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Nov. 17, 2012

Penn State vs. Indiana
November 17, 2012

#54 Matt Stankiewitch
Sr./Sr., Center

Q: After you found out about (Mike) Mauti's injury, what were your thoughts?
A: As it occurred I was on the bench looking through offensive stuff, but I didn't even know who was hurt until someone said it was (Mike) Mauti. Then of course you get that feeling in your stomach, but I didn't hear what the injury was yet. I saw him and said, "Keep your head up and I hope the best for you." He is definitely a leader and will be anywhere, even later in life not just at Penn State. Even when he's 40 or 50 years old, a lot of people are going to look to him for guidance and advice.

Q: How has (Matt) McGloin grown as a quarterback? Were you aware of how close he was to breaking the record?
A: He has definitely grown. I think we should get something going like "McGloin for Heisman." But he's grown a lot and had a great day today and I'm very happy for him and I'm glad I could block for him. I didn't know he broke any records until you said it right now, but good for him and congratulations. I'm sure he'll let me know what records he broke later tonight.

Q: Next week is your last game at Beaver Stadium. What are some of the emotions that will be going through your head?
A: I mean I only have four quarters of football left playing for Penn State so every play is limited. I only have like 80-100 plays left in my college career. It is definitely going to be emotional and we are going to have a good week of practice but like Coach (O'Brien) said, we're going to keep it fun and entertaining for you guys. We're going to enjoy it, enjoy the moment and this senior class.

#85 Brandon Moseby-Felder
Sr./Jr., Wide Receiver



Q: On the fourth-down play when it was 28-22 and Matt McGloin hit you over the middle, how big of a play do you think that was on that conversion?
A: That sprang a touchdown for us. My teammates called on me to make a play and I made a play. I'm all about the team. My catches are for the team. So whatever I do on the field I do for them and because of that it was a great win today.

Q: Another big game for you guys offensively. What do you have to say about Matt McGloin's performance and him breaking (Daryll) Clark's records? How is your relationship between you and Matt?
A: Matt McGloin is a great player. He worked hard in the offseason and in the weight room. I'm glad it all paid off for him. On the field we are close. We work well together. Overall, he's just a great guy and a great player.

Q: You've come a long way in the past few weeks. What's changed?
A: I'm definitely feeling more comfortable on the field but the biggest thing for me is getting open. When I get open, Matt (McGloin) finds me and together we just make plays.

#64 John Urschel
Gr./Sr., Offensive Guard

Q: When the team gathered around the field there, were you guys saying anything in particular?
A: We were coming together to say we have to get this game done. Even though we lost our senior leader we have to go out and play hard to get this win for him.

Q: How special is it to watch this offense click?
A: Allen (Robinson) was having a day today. He was making some serious plays. He's a phenomenal athlete. We are lucky to have him on our side.

Q: Allen Robinson and Matt McGloin actually set some season records today, what does that show to you about the offense in general this year?
A: I think we've been improving every week. It's a complicated offense and it takes some time to get used to each other. They are two guys who have really worked together in the offseason, and it's showing this season.

#11 Matt McGloin
Gr./Sr., Quarterback

Q: Can you talk about the connection between you and Allen (Robinson) today?
A: He is our best playmaker. As a quarterback, you have to get him the ball and when he has the ball in his hands, you have to let him make his plays. He played one of his best games of his career today. Hopefully he will finish strong next week. He is one of the best wide receivers, probably in the nation.

Q: You had one of your best games today, would you consider it as you best game as a quarterback?
A: No, we left some plays on the field and there is always room for improvement. It was a good day, but there is always room to improve.

Q: The Penn State career passing yard mark is you and career touchdown mark is yours. What do those mean to you? And how much of this offensive success do you attribute directly to Coach O'Brien?
A: It is an honor and I am blessed to be with some of the great Penn State quarterbacks that have played here and to be on top of the list is a great honor. It feels good when your hard work pays off. I would not have been able to do this without my teammates and the coaching staff has really brought me a long way and I give a lot of the credit to them. Coach O'Brien and Coach Fisher have done a great job of showing me how to play at quarterback the correct way. They have so much experience that it can't help but rub off on you. They have a unique way of making things stick to you.

