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Nov. 24, 2012

Penn State vs. Wisconsin
November 24, 2012

#54 Mike Stankiewitch
Sr./Sr. Center

Q: Can you talk about your friendship with Matt (McGloin)? Playing together (and the) roommate situation together?
A: It's been awesome. I see him all the time and we get along so great. It's been quite a surreal experience playing against him in high school then being such good friends and eventually roommates and then eventually center and quarterback. It's been such a crazy ride and a tight friendship that I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

Q: How were your emotions after the game-winning field goal? Talk about how your offensive line, you and your unit, really dictated the running game today so well.
A: Well I have to give a lot of credit Zwinak because he does a very good job of being downhill, keeping his head down and really getting those extra few yards. He always (runs) forward, I don't know you if you guys ever notice, to get those extra yards. That's great to have a running back like that. It's just a testament to the other offensive lineman on the line. We really focused on getting a lot of running yards today and focused on if we could do that we could win the game; that's what Coach O'Brien said.

Q: What was it like inside there (locker room) after the game?
A: A lot of hugs and a lot of "great jobs!" There was jumping around and high-fiving, everything that you could think of. It was awesome and I can't believe it was the last time I was taking off my shoulder pads. But it was just an awesome experience and an awesome way to go out.

#28 Zach Zwinak
Jr./So. Running Back

Q: To put up those kinds of numbers and to finish with 1,000 yards, what does that mean to you?
A: It means a lot. It was just a number. Today was all about coming out and playing and giving everything we had for the seniors. That's what the most important thing is here. But to the 1,000 yards, I have to thank my line. In the games I've played they've opened up a lot of holes and let me rush for 1,000.



Q: There was a point when you were the fourth string running back here early on, would you have thought that you would ever have gotten to 1,000 yards this season?
A: As of now, no, no one would have ever thought that. You never know what happens in football, everything changes day to day, week to week. I'm fortunate to be here and be able to do it.

Q: One thousand yards is a nice round number and a milestone. Is that something you thought about coming into the day or what were you worried about?
A: Coming into today, about two or three weeks ago, yes it was an idea, but today I needed a lot of yards to get to 1,000. I'm just happy I got a chance to reach that goal, but again it is all about the seniors today. We just went out and got the win for them.

Q: Was there a certain point in the season, Zach, when your confidence took a leap or was factor in any of this?
A: Everything changes when I got my first start I thought I could contribute in this game. They trusted me enough to start, so I wanted to do my best.

#11 Matt McGloin
Gr. /Sr., Quarterback

Q: What does going 8-4 mean after an 0-2 start...?
A: Eight wins is good. I still think we should be a lot better than that, but we finished of the season on a high note, and it's the way the seniors wanted to go out.

Q: How does it feel to finish your time at Penn State?
A: It's a different feeling, knowing that there are no more Saturdays at Penn State. It's definitely emotional, but at the same time you're happy with what you left behind, and you keep moving forward.

Q: Were you one of the seniors that went to coach about the 42 on the helmets?
A: I think Michael Zordich was one of them to do it. He told me about it, and it was a great way to honor Mike, and I was happy for Gerald wearing his jersey today, because in some way we needed (that) out in that field.

Q: What did you think about 2012 going up on the ring of honor?
A: It's exciting to go down as one of the great teams in Penn State history. To have that season stapled on the stadium forever is a great feeling, and to be a part of it is exciting.

Q: What did it feel like on the field during the game?
A: That's what we wanted. That was one of our motivations this week. It was the feeling after the game, the feeling in the locker room. We kept that in the back of our minds, and to be able to celebrate like that after a hard fought game against a good Wisconsin team. There's no better feeling.

Q: It is almost sweeter to win it in an OT game? I know you want to win easily, but the emotion and everything.
A: You kind of couldn't believe it there at the end that it was happening, but we kept fighting, and I am proud of the way the defense played.

Q: For that last kick, were you watching or did you turn away?
A: Yeah, I watched it. I'm one of those guys. I watched it, and whether he missed it by 100 yards or one yard it's the same feeling. You think it's in, but the defense played tremendous in the end.

#78 Mike Farrell
Sr. /Sr., Tackle

Q: What's next for you these next 2-3 weeks?
A: To graduate in December, and then to start training before the end of the semester.

Q: Coach O'Brien said it was kind of the seniors' idea to want to get the 42 on the helmets. Is that right, and when did you guys start talking about it?
A: I actually didn't know about it until I walked into the locker room. So I think it might have been just a couple of seniors that went to him, and I think it was totally appropriate, their idea, and it was exciting when I saw it there.

#18 Jesse James
Fr./Fr. Tight end

Q: You came out pretty strong in the second half of the season. What contributed to that?
A: I talked to the seniors throughout the season and they put it on me how hard you have to practice to be successful. I carried that throughout the rest of the season and I played a lot better. My role was starting to increase and the seniors saw that. I wasn't having the best practices and after I talked to Mauti and a couple others, they really helped me get through it. They really put emphasis on telling me that you practice how you play.

Q: What kind of pressure comes knowing that other players have the option to leave?
A: Really, there is no pressure. The coaching staff has done a great job of creating bonds with everyone and we're all just one big family. The family aspect is what holds us together through it all.

Q: As a younger guy, how emotional did you get seeing the senior players tonight?
A: Just seeing everything tonight was really emotional because I love all of the guys. The seniors have been like big brothers to me and have helped me out throughout my time here. Since I came early, they have been helping me for awhile.


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