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Penn State OffensivePlayer Postgame Quotes

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Oct. 29, 2011

#11 Matt McGloin
Sr./Jr., Quarterback

Q: How can you move the ball down like that after you couldn't do anything all game?
A: I guess it's just something this team has inside them - needing to make a play, needing to get the job done to do what it takes to get another win. Offense really played bad all day, I don't know if it was the weather or what it was, we really didn't get it going early on. But in situations like that, we're going to rise and we're going to get it done.

Q: You struggled early in the game, did you have any self-doubt on that last drive when you went down?
A: No, not at all. The line was confident, the wide-outs were confident, the backs were confident, and it was just telling the guys at halftime, "It's going to happen. It's going to happen for us. It's just a matter of time." It was a little later than I would have liked, but it did happen for us. We're glad to get this win going into the bye week.

Q: What were your emotions when Derek (Moye) entered the game?
A: It's great to see Derek back. Knowing he's going to be okay. Like I said, he didn't practice all week, he was running however during the week. He came and made adjustments and got the job done for us. What quarterback in the Big Ten wouldn't want to see Derek Moye in a two minute drill like that.

Q: What's going on in your mind when you take the field with three minutes to go?
A: You think about a lot of things. Like I said, moving the chains. I thought about how Tom Brady does his thing just moving the chains. This is the type of team where we want opposing defenses to fear us. We want, if there's even five seconds left on the clock, there's still some doubt in their mind that we're going to win that game. I think we did that tonight.

#19 Justin Brown
Jr./Jr., Wide Receiver

Q: Can you talk about what you guys were feeling going into the end of the game?
A: We knew we had to get it done. We knew we had to finish the drive and just get a win. It was a pretty ugly game. We didn't do a lot of things that we should have done. At the end of the day, we got a win and that's the big picture.



Q: Was the weather a big factor for you guys?
A: You can blame it on a lot of things. The weather wasn't great. It was rainy and snowy and wet. Still, we have to catch the ball, especially when we have the opportunity. I know I dropped a pass and dropped a couple punts, too. We just have to work harder at that and come in next week and get it done.

Q: What were your struggles on third down?
A: They are a great defense. I think they are under-looked on how good of a defense they are. They are a good defense and we probably could have executed better on those third downs. Sometimes, that's how it goes. We just kept fighting and got the win.

Q: What kicked in for you guys on your last drive?
A: The thing is, the fact was that we didn't have any time left. We knew it was the last time we were going to get the ball. It was either now or never. I guess that's what rattled us.

#25 Silas Redd
So./So., Tailback

Q: What's going on in your mind?
A: We have faced a lot of adversity in that game. We showed our resilience and came out with the score and the win.

Q: What kicked in during the end of the game?
A: I think we just buckled down. I think we were a little riled up the whole game. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves. We just kind of took a step back and took a couple of deep breaths. Like I said, we rallied.

Q: What did you think of the Illinois defense?
A: It was tough, especially with the game playing against you. It seems like they knew where you are going before you do. We kept our poise throughout the whole game. The offensive line did a great job.

Q: Were you expecting Derek Moye to come in?
A: I talked to him before the game and he said, "I'm just here if you guys need me." And we needed him.

#67 Quinn Barham
Gr./Sr., Tackle

Q: What happened to you out there injury wise?
A: I got rolled up on a little bit out there. It was a crucial part of the game though. They came to check up on me, but I am fine.

Q: Was it one of those things where you said to yourself that you had to play?
A: It was one of those games where you just have to play. It could not have come a better time because now we have some time to rest.

Q: Did you see the student section on that field goal? Do you think it affected the kick?
A: We saw that they were moving over. We got so hyped on the sideline. It was a great feeling. I think it did affect the kick. When they came over together like that, I was thinking what is going on? They were all coming together and I thought they were leaving. But then they came together and started going crazy and I thought, `wow this is Penn State.' I really thank the fans for that.

Q: How do you feel about being able to pull these close games out?
A: It is all about belief and believing in ourselves. We know what we are capable of doing. Granted, when things go bad we can't get down on ourselves. We didn't get down on ourselves. We thank the fans because they stayed in there for us, the sidelines stayed in there for us. We kept ourselves encouraged and we knew that we were going to pull this one out. Our goal is to be Big Ten champs and we are going to do whatever we have to do get that.

#6 Derek Moye
Sr./Sr., Wide Receiver

Q: When did you find out you were going to play?
A: I think the drive before I actually went in. Mike (McQueary) told me to warm up. Before the game, they told me that I may play, just be ready. At halftime, he told me again just to stay by the bike and be ready to get warmed up if he needed to put me in. I got the call, so I was excited and ready to go in.

Q: How did you feel in warm-ups and in the game?
A: I felt fine. I felt fine on Thursday when I started running and cutting and stuff. I think the reason I might have been held out at first was just because of precaution and plus, I haven't practiced in two weeks, so it's probably fair to the other guys.

Q: With 3:05 left to play, you guys took over at your own 20. What did you feel like at that point?
A: We just knew that that drive, for us, was going to be our season. We set out with the goal in the beginning of the season to win the Big Ten Championship and that drive right there, it keeps us rolling on the right direction.

Q: What does it say about McGloin that he played so much better during the game-winning drive than he had earlier in the game?
A: It says he's a mentally tough kid. He didn't let all of the things that happened before get him down. He kept on pressing, kept on working and I think that's kind of attitude our team puts on, too.

#30 Anthony Fera
Jr./So., Punter/Place-Kicker

Q: How does it feel to be undefeated in the Big Ten?
A: It's an awesome accomplishment for us as a team and it was Coach Paterno's win for the all- time win record. It's unbelievable.

Q: You're undefeated in the Big Ten. What does this mean going forward?
A: It's big. We're number one right now so we just have to keep it going and get a couple things fixed. We have a bye week so that should be good. We get to rest up.

Q: How hard do you think it was for the Illinois kicker (Derek Dimke) kicking in front of that student section?
A: That was tough for him. The student section all went to the middle and it was a tough kick for him. Unfortunately, he hit the upright but he hit the ball well, just got unlucky.


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