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Dec. 23, 2012

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Penn State Head Coach Coquese Washington

Q: There were 11 turnovers in the game from Penn State, but only seven from the starters. Does that make you happy?
A: Yes, when you can have a game where we're not turning over the ball that much, only 11 of them, I thought that that was a pretty good effort. It shows that we were being smart with the ball and making smart decisions. Now, they did play a lot of zone, but there have been nights where we've played against the zone and not made the best decisions. So, I liked our decision-making ability that we showed today.

Q: Can you talk about how the Big Ten stacks up this year?
A: I think that the Big Ten conference is much like last year; it's going to be very competitive. A lot of teams are off to a really good start. Purdue is off to a great start, Michigan and Michigan State are off to really good starts and Ohio State has figured out ways to be successful. Nebraska, Iowa...So when you talk about our conference, I think that it's going to be tough and I think that it's going to be a conference that goes down to the wire in terms of figuring out who is going to be the champion.

Q: You had 10 different players score tonight and four in double figures. How important is that moving forward into the Big Ten to get that balance across the board?
A: It's awesome when we can have that kind of balance. I'd like to see us shoot the ball more, but I think one of the things that we have to do is continue to grow with our ball movement and our good decision making in terms of our passes, and where and how we're moving the ball. But I thought that we did a good job tonight of playing an inside-out game; it wasn't too heavily dominated one way or the other. I think we're at our best when we can play that way; we can get contributions from both post and guards on the offensive end.

Q: Rayven Johnson certainly came in with high numbers. What did you do to keep her at four points?
A: I didn't realize that she only had four. One of the things that we try to do is we try to make it tough for other teams' best players to get looks where they want to and get rhythm shots. I thought that we did a pretty good job throughout the game of just making her take tough shots, contesting shots and not letting her get free too much. She got free a little bit and missed a couple of shots...I think that Mia (Nickson) and Ariel (Edwards) had the task for the majority of the game, but also Nikki (Greene) guarded her a little bit. We put a lot of different people on her and I think maybe sometimes when you have size guarding you, it throws your rhythm off a little bit.

Q: If this were a final exam, like the students have already gone through, what would you give them as a grade?
A: I guess, probably a B+.

Q: Why?
A: I think that to get an A or an A+, we have to be a little more consistent for the whole 40 minutes. I thought that there was a stretch in the second half where we didn't score the ball. It seemed like we got stuck on 62 or 63 for a long time. We could have executed better during that stretch. I thought that when we were playing our zone defense, we had a few breakdowns here and there. I'm a tough grader.

#33 Maggie Lucas

Q: Maggie, what has helped you with your shooting from the last game to this one?
A:It was just an off-game last game. That's it. I go into every game feeling pretty confident, and the game before was just a little off.

Q: Today you wrapped up the non-conference. When you get back, you start the [Big Ten schedule]. Can you talk about how the Big Ten conference stacks up this year?
A: The Big Ten conference is one of the best conferences to play in, so we're lucky for that. But you have to be ready to go every night, so we have to come back focused and ready to get after it.

#20 Alex Bentley

Q: Alex, how do you feel the defensive effort was today with just allowing nine points in the first half?
A: I thought that we did great defensively. Coach pushed us to talk more in the second half, so we did that. The first half was great; we came out with a lot of energy and a lot of focus. It was a good effort on the defensive end.

Q: Today you wrapped up the non-conference. When you get back, you start the [Big Ten schedule]. Can you talk about how the Big Ten conference stacks up this year?
A: I think that the Big Ten is really stacked. The Big Ten conference is a hard conference to play in. Everybody is good and anybody can win on any given night. I'm really excited to start the conference season.

Q: Alex, you had a season-high eight steals. What happened that made you get to that kind of mark today?
A: Obviously my teammates helped me out on that; I can't get steals on my own. We try to play defense as a team, and that's what we did today. My teammates did well pressuring the ball and doing what they needed to do, and I just happened to get the ones that were trying to get past the cross court. So, it was a good defensive effort today.

Q: What was better: finishing all of your finals or playing today?
A: Definitely playing today.

NJIT Head Coach Steve Lanpher Quotes

Q: Coach, how difficult of a game was that for you to go through?
A: That wasn't difficult at all. We knew going in, obviously we've talked in terms of the highest-ranked team that we've played, and knew the odds. I think we got a little bit overwhelmed. And not to take anything away from Penn State, obviously a very talented and well-coached team, but I thought that we were a little shell-shocked early and really let the aggressiveness of Penn State's defense get the best of us. But I was really proud of us in the second half. I thought that we came out and competed and got something out of it. Obviously, we're disappointed with the outcome, but I think it's something that we can grow on and get better at.




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