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Penn State Offensive Players Quotes

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Oct. 15, 2011

#67 Quinn Barham
Gr./Sr., Tackle

Q: Did you do anything different today on offense?
A: No I don't think we are doing anything different. It is just a matter of being a little tougher and staying a little longer because we knew the holes they had. They were also trying to load the box a little bit with seven or eight guys so it was tough to really grind hits into that. We knew what they were going to do. They were trying to stop the run and force us to pass. We eventually got it going which felt good that we knew we could run with them and we did.

Q: What does it mean to be able to pull it out in these close games?
A: I think it says a lot about the team. It shows that we are tough and we can play the entire full four quarters. We were lucky to shut some of these games out earlier, but you have to play four quarters. You have to do what you have to do. We have been training all season for that; to play four quarters. We pride ourselves on that and that is a part of the game.

Q: How much does the leadership on the team go in to being able to win these close games?
A: The leadership is very good on the team this year. Not taking anything away from Ollie Ogbu and Brett Brackett last year, but the captains on this team have been doing a great job as well as the seniors. Stephon [Green] came into the huddle on the sideline on one of the last couple drives and he yelled at us and said, "You have to get it together on offense right now, you have to finish this game." I think the leadership is definitely there. It is coming from everywhere, every position.

#11 Matt McGloin
Sr./Jr., Quarterback

Q: Some would call it winning ugly, but what do you guys think about where you're at?
A: Well that just makes us one more game undefeated in the Big Ten. I don't care if we win by one point or by a 100 points, as long as we continue to win. That's fine with me and it's fine with everybody else as well.



Q: How much did (Derek) Moye not being there affect the team?
A: Anytime you don't have a Derek Moye in there at wide receiver it's tough. He's such a great playmaker, and hopefully he'll be back soon. But a lot of guys did a lot of big things, and it shows you how deep we are at the wide-out position.

Q: Was it nice to get a lift from your special teams today?
A: Yeah, anytime your special teams goes out and does something big it definitely helps, especially in Big Ten conference games. We're real happy that worked out. Chaz (Powell) made a great run there, and Anthony (Fera) did a great job punting and kicking today.

#54 Matt Stankiewitch
Sr./Jr., Center

Q: Silas Redd continues to get the ball 20 or 30 times a game. What's that like?
A: He brings a lot of energy to the huddle, and every carry you can tell he has a lot of energy so that's why he gets the ball so much and every carry is a great carry for him. It's the energy he brings to each huddle and the energy he brings to each play, that's probably the biggest thing.

Q: Silas Redd seems somewhat reserved. Does he get wild and talkative in the huddle?
A: Oh yeah, he gets wild. He's a very respectable guy. When the game is over and the hats come off he's a very respectable guy, but on the field he's an animal.

Q: You guys were pretty amped up after the last win, were you concerned at all about a letdown?
A: Every game we go in you want to try to be the best. Of course you're going to have stuff happen during that game that's going to be bad, but you have to persevere and keep going. So during the week we have to keep getting better, and get ready for Northwestern now.

#1 Rob Bolden
So./So., Quarterback

Q: What was Purdue doing that made today seemingly more difficult than previous games?
A: Nothing special, what Purdue did, we've seen from other teams as well. Yhey play a lot of man to man, have a good D-line. They have some big guys, like 93, he's a force out there. They came out, they were focused and ready to play against us. Whenever you're focused, that definitely helps out. It helped them stop us a little bit.

Q: How frustrating was it that you couldn't duplicate the touchdown drive you had in the beginning of the game?
A: Somewhat frustrating, but all in all, we got the win. We're a 6-1 team. We're getting better every week. The O-line is doing a heck of a job stepping up from week to week, picking up on blitzes, doing their job so then Silas and Dukes can run the ball. So, it's frustrating but, we're 6-1.

Q: Do you think that Penn State doesn't get the same recognition that other 6-1 teams in the nation get?
A: I feel like we don't. Penn State is under the radar right now to a lot of people. A lot of people aren't looking at us like they should be. We can compete with a lot of people and soon people will notice. We're going to turn some heads.

#26 Curtis Dukes
Jr./So., Tailback

Q: How do you think you played today?
A: I think I did alright. I feel like I didn't hit the holes when I had the opportunities to. I need to work on adjusting the height of my shoulders more. Pass blocking is one of the biggest issues I deal with. I'm improving every day.

#19 Justin Brown
Jr./Jr., Wide Receiver

Q: This was a difficult game to play in it looked it, with the energy and momentum swings. Just talk a little bit about what that was like?
A: It was a little difficult with the weather being windy and what not and the momentum swings, you're right. I felt like we fought hard and Purdue is a great team. They're a pretty good team. They can move the ball and they made some stand up defense at some points so I feel like they played a good game too.

Q: Justin, you guys have won five in a row but they've all been down to the wire. How are you guys pulling all these games out?
A: Good defense. We're just playing for four quarters straight. We had a real tough camp and that prepared us for what we're facing right now. I feel like that's what it is.

Q: Do you think you guys are getting better?
A: I think we're getting better. I have a lot of faith and trust in our team. I feel like we're getting better. A couple plays here. I remember the one time in the game we were driving and the ball gets tipped up off of Bill's (Belton) chest when he's falling down and the guy intercepts it. So that stuff happens and that's part of the game. And that's part of life.

Q: Are you guys surprised you're 6-1?
A: No, not at all. We know that we can be 6-1. We know that we could have probably won that game that we lost, if we would have capitalized on some things. So we know we're a good team and that's what we have to prove to you guys.

#25 Silas Redd
So./So., Tailback

Q: Are you surprised by your record? Do you think you're getting the respect that you deserve?
A: Probably not but we don't really care what anyone else says. We're 6-1. We know what type of team we are; as long as we keep winning I don't care what anyone else says.

Q: That was your third consecutive 100-yard game. How do you feel running in there?
A: I felt pretty good today. It was quiet. I didn't think I had 131 today. It was real quiet 100-yard game but kudos to the guys up front for helping me get that. I'm just trying to get better every week.

Q: Did you feel like you had to pick up more of the slack without Moye there?
A: I didn't feel like that but if that's what the coaches on offense wanted me to do. I was willing to do that. I thought the running game was consistent today and I though the guys in front of me did a great job.


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