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Oct. 27, 2012

Penn State vs. Ohio State
October 27, 2012

#28 Zach Zwinak
Jr./So., Running Back

Q: Zach, can you talk about being a one-dimensional football team out there tonight?
A. Well, we chose to pass, that was Coach O'Brien's choice. He felt that was what was getting the ball down the field, so that's what he was going to call.

Q: You're going up against some good defense in the past weeks. How good was that team?
A. They're a good team, definitely the best team we've played so far this season. We went into this game realizing it was going to be tough one up front, they're a great front seven. And we just have to take what they give us.

Q: In Coach O'Brien's statement he kept saying, "The team has to play better, I have to coach better. But we played uncharacteristically out there." What were some of the mistakes going on in your mind?
A. We just weren't executing the plays that were called. We just have to get back to practice and look at the film and get better for next week. Regardless of what play Coach calls, you're going to move the ball if you execute the play. We just weren't doing that.

#89 Garry Gilliam
Sr./Jr., Tight End

Q: Because of all the calls and missed opportunities, was the team frustrated after?
A. Not so much as frustrated, it's just we had the opportunities to make the plays and we just didn't and when we got drives going we got penalties that stopped us. I mean our offense was still moving the ball and I think Matt (McGloin) had a pretty good game. Just the times we needed to make the plays we weren't doing it, which is what stopped us.

Q: With the hype going up to this game, do you feel like you guys just came out flat?
A. Not really, like I said, we were moving the ball we just weren't executing. It was just once we got going, either a penalty or a dropped ball here or there kind of stopped us. But I think our offense was still moving the ball, we just weren't capitalizing when we needed to capitalize.



Q: How tough was it blocking them off the edge?
A. I mean, we blocked them just as well as we blocked any other, especially from the tight end and tackle positions. I mean it wasn't tough but I think what we should've done more in the first half was establish our game a little more and open up our passing. But we learn from what happened and just progress to Purdue.

#1 Bill Belton
So./So., Running Back

Q: What did Ohio State do well on defense?
A: They were playing tough defense. They weren't giving up the big plays that we usually get. That's the way it goes.

Q: How has this season unfolded so far for running backs?
A: Players have stepped up and made plays. We have great backs here. One guy goes out, the next guy will come in and do what he needs to do. That's the way it goes. We have five backs, five deep. We have (Michael) Zordich, (Zach) Zwinak, (Curtis) Dukes, (Derek) Day and me. We all get the job done.

Q: What made it so difficult to run against Ohio State?
A: Their front seven is very good. They're real physical with you. Upfront, that was the best front seven that we probably will see all year.

#97 Sam Ficken
So./So., Punter/Place Kicker

Q: What goes through your mind while you're standing on the sidelines when Bill goes for it on fourth down?
A: It doesn't affect me. I'm here to kick field goals. If he tells me to kick, I'm going to kick. If not, I'm going to cheer my team on.

Q: What would you say is your range? What are you comfortable with?
A: We practice anything from extra points to 50-yarders in practice. It's his call and I'm going to do what he says.

Q: Three of the last four field goals that you've gotten off, you've made. Did you take some confidence into this game?
A: Yeah, every time it goes through the uprights, you get a little more comfortable. It's a building process. The start of the season didn't exactly go the way I wanted it to, but my mindset is that I'm not going to miss a kick the rest of the year. That's my goal and hopefully that happens.

#64 John Urschel
Gr./Sr., Guard

Q: What made it so difficult running the ball tonight?
A: We really didn't get into a grove with offense and we didn't string plays together very well. Ohio State has a very good defense, and they attack. The front set of them are very strong and we just weren't very productive tonight.

Q: Of the three losses season was this the most disappointing?
A: Certainly. This was a big game and honestly you come to Penn State to win big games like this. It was a tough fought game and we stayed close with them but they pulled away. We just need to put this one away and move forward.

Q: Talk about that no give up attitude, that last driving play in the last few minutes, what does that say about you guys as a whole?
A: It doesn't matter what the situation is, what the score is. You need to go out there and be productive, and fight. It's a four quarter game, and there's something to be said to be intense and fighting every single play regardless of the situation.

#11 Matt McGloin
Gr./Sr., Quarterback

Q: You guys did a lot of uncharacteristic things as a team. Any explanation as to why?
A: No, it was just one of those nights. We just didn't have it. We cannot focus on the lost. We have four games left. We have a tough game on Saturday against a tough Purdue team. We cannot be worried about one loss.

Q: You have been quarterback here for a few years. How good was their defense today?
A: Their front seven were tremendous. They have some good defensive linemen and some good linebackers. They applied the pressure on us all night and they were definitely well prepared. We had some communication problems early on, and we just couldn't get it on tonight.

Q: What happened with the communication problems tonight?
A: It happens throughout the course of the game, especially when you run our type of offense. And the crowd is a factor sometimes. Overall it was just the crowd.

#8 Allen Robinson
So./So., Wide Receiver

Q: What was the difference tonight?
A: As a team, we had too many penalties and penalties killed us on a lot of the drives. At times, we weren't able to string plays together, and when you cannot string plays together, you cannot string drives together. There was just a lack of communication and it is just something that we need to work on and get better at.

Q: Do you feel like you guys had the momentum at any point?
A: Definitely. I thought we had the momentum at the end of the half, especially with us having the ball going into the second half. I think that if we were able to score, that would have changed the game. We didn't, but I think as a team we are able to bounce back and just try to move forward.


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