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Current Penn State assistant coach and 2008 Olympic bronze medalist Kevin Tan trained at the White Building in preparation for the Beijing games

The White Building, which is centrally located on the Penn State campus, has been home to Nittany Lion gymnastics team since 1976. Situated just one block from the dormitory which houses many of the Penn State gymnasts, it was extensively renovated during the summer and fall of 2000. The gym's design and its amenities make it the finest collegiate gymnastics facility in the country.

The state-of-the-art facility features 13,400 square feet of training space, nearly twice the size of most collegiate facilities. The team has the benefit of working on new AAI equipment and landing mats at a multitude of training stations. There are two 40 square foot floor exercise systems, each with a Resi pit adjacent for tumbling, and a 68-foot tumbling strip where gymnasts can choose between a Resi or a deep foam pit landing.

Three vaulting stations are available, maximizing the gymnasts ability to train using safe and effective progressions. Deep foam and Resi pit landing areas are used along with a floor level horse which has an above ground Resi pit available for drills.

The pommel horse training area includes two pommel horses, a longitudinal horse, a single pommel station, a floor horse and a mushroom. Five ring stations are located throughout the gym and are situated over deep foam, Resi pit and regular floor landing areas. Strength training is performed primarily at two low ring stations.

Gymnasts also have the option of landing areas on the horizontal bar. A regular floor surface along with Resi and deep foam pits are available to allow athletes to train safely and remain on the cutting edge of gymnastics technique.

Casey Sandy, a nine-time All-American at Penn State, won the 2009 Nissen-Emery Award

A low bar is available for strap work, as well as inbar work. Parallel bar stations include a competitive/training set, a low bar station and a set of bars next to a deep foam pit for dismounts. A trampoline is present, complete with overhead spotting and deep foam pit accessibility.

Complete with new heating and air conditioning systems, upgraded lighting and a unique architectural design, the gym is not only functional but beautiful, as well. Motorized blinds have been installed to filter out sunlight from the 32 spacious windows which adorn the gym.

Additionally, a newly renovated locker room, complete with personalized lockers, is used by the team. One of the exciting enhancements to the White Building gymnastics area is the addition of a team lounge that is shared by the men's and women's gymnastics team and the fencing teams. This lounge area is available for study, relaxation or to review video footage. Leather couches and chairs, a fireplace and a big screen television give the lounge area a "living room feel."

Nationally certified trainers are in attendance at every practice session. The Penn State sports medicine staff operates out of a training room facility in the White Building that offers direct accessibility for the athletes.


Located just outside the White Building gym, the Wall of Honor recognizes individuals who have contributed to the proud legacy and heritage of Penn State men's gymnastics. Emblazoned on a plaque, which is the centerpiece of an array of photos featuring Nittany Lion greats, is the following inscription:

The Olympians, National Champions, and Nissen-Emery Award winners featured are Penn State gymnasts who have attained the highest levels possible in collegiate men's gymnastics. Their accomplishments are a proud reminder of a rich tradition of success of former Penn State greats and serve as an inspirational standard for future generations who aspire to follow in their footsteps.

Depicted on the Penn State Men's Gymnastics Wall of Honor are:

Marshall Avener Philip Mullen
Terry Bartlett Gar O'Quinn
Bill Bonsall Manuel Procopio
Louis Bordo Casey Sandy
Adam Carton Karl Schwenzfeier
Steve Cohen Tom Seward
Matt Cohen Ian Shelley
Wayne Cowden Mark Sohn
Jean Cronstedt Ray Sorenson
Jim Culhane Brandon Stefaniak
Dave Dulaney Kevin Tan
Tom Dunn Luis Vargas
Bob Emery Armando Vega
Mike Jacobson Paul Vexler
Chris Lakeman Gregor Weiss
Steve Greene Jay Werner
Robert Lawrence Gene Whelan
Don Littlewood Wayne Young
Spider Maxwell Hal Zimmerman


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