State softball. It's a venue that's much deserved and I'm glad that we're finally in it.

#12 Lisa Akamine, Pitcher

Q: Talk about the day, how special this day was for you
A: It was a really special day, opening day and all. I just wanted to go out there and beat Wisconsin. I'm proud of everyone. Everyone did the best that they could. We came back after four or five runs and that's really big for us right now. I think we did a great job all around.

Q: How special was it for you to get the first home run?
A: It was really special! Everyday during practice, everyone's hitting it out of the park except me, but I guess I didn't do it today either, but that home run was really special. I was excited about it.

Q: What are your thought overall on the first game in the brand new stadium, what are your thought on playing in the stadium?
A: I think this is a great stadium, it's beautiful and I feel really honored to play in it. They did a great job building it.

Q: How was it having the seniors from last year throw out the first pitch?
A: It was great! I love all three of them and I'm so happy that they all got to come out and throw the first pitch. They are all great girls and I'm sad that I didn't get to play with them but it's still great

Q: What did Robin Petrini tell you when she gave you the ball there in the middle of the game, when you came in to pitch?
A: She just said shut it down, do my best, and that's basically it, do what I do

Q: Did you get a little nervous there at the end when you loaded the bases with two outs and almost let those runs in?
A: Yes, I definitely got nervous, but I knew I had to do my job so I just did it.

#21 Cassidy Bell, Centerfielder

Q: How was it to play in the new park today?
We were excited to get in there and play since the Buffalo games were postponed. It's nice to finally get in there and play.

Q: How special was it to get this win?
A: It's a great win, way to start of the new field, new season. It's great to start off our conference with a win.

Q: Second comeback game of the year, what was it like to have a game where you guys fought back multiple times?
A: I think it shows the character of our team. We're going to get in there, we're not going to give up. We're going to keep fighting until we get the runs. We did great. We took advantage of the errors and we did aggressive base running, so that helps out.

Q: You got the first hit in the stadium, what does that mean to you?
A: It was great; just get it out of the way! Not to worry about it. It also sets the tone for the game. It was great, Kailyn hitting me in, it just gets a good game started.





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