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Postgame Quotes Lady Lions vs. Washington State (Nov. 11, 2011)

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Nov. 11, 2011

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PENN STATE HEAD COACH Coquese Washington

Q: How do you feel about the final score?
A: I thought we did a better job of contesting shots and rebounding for the second half of the game. We got out there a little bit more and just communicated a lot better. We were assertive in the second half and it was much better than the first half. We still have to smooth out some of the edges, but if you can hold a team at 60 points, that's a pretty good defensive night.

Q: Out of Nikki, Talia and Mia, are you looking for them to get more rebounds or be more of a presence offensively?
A: They have to score. They have to get more shots and make more shots and be aggressive. If there is anything I really want to see us improve on it's definitely our post play on offense. I think they have to look for the ball a lot more and be more assertive in wanting the ball. The guards have to get them the ball when they have opportunities to score and then they have to make their shots. If we're going to improve as a team, we have to have more balance in our scoring and our shot attempts. Certainly Mia (Nickson) and Nikki (Greene), in particular, need to get more shot attempts to help us out.

Q: What do you have to say about the 17 turnovers in the first half?
A: The 17 turnovers were not pretty. We were doing some uncharacteristic things, some things we haven't done in practice. Whether it is a veteran team or not, I do think the first game of the season there is always overexcitement. You're ready to go, you're ready to play, sometimes you're just too revved up to play, and maybe that was the case the first half. The second half we did a much better job of executing and taking care of the ball.


#33 Maggie Lucas

Q: Maggie it seems like you were driving a little bit more today towards the hoop especially when Alex (Bentley) wasn't in the game, comment on that?
A: This year people are running at me pretty hard, I'm getting to the free throw line off those so you just got to take what they're giving you, so, if they're going to run at me that hard, I'll drive.

Q: Maggie, how glad are you guys to get through this first ball game and get it over with and see some things that you need to work on heading into Sunday's game?
A: We're happy to get the win. Even though sometimes it can be a little frustrating out there to watch those turnovers, we're enjoying ourselves out there, so we're enjoying every game we play and we're just going to learn lessons from each one and get better every day.

#20 Alex Bentley

Q: Alex can you talk about the turnovers in the first half and maybe what you guys did to change things around a little bit in the second half?
A: We talked about it in the locker room, those were very uncharacteristic turnovers that we had. I think its just first game jitters, you know its our first game, we're really pumped, really excited to get out there on the floor and sometimes stuff like that happens, but we definitely turned it around second half.

Q: Alex how were you guys able to get to the foul line so often tonight do you think?
A: Just staying aggressive. Coach kept telling us that we need to drive, get in the lane, because their defense was kind of pushing out on us, they were trying to deny the wings, so the middle was wide open, so we got a lot of driving lanes and that's where we picked up on the fouls and got to the free throw line.

#5 Talia East

Q: Talia you guys held their score for over a seven minute stretch at the end of the game, can you talk about what you guys, we heard you talked a lot about defense in the exhibition game, think you did better in this game, especially down the stretch?
A: Down the stretch it just became "we're not going to let them score". It was D-up D-up D-up and I think the guards did a great job of containing, keeping them in tight, and I think that was just our main focus. It wasn't about the offense because we knew that we were up, it was just like main focus is defense.

Q: Talia you had a good performance tonight on points scored and rebounding, what was your mindset and how you were able to go out there and be so aggressive tonight?
A: My mindset was more so just get rebounds because before the game coach talked to me about that's your main goal, just rebounds, so I was like if I rebound then the points will come, so that was my main goal.


Opening Statement
We were really excited to come here and play basketball against a program that has great history in women's basketball throughout the years. Their staff's doing an awesome job. It's definitely a measuring stick for us to come out on the road and go against (#14). I thought we had great intensity today. I thought our defense definitely caused a lot of problems for them, forced them out of their offensive flow and made them uncomfortable. And unfortunately for us, we did not execute as well as we should have. On the stretch, I thought we got some good looks, but didn't knock them down. We turned the ball over a little too late in the basketball game. I'm encouraged about what our ball club did today, but am disappointed in the loss. But for our first game out of the shoot with a very good team, a very well-coached team, I'm very encouraged.

Q: Scoreless seven minutes, was there anything specific on defense?
A: I thought we got three really good looks and they didn't go. And the other thing was, we reverted back to some bounce passing late in some situations trying to thread some needles that we needed to thread. I thought we needed to move the basketball, space it a little better. Move it, move it, move it and try to break them down. We had three really good opportunities. And then those three turnovers, not very characteristic for my senior point guard to come down and to turn it over. Not a lot of pressure. But we'll learn from it and she'll get better and so will we.

Q: Could you talk about how you were able to shut down Maggie Lucas in the second half?
A: Well I thought the game got very off-tempo very early in the ball game. We rotated far more players than they did. I thought we looked like the fresher team all 40 minutes, probably because of the numbers. And we had a shade call on (Lucas), which means in our program is that we're supposed to be talking and know where she's at all times. (Lucas) is a very good player, obviously. A very good player when she goes 7-for-8 in exhibition, that must've been fun to see. We just tried to communicate a little better and really extend up on her a little bit. You know, early on, the first two she got out of transition, our one 6-5 kid was on her, but she didn't get up enough. She gets it off so quick. Very good player. Very impressed.

Q: Talk about the free throw discrepancy, 35-7?
A: Yeah. You know what? Honestly, we have to be able to get the ball inside out a little bit more than what we did. We're settling a little too much for the jump shot. So if we get the ball inside, with a good solid move, maybe it'll go in. It should go in. And if not, we should go to the line. For us, we just need to do a better job, learn from it, test them in there a little bit. They were in foul trouble at times. And I thought kind of neglected our post a little bit more than we should have.




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