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2011 NCAA Women's Basketball Practice Day Quotes, Navy

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March 18, 2011

University Park, Pa.; - Tickets , University Park Tournament Central , NCAA Gear


Interview Room

Head Coach Stefanie Pemper

Q: What are the challenges you face after evaluating DePaul?
A: I think the really big challenge is that they're a very good team and conference. They're very experienced and not young. They have good versatility, size, athleticism, and good shooters. We definitely have a tall task ahead of us and we're just going to try to limit them to a shot, get back in transition, try to pick some spots on the floor, and get ourselves some good shots. For us, making shots is going to be big.

Q: Can you talk about the size of the DePaul team and the challenges you might face with DePaul's Keisha Hampton defensively?
A: Keisha is a 6-2 perimeter player and possibly their best 3-point shooter aside from #22 [Sam Quigley]. They can go 6-2, 6-2, and 6-3 across the frontline. Jade Geif's 6-1, Cassie Consedine's 6-3, and Alix Membreno is 5-9. We're definitely going to be giving up some inches. We just have to understand what shots they're looking for, get our hands up, and try to limit them to one shot. We may have to give some help in the post. We have a lot of ideas floating around.

Q: What do you do to not let the tournament environment overwhelm you and younger players on the team?
A: I think it was nice to get up here [University Park] a day early to unwind. We don't typically do that and I wasn't sure how useful it would be, but I really think it was nice to get up here yesterday and level the excitement two days out. We went to the movies last night, some people went swimming. We're limiting their sugar intake today. Yesterday we didn't, so hopefully they got all their nervousness out.



#21 Jade Geif

Q: What has the experience been like preparing for the tournament?
A: It's been amazing. Just being with the team has been so great. Even winning the championship game, the hype, and coming here [University Park] for the tournament has been great. We've all been pumped to get here.

Q: You're the closest visitor to the tournament held here in University Park. Are you expecting a big turnout?
A: Yeah, definitely. When we had our selection party, a lot of people were very excited with how close it was. We have sponsor families in the Navy and they're all coming to support us. It's been great to get support from home. The crowd at the last championship game was incredible and their noise pumped us up. It was awesome. I'm really expecting a lot of people to come. It's going to be great.

#23 Angela Myers

Q: How much does it mean to you to advance in the tournament your senior year and how it will affect your game tomorrow?
A: This is pretty much every college basketball player's dream. It means a lot to us especially. As freshmen we were horrible, and all of a sudden we have a chance at the tournament our last year here. It could be our last game, so we're going to lay it all out on the court. We're going to give it 110 percent.

Q: What is your view on DePaul's hunger to win the game tomorrow?
A: Jade Geif and I read an article on that. That just makes our task even more of a challenge, but I'm up for the challenge. DePaul said they haven't won a first or second round game the past five times they've been here. They're hungry and we're hungry, so it's really about which team is hungrier.

#15 Cassie Consedine

Q: What do you do to not let the tournament environment overwhelm you and younger players on the team?
A: We're grateful for the experience, but we just try to stay in the moment. We still do our routines before every game. It can be overwhelming, but we have each other.

Q: Can you talk about the level of commitment it has taken you to get to this point in your military and academic career?
A: You don't have to commit your freshman year, but when you're a sophomore you sign a piece of paper stating that you will be in the Navy or Marine Corps for the next five to seven years which is a big commitment. I think we understand what a commitment is. Basketball is probably the easiest part of our day at the academy. To get out on the court and play something we all love is really important.

Q: Do you think about tomorrow's game being your last?
A: Yeah, you obviously think about how this can be your last game. But it's just a game and we have a plan. We can't really let it affect us even though it's in the back of our minds. It's a game and we're going to approach it as another big game. We have stuff we need to do and things we need to take care of.

Q: Coming from Navy do you think you have a mental advantage with that background?
A: I wouldn't say mental advantage; I think we have mental toughness with all the things we have to do that are required of us militarily, academically and just with basketball. I wouldn't say advantage but we know how to be put in pressure situations and know how to perform.

Locker Room

#13 Chey Arvin
Q: How do you feel your conference schedule prepared you for the tournament?

A: I think it prepared us really well. We had a tougher schedule this year from last year. This year was tougher then the year before and I think that we have been working our way up.

#20 Audrey Bauer
Q: How do you think your style of play matches up against DePaul?

A: I think that we can use a lot of our defensive match-ups well. They know we like to shoot a lot of three's so they will probably be preparing for that. Overall I think that we match up pretty well.

Q: As a freshman how does it feel to be in the tournament?
A: It feels great. This is what we work for the entire year and to have this be our first college experience - just to be here is awesome.

#3 Erin Edwards
Q: Do you think playing a team from the BIG EAST Conference with you being from a smaller conference is at all a factor?

A: I definitely think so because of the experience they have playing in the BIG EAST. Their conference alone is a great conference. We don't necessarily get exposure to such great teams all the time. Our non-league games have improved this year in our schedule and I think there is a difference in having played in those big games and on big courts like Penn State.

#23 Angela Myers
Q: How do you think your strengths are going to match-up against their weaknesses?

A: What we do well is we have a nice inside/outside game and we shoot the ball really well. We are going to have to capitalize on their defensive mistakes if they have any let downs at all and really knock down our shots. We are going to have to count on that and be really strong the whole way through.

Q: As a senior is this a special moment for you to be in the tournament a final time knowing that the next game can be your last?
A: Definitely, we have come a long way. My freshman year me and Cassie had a losing season and our teammates were talking about spring break and we didn't think we could make it into the tournament. Now three years later we are here playing against a great team like DePaul. This has been a great experience and it's been so nice.

Q: You average over four assists per game, do you think that will be a factor and how will you attack DePaul?
A: It's going to be a huge factor... I think I might have to be a little more aggressive offensively and take my own shot as well as dishing the ball. A: I wouldn't say mental advantage; I think we have mental toughness with all the things we have to do that are required of us militarily, academically and just with basketball. I wouldn't say advantage but we know how to be put in pressure situations and know how to perform.


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