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Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel
Postgame Quotes vs. Penn State; Oct. 8, 2005

Opening Statement
You talk about the things you need to do on the road against a good team, and one of them is to come up with some plays on special teams. I don??t know if we had any difference-making plays there. The other is you can??t turn [the ball] over, and we turned it over twice. I don??t think Penn State, to their credit, turned it over at all. You??ve also got to play good, hard, relentless defense and I thought our guys did that.

On Penn State??s defense
We got behind in the count and allowed them to pin their ears back and they did a good job with that. We had a couple penalties that cost us. When you??re behind the count against a veteran secondary and a veteran front, you give them a better chance.

In the second half, you seemed to gain some momentum. What happened?
We thought with the way our defense was playing, and the way their punting game had hurt them a couple times and had given us some field position [that we would be in good shape], but we just did not go down and cash in. There are a number of drives that I can recall where we had a first down or two, but then did something to move ourselves backward and had to punt. But I thought our defense did a great job.

How difficult is it to play here in Beaver Stadium?
This is a fun environment to play in. I think our guys were excited to play and enjoyed the great competition. Penn State is a good, tough, hard, clean football team, and the environment is awesome. That??s why so many guys pick to play in this league, because not many places in the country have an environment like this. Is it tough? Sure. We also like to think it??s tough to play in our environment.

Explain your decision to kick the 50 yard FG on 4th and 8
Fourth and eight is a little long to have a very good percentage of making [the first down] and if you don??t you didn??t even have a chance at any points. Whereas with a field goal, you have a chance at some points if you make it. If you don??t of course you??re going to be where you were if you didn??t make your offensive play. I don??t like putting a field goal kicker in a 50-yard situation, because those are hard, but we have a lot of confidence in him. We weren??t going to go for it, so it really came down to whether we were going to kick the field goal or punt.

Ohio State Player Quotes
Postgame Quotes vs. Penn State; Oct. 8, 2005

AJ Hawk
Senior Linebacker

How do you think the Ohio State defense played today?
We had goal-line stands on two plays and we let them score. We didn??t tackle well and we didn??t stop them from making big plays.

How do you pick up the pieces?
We??re not worried about that. It??s a tough loss, but any loss is tough. We have too much character on this team and too many guys have been around just to lay down.

How big was that interception by Penn State?
We tried to look at it as it put us in a bad spot, but it was an opportunity for the defense. If we could have had a goal-line stand, that would have been a huge momentum change for us. That??s our job to stop them, and we didn??t do it tonight.

Bobby Carpenter
Senior Linebacker

How do you think the Ohio State defense played tonight?
We played well in the 2nd half, and we??re happy about that. But as a defense we didn??t get it done in the 1st half. We missed tackles on all levels ?? the d-line, linebackers and DBs. I didn??t play well, and we should have played a lot better in the first half. I think that??s why we got down.

Did you feel like you got a feel for Penn State??s offense?
We just started to play better and play Ohio State defense. At the beginning of the game we were playing sloppy and we just weren??t talking. If you look at the plays, we were in position every time, but we just weren??t making the tackles.

How do you salvage the season?
Salvage is a term I wouldn??t use. That sounds like you??re picking something off the scrap table. We??re a good team. We??ve lost two tough games to two good teams. We should??ve won both games. We were in them until the end, but we didn??t play well enough as a team to win. It??s going to be tough. Every team in the Big Ten has a loss now, except for Penn State I think. So, we??ve got to go into every game, hoping to play our best and figure out ways to play on the road.

Comments about the game.
??We didn??t get it done in the first half, we missed tackles on all levels D-Line, linebackers. I didn??t play well. It was just a poor first half.??
??I thought we played well, we just didn??t play well enough to win.??

Antonio Pittman

Tailback Antonio Pittman on what they needed to do in the second half to get in the game.
??We knew we had to get a short field and make some plays. We knew we had to get a touchdown or a key interception.??

On what the loss means to him.
??This loss hurts. But we??re not going to dwell on it. We have to hold our heads up and keep trying.??

On the Penn State Freshmen
??We knew we had to contain two (Williams), seven (King), and three (Butler), but we got off to a slow start and you can??t get off to a slow start on the road.??

Linebacker Chad Hoobler

On the Penn State Defense
??They have an excellent defense and excellent linebackers and they really took it to us.??




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