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Nov. 17, 2012

Penn State vs. Indiana
November 17, 2012

Charlie Fisher
Quarterbacks Coach

Q: Is this the kind of game you thought (Matt) McGloin could have back when you met him and started working with him?
A: As you saw his improvement, you saw his confidence rise. And when a quarterback gets confident, he's got a chance to play well and that's what's happened with Matt. He's gotten more confident every week and he's executing.

Q: When you have a guy like (Allen) Robinson who's making those catches, how does that impact your game?
A: When you've got a great receiver like Robinson, you can just tell Matt's got so much confidence in him. And that's a great safety net when you've got a guy you can throw the ball to and he'll make plays. Allen's made them all year since the spring and he's got the chance to be a really special player.

Q: Obviously it's been a sentimental year for everyone. With only four practices and one game left, do you think it's starting to sink in for (Matt) McGloin?
A: I think so. He realizes that and it's neat to see him playing like this. He's been through a lot and I'm sure he'd tell you it's been a journey for him here. It's exciting to see the way he's played and I talk to him all the time about keeping his focus. Today he did that and he's just got to keep it locked in for Wisconsin.

Ted Roof
Defensive Coordinator

Q: How do you feel your secondary played today?
A: I think that we played good enough to win. A lot of guys stepped up. A lot of guys do a lot of different jobs - not just play the secondary. They're throwing the snaps and covering kicks and those things... that's a big job. I'm proud of the way they responded.

Q: What are your initial thoughts when you see (Michael) Mauti go down with that injury? Do you have a sense or feeling of how serious it is at this point?
A: No, I don't. I mean, we're sick when we see any of our kids go down. But, you know, I love that kid. He has meant a lot to us and a lot to me. I have the utmost respect for him.



Q: Do you have a story about Mike Mauti?
A: He's a great kid to be around. He's the same every day. He's totally in and he's totally committed. There's 100 percent buy-in from him. He is a very, very strong leader. When he talks, our players listen.

Q: How do you think the team responded after (Michael) Mauti went down?
A: I think that we had some guys step in and do a good job. We missed a couple plays there, but I thought for the most part we did okay.

Q: How has (Michael) Mauti made your transition to Penn State easier?
A: He means so much to me, personally. From day one and meeting one, our relationship has gotten nothing but stronger, stronger and stronger. I totally trust him.


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