Quotes from Penn State Spring Sports Media Day

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Head coach Suzanne Isidor
Heading into the season, what are your expectations and goals?
Our expectations are high for the season. Last year was disappointing. We definitely did not attain our goals. We have a great group of returnees and good leadership on the squad. I think nothing less than making the tournament and then advancing in the tournament would be meeting our goals for the season.

What did you work on in the offseason in preparation for this year?
I think one of the things that we shave worked towards but that has happened more naturally is the emergence of tremendous leadership from our entire senior class. Also, our team chemistry, on and off the field, has improved. I think it will make a big difference. The talent is there, but our leadership and chemistry will help us reach our goals.

Are there any young players that have impressed and could be ready to make an impact in 2007?
Two freshmen have the potential to be in the starting line-up. Maria Valderas is a midfielder who is tremendous at both ends of the field and has adapted to the college game very quickly. The other is Mary LeNoir, who is an attacker. Mary has come on strong in the last couple of weeks. She is fitting in really well with the upperclassmen on the attack.

What type of offensive team will you have, will it be a quick-strike team or will it be a more deliberate type of attack?
I think we have the ability to do both this year. We have a lot of speed in transition, so our fast break will be effective. We also have a lot of weapons for our settled attack. We have a combination of challengers and go-to-the-goal-hard type players and we can beat people off of the pass. We may define ourselves as the season goes along, but I really feel like we can do both.

Senior tri-captain Karen Long
How do you approach your role as a captain and as a senior in terms of leadership?
This year, as a senior class, coming into the offseason and preseason, we decided to lead by setting good examples and hope that the younger players follow in our footsteps. I think it has paid off. Like coach said, the chemistry we have on and off the field will be a huge benefit this year.

From a player¡¯s perspective, what do you feel are the team¡¯s strengths and weaknesses this season?
I think our biggest strength, again, will be our chemistry. It really pays off on the field when you know the different tendencies of different players. It just makes it that much easier, especially on the attack. As far as a weakness, in previous seasons we have had the tendency to overlook opponents. We need to take each game one by one and concentrate on that team. Then, once that game is over, put it behind us and focus on the next opponent.



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