Q: You have had a very interesting career, owning some new records, can you comment on your career so far?
A: I thought I always had the ability and the players have always allowed me to do it. It's not only myself that set a couple of records but a couple of guys have set records as well. We have great coaching and great players that play on that field.

Q: Did you speak to Mike (Mauti) at all?
A: I just went up to him and told him I was sorry for what happened. It is always sad when something like that happens, especially to a kid like Mike (Mauti). He is a great person, a great player and comes from a great family. I am very close with him and it is hard when things like that happen. You cannot replace a guy like that.

#28 Zach Zwinak
Jr./So. Running Back

Q: There is a nice rotation going on between you and the running backs, do you feel like you are the featured back now?
A: I've gotten fortunate. We have a great group of guys, anybody could do it.

Q: Does is seem easier now at week 11 than it did in week three or four?
A: It's never easy. Every day is a grind and you have to get out there and work hard. It never changes.

Q: Do you ever consider wearing gloves or anything like that?
A: No, it just doesn't feel comfortable for me. I had an unfortunate play. It's hard to be perfect every time. I have a lot of growing and learning to do as a player.

#8 Allen Robinson
So./So., Wide Receiver

Q: What does this record mean to you?
A: I think it means a lot. To have the grace of making the play and breaking the record, it means a lot.

Q: When did you first feel a connection with Matt (McGloin)?
A: It was during the offseason, during the spring and summer. Me and Matt (McGloin) worked together a lot. Just a lot of him throwing me the ball and running different routes so we can get some chemistry going. We knew that with a few of the guys who played last year leaving, we knew that someone needed to step up. I tried to step up and was able to do that.

Q: A day like today and a season like this so early in your career, what has it been like for you?
A: It has been great. Just to see all the hard work that me and some of the other guys have been able to put in pay off now. I know we let some of the games slip away from us this year but I think it means a lot, especially with this game giving us some motivation for next week.

Q: You are making an impact on this program, maybe when this program needs it the most. What does that mean to you?
A: It definitely means a lot, just being able to produce for the university and this football team. To be able to go out there and play with the guys that you have been through everything with and to play for Coach O'Brien, it definitely means a lot.

Q: At the beginning of the year, did you anticipate 70-plus catches?
A: I definitely came into the season trying to make an impact. I wasn't sure what type of impact but I definitely wanted to come into the season with an impact especially with some of the guys leaving. I knew that someone had to step up. Coach O'Brien and I talked a lot and he told me I needed to step up and I have been able to do that.

Q: Can you comprehend the 70 catches yet?
A: Around 70 catches was a goal coming into this year. I didn't know how close I would come to it or if I could reach it but around 60 catches a year was the goal coming into this season, and I was able to reach it.

#9 Michael Zordich
Gr./Sr., Fullback

Q: It must be tough for you to watch Mike (Mauti) hurt like that?
A: Yeah, it is very hard. It is not something you want to see, but it is what it is and we need to bounce back. You just hate to see anybody get hurt, especially a guy like him, who has put so much into this program. He is a huge reason why we are all here right now. Obviously it hurts to see him go down like that, and that is an understatement, but it is what it is and we will be there to support him no matter what. It is emotional. At the time we didn't know what was going on, and we still don't really know, but there is always that little bit of hope. It is just not something you want to deal with again.

Q: One of the characteristics of you guys is no matter how many times you guys get knocked down, you always manage to get back up and to see Mike (Mauti) go down, that is another case where you guys need to get back up again right?
A: That has pretty much been this team the entire year. We have taken shots and gotten back up every time. That is the reason why we love playing on this team. That is the kind of team you want to be. It is a funny and crazy game and things are going to happen that you do not want or expect, but you just need to bounce back from it and keep going. That is exactly what we do and that is what he does.

Q: When Mike (Mauti) went down, you guys gathered on the field. Was that the coaches' decision? Was it the players' decision?
A: It was the players and the coaches. We all realized that he deserves that respect.

Q: This is going to be a week of nothing but football, with no classes. You guys will have a lot of time to think about next Saturday, how emotional do you think that will be for you guys?
A: That is going to be very emotional. That is something we talked about all year and as we continue, you don't really realize it until it is finally here. Half a decade of work is coming to an end. You try to enjoy it and have fun with it playing football, but at the same time, it is a little bittersweet.


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