Post-Game Quotes: Penn State 3, Monmouth 0

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Nov. 16, 2013

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UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. - Post-Game Quotes
Penn State 3, Monmouth 0
NCAA Tournament - First Round
Jeffrey Field - University Park, Pa.

Erica Walsh, Penn State Head Coach

Opening Statement
A: It was very good tonight. I felt the energy, I thought they were dangerous, they got behind us a few times and had good chances and obviously if they take advantage of those chances early on that could be a different game. I'm proud of the fight of our players. Obviously we have been focusing on getting a shutout and I'm proud of Whit[ney] Church and the defense and then Tani Costa with a couple of goals here.

Q: Do you think the early goals in each half really set the tone for your team today?
A: Yeah, obviously that is a focus of every game but I think in a situation where you have to win to advance or it means the end of your season there is that much more urgency. I thought we got a little bit unlucky because we hit the post a few times. The goalkeeper was outstanding for Monmouth, she made some huge saves for them.

Q: They hadn't allowed a goal in nine straight games, how important was it to get that first early goal?
A: I thought that we had an unbelievable week of training. The energy was so good. Just the whole feeling within the team was so positive, so I think there was a strong feeling coming into this match. We started the game off well and you get the goal and everything feels good, the crowd's into it and things go well and you have a beautiful night at Jeffrey Field and honestly that is why players come to Penn State -the feeling we had tonight.

Q: What were your thoughts on Mallory Weber and Emily Hurd?
A: I thought that Mal Weber was exceptional tonight. I'm frustrated that she didn't get rewarded for all of her effort but she was all over the field tonight and I hope she walks away with her head held high because she did a ton of work for us and a tremendous service as she always does. Same thing from Hurd's side. I thought her game tonight was quite good. On top of that I thought Raquel Rodriguez was phenomenal in the air. She won every air battle for us. All around, I thought it was just a strong performance which is what you need at this point in the season.

Tani Costa, Senior Forward

Q: I think you set a season high for goals, were you feeling anything different out there today?
A: I definitely did feel different because we had a good week of practice and I thought the energy before the game and even in our pre-game practice yesterday was awesome and everybody was buzzing around each other, it was just electric in our locker room before the game. I felt so confident and happy that I had one more chance to play with my teammates on Jeffrey.

Q: How motivated were you, knowing this was your last game on Jeffrey?
A: So motivated. I wasn't sad but I was motivated. I wanted to perform well for my teammates and I wanted to put on a good show for our crowd and I think, collectively we did that as a team and it was awesome, it was so much fun to do.

Whitney Church, Junior Defender

Q: You and the defense shut them down tonight and you scored a goal later in the 2nd half so talk about how you thought your night went and how the defense played overall?
A: We won 3-0 so I guess you could say the night went really well. We held it strong in the back and we always like to play for those shutouts and I think it's great that we're finding the shutouts towards the end of the season now when it matters the most. So it's great in that aspect with the defending, we are finding it and we're getting the details right, so I think that was great. Just on the offensive side, I'm happy to help anytime I can, it was just a great ball from Taylor Schram. She has great service all the time and it's just a matter of fighting to be on the end of that ball, I found the end of it so it was good.

Q: Where does this defense feel like it is compared to last season's runner-up squad, and is this the defense you want to see at this point in the season?
A: Yeah, I think right now in the season we are doing really well, we are very strong. I believe we are just as good as we were last year, we have all the same pieces and I feel that at this point in the season we are getting those details right. We are coming together and we're finding what makes us, us, and it's a great feeling to be at that point now in the NCAA Tournament when it means the most to keep the ball out of the back of the net because one goal, that could be it - that's the end of your season. It's great that we're finding those details now.



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