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Oct. 27, 2012

Penn State vs. Ohio State
October 27, 2012

#48 Ryan Shazier
So./So., Linebacker

Q: What did you guys work on defensively this week?
A: Everyone felt really prepared about this game. We worked primarily on our fundamentals and ran our keys. Coach stressed that we take advantage of every opportunity. We knew what Penn State liked to do and we tried to take advantage of them.

Q: Can you take us through those two plays in the third quarter, the sack you got on the second down and then the quick six on the third down?
A: I was focusing on the calls, and the offense ran the play exactly how we practiced it. The third down we ran the coverage, and he threw it right to me.

Q: How did it feel to be in the end zone?
A: It felt amazing, almost like a dream because I knew I was helping my team out and helping change the momentum of the game.

#11 Jake Stoneburner
5th/Sr., Wide Receiver

Q: What is it like to deliver the play that delivers the game?
A. At first I was only thinking that I cannot get caught. It was surreal, I have never had that long of a touchdown in this big of a game.

Q: Not a lot of room for error in that type of play.
A. My defender was playing a little behind me, and the field was open in front of me which gave me an advantage. Of course, Braxton also laid it out perfectly, as well. He had the confidence in me to make the big play, and I am just happy that he threw it.

Q: Did Braxton Miller tell you that he wanted you to run that route tonight?
A. We were drawing it up on the board on the sidelines. Coach said he wanted a bigger body there and decided to put me there, and it just worked out.

#1 Bradley Roby
Jr./So., Defensive Back

Q: What is it like starting off 9-0?
A. It feels great, but it is going to feel better to even continue that, and keep getting better.



Q: Is this as good as you have felt as a unit after a game?
A. We played pretty good tonight. Coach said that was some incredible defense that we played. But, more importantly it was a great team effort. A lot of games that we play the defense plays great, and the offense suffers, or vice versa. But, tonight was a team game.

Q: How have the last two weeks on defense felt for you? It feels great to be building momentum after a lot of criticism.
A. It does feel great, but we know we can do better. We have great athletes and great staff of coaches. We have great set of schemes, and looking forward to getting better.


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