Fall Sports Media Day Quotes

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Head Coach Charlene Morett

On how the preseason has gone so far

"I think we've had an outstanding preseason. We were very productive in getting a lot of things done and I've felt that the core players we have are very, very fit. They've been very resilient. In the past we've had to spend our fourth or fifth day (of practice) in the training room but this year they've been very efficient in their practices, they've continued to work hard and put out great effort so I think that this has been one of our best preseasons to date. Our players have come out to practice every session and we've stayed on schedule with what we've wanted to accomplish."

On breaking in a new starting goalkeeper this year

"Jen Beaumont was the backup last year and she got a lot of experience this past spring when we scrimmaged at a couple of different tournaments down south and then when we went to Australia in May so she's stepped in and not missed a beat. She plays a different style than Megan (Akstin, last year's starting keeper) but she's steadier and more predictable, which is good for us. We know how she's going to play certain situations and we sort of like that.

On the importance of penalty corners

"It is crucial because if you don't always get the good shot you want to know that you can draw the corner and get a good shot or if you don't, get the rebound or put some second options out there. So, you have to be a threat on corners so you want the other team thinking they don't want to give up a corner."

On AstroTurf Field, now entering its second year as home of PSU Field Hockey

"The new field is just phenomenal. You know the ball isn't going to take a bad bounce. It's not going to hit a seam and you know every blade of AstroTurf out there and it just really enhances the skills that we play with and that we like to play with. We like to play with advanced skills and get our passing game going...It also shows a strong commitment from Penn State athletics to the women's side of things and overall. Our facilities here are phenomenal. When we go to the Big Ten Tournament and of the different schools we go to, no one can really match the atmosphere that gets created here year-after-year. It's a tough place to play (for opponents). We had some great turnouts last year and it's only going to get better this year. It's exciting to play there.

Senior forward Annelise Legel

On how much focus there is on last season

"I don't think we really dwell on last season much at all. If anything, we focus on our accomplishments and we've just kind of put the past behind us. We always say "better than yesterday" . . . . It's not so much about the past, it's about what's ahead of us.

On AstroTurf Field, now entering its second year as home of PSU Field Hockey

"Compared to the old field it's amazing. We stepped onto the new turf and we're like 'wow, we really can receive a ball cause it's not skipping over our stick every time.' It has just completely raised our level of play because of the outstanding turf. "

On the team's spring trip to Australia

"It was probably the most memorable two weeks of my life. It was amazing. Every minute we had something planned and we were doing something crazy that probably a lot of people will never be able to do or see. We did everything in those two weeks as you could possible do. We were in three different cities and on nine different planes and traveling everywhere. It was awesome and a good experience for team bonding as well.



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