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2011 NCAA Women's Basketball, DePaul Post-Game Quotes

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March 19, 2011

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Interview Room

Doug Bruno, DePaul Head Coach
Opening Statement

The Navy basketball team is a well-coached basketball team and I'm just very impressed with their team. They were well prepared for this game. The toughness of their players and the intelligence of their players. Coming in we knew that we could beat Navy, but we knew that we were going to have to play some serious basketball and not ever think that we could take Navy for granted. I think they proved that. Tempo was a huge aspect of this game. They wanted a slow tempo and a slow tempo was to their advantage and we wanted to speed it up and we were able to speed it up with the efforts and energy of our players. We thought we did work to wear Navy down and that had a lot to do with the fact that we were able to pitch a field goal shutout in the forth quarter and only give up a couple of points, but that doesn't come without an effort of our players. Our players did a great job from an effort point of view. I think its important to address the fact that this is the best women's basketball team in the history of DePaul regular season and yet these young women know that they have to make a statement in March. I wish we could duck that pressure, hide that pressure, disguise that pressure, pretend it's not pressure but the facts of the matter is the facts are the facts. I know that these young ladies wanted this. Sometimes when you want something so badly, you can try too hard and I think it had a great effect on why some of our shots didn't go in, but at the same time another very important reason our shots didn't go in is because Navy was well prepared and a very good defensive basketball team.



Q: Coach Pemper thought the mood changed when you changed your offensive set in the second half, can you talk about that change?
A: We knew we had a decisive size advantage inside and I thought we got some good looks inside the first half. When the threes don't go, the threes are still a long shot, but when you get the ball inside like we did in the first half and miss point blank shots that was somewhat disconcerting. We tried to go with a three down set where we try to drive and penetrate and pound the ball inside to Felicia (Chester),which is what we were trying to do, and we got some dribble action there in the second half keeping the ball before Keisha (Hampton) had foul trouble.

Q: Navy hung with you for about 36 minutes, when did you feel comfortable that you were going to move on?
A: What you try to do as a coach ,and it's not easy is to stay in the minutes and stay in the seconds, is stay in the moment and not worry about something that's out there. We try to teach our players to have anxiety over execution not anxiety over result and a great athlete is going to a sporting event or competition anxious. We want the butterflies over execution and I thought that we made some defensive stops. Felicia (Chester) in the first half really made two or three very important plays. We were not scoring the basketball offensively and here she comes and she created a couple of very important plays at the end of the first half so we could go into the locker room with the lead. I thought those were huge. In the second half, they were attacking us and I thought we did a great job against Angela Myers. I thought we did a great job overall in the threes. They are a great three-point shooting team and we held their three-point shooting percentage down. Angela Myers had 11 at half time out of 21 shooting for her team. But then they started going to their freshman Jade Geif. Felicia is the kind of player that you look her in the eye and say, "Felicia, you cant give her possession of the ball and that's what you've been doing." It goes from my mouth to her ear, from her ear to her brain and then to her execution and those are beautiful players to coach. She went back out on the floor and didn't let Geif get a lot of touches in the fourth quarter and I thought that was huge. I think when you are not scoring you have to defend and you have to rebound especially in this tournament to move on. I thought that was key, so that we were able to maintain confidence while not scoring rather than getting into a panicking pace because you are not scoring.

Q: What did you think of Jade Geif?
A: I've been telling my players all week long that she's a monster. She's going to be a great player in the Patriot League and she's going to be a great player in Division I college basketball over the next three years. You can see her get better and better. She was so much better in the end of the season than she was earlier in the season. She's a big six-footer with wide shoulders and she really knows how to play basketball, so that's a really special player.

Sam Quigley, Sr., Guard
Q: Sam, How does it feel to finally get out of the first round after the last four years?

A: Its kind of a sigh of relief. After four years having been here and not getting the win, it kind of felt like a jinx, so it's great that we got it.

Q: Can you talk about the Navy defense, was it what they were doing or were you guys trying a little too hard?
A: I think it was a little bit of both. In the first half, I felt that they were doubling up and we really needed to come out with an attack and our shots weren't falling, making it hard to do that.

Felicia Chester, Sr., Forward
Q: When Navy took the lead, did it cause you to tighten up or did it cause you to turn it up a notch?

A: I definitely think that when Navy took the lead, we all got together and knew we had to turn it up and focus more on defense and getting stops.

Q: Can you talk about the Navy defense, was it what they were doing or were you guys trying a little too hard?
A: I think it was a combo, they were a very tough team. We weren't getting the shots that we were used to taking.

Locker Room

#32 Deirdre Naughton, Sr., Guard
Q: How does it feel to get the win today?

A: None of the seniors here have won a game in the NCAA Tournament. No matter what seed were playing, we're glad that we got the win and got this first game off of our shoulders.

Q: The game got really close in the second half. As a team, what did you focus on to secure the win?
A: We started to give them more pressure. The more pressure we gave, the more offense we created for ourselves.

Q: As a senior, you are sometimes automatically viewed as a leader, what is your role as you take the court with these ladies night after night?
A: We have a lot of people who are vocal; we have a lot of people who lead by example. I'm one of the people who stay positive and lead by example. We all have important leadership roles.

Q: What do you need to do as a team in order compete with PSU on Monday?
A: We need to play defense. Our offense will not always be there, especially on the road. They are really athletic and have great shooters. We need to play defense.

#24 Keisha Hampton, Jr., Forward
Q: You struggled with scoring tonight. What other contributions do you feel you have made to contribute to the win?

A: When I'm not scoring, I do the other little things right. I rebound. I block shots. I play defense. That's the only way that I can help my team when I'm having an off night.

Q: What was the key factor in the run that your team made to win the game?
A: No one specific player went off tonight. Tonight was a team effort. We stayed together as a team and played team basketball. Because of that, we got a win.

Q: How important is the win against PSU on Monday to you?
A: It would be a great win that would take us to the Sweet 16. That's where we want to be and are looking forward to going. It would be a great win. We can't look past them. We need to go out and compete; do the things that we've been doing all year and hopefully get a win.

Q: What did the game come down to tonight?
A: Definitely rebounding and defending. We didn't shoot the ball well. When you're not scoring, you need to defend, and that's what we did.

Q: What do you need to do as a team on Monday to compete with PSU?
A: We need to shoot the ball well, play defense and rebound. If we execute our offense and do these things, we will be successful.

#5 Anna Martin, So., Guard
Q: What does tonight's win mean to you?

A: Tonight's win means a lot. For the past four years, we haven't been able to get past the first game, so mentally I think that this really helps us get all of the anxiety and jitters out of the way. Now we can relax and play our game.

Q: What did your team do tonight to rally through and win a close game?
A: Defense. After halftime, it was evident that our shots weren't falling. We had to play better defense and force turnovers by making it a faster tempo game.

Q: What do you need to do to prepare from PSU and what will you take from this game to be better against PSU?
A: The biggest thing is defense and rebounding. The big key will be containing their scorers because they are so athletic. We are very good offensively, I know that will happen, but we need to play defense.


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