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Postgame Quotes

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Oct. 8, 2011

Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno Quotes
Penn State vs. Iowa
October 8, 2011

Q: Joe, is this the kind of game that can give a team struggling for confidence, a good dose of it?
A: I hope so. I had talked to them during the week, 'Hey, you gotta enjoy this thing, you can't worry about everything.' I thought we played with a little more enthusiasm, made some plays. Obviously, we fouled up one play in the red zone and had a couple tough penalties. I think that's a qualified good statement.

Q: How do you think the offensive line performed today?
A: I was pleased. We kind of challenged them. There's a couple kids there that should be really, really good that I had been disappointed in. They came through today and I won't say any names. I thought they were consistent and they hustled right up to the end. They stayed with their blocks. I thought the pass protection overall was pretty good. Iowa's a good defensive football team; always has been sound. I think they got better, but we got a ways to go yet. I'm not going to get carried away yet.

Q: Coach, after Matt (McGloin)'s interception in the endzone, you committed to the run almost the whole way. Was that a conscious effort at that point?
A: We got into the game not quite sure we could run, but we had talked and the guys felt that we could wear them down a little bit. You got to remember, when we had the interception, we had taken the ball the length of the field. We started at our own 4-yard line and had a couple good runs in there. It wasn't a question of all-of-a-sudden we couldn't run. We had run the ball pretty good, but we missed the opportunity. So we had gone into the ballgame with the idea we could run the football, we didn't know how much. I couldn't tell you what we ran for. I thought we did a better job blocking, some of the younger backs are getting a better feel for holes. I thought (Silas) Redd had a pretty good game. Overall, I'm pleased, but as I keep saying we have a ways to go. But we did go in the ball game figuring we could run some.



Q: Did you get sore in the first half to go upstairs?
A: You know, they almost ran over me once. I came out and I made a couple quick moves to get out of the way. I just don't want to be in the way. I don't want those kids looking around to see where I am. So I told them at halftime, 'You guys are doing alright. Just turn it up a notch and I'll get out of here.' And they did. But I was hurting. I'm hurting more now than I have in a week and that's because I made a stupid move. I'll be alright tonight.

Q: Joe, the play by Hodges that broke the game open on the blitz and your defensive backs, it looked like they were playing pretty aggressive and you were missing Morris and Lynn.
A: I thought overall that the defensive people did a good job. The quarterback had a couple hot games. And that McNutt, we did a good job on him. He's really a big league receiver. I thought we did a good job. I thought the secondary was alert, we didn't give them the bomb, which we were hoping we wouldn't do. Overall, I was pleased, the defensive coaches did a good job. They've been doing a good job, we've played pretty good defense all year. Our problem has been the mistakes we've made and not taking advantage of some things when we've made good drives, getting down to the red zone, doings some things, dumb penalties, fumbles. The defense has kept us in every ballgame but one and that was a pretty good football team that beat us.

Q: Al Davis died today and you were a pretty good friend of his. Can you say a few words about him?
A: Good ole' Brooklyn boy. I was telling some of the guys a story, when Al got the job at Oakland, Al was one of the great recruiters of all times. In fact, when Al went to Southern Cal, he beat me on that big kid from New Jersey and he got him to go to Citadel. And the guy who was the general who kicked the devil out of the poor Italians going up the Italian Peninsula. Al was a good guy. It was amazing, Al Davis, Al Lerner, who since has died, Sonny Werblin, Art Modell, Barbara Stanwyck, they all came from the same high school, Beverly Sills. So when Al got the job, he called me up, wanted me to be his offensive coordinator, I was an assistant coach. Just got married about a year ago. He was promising to triple my salary and give me a car. I didn't have a car. I made about 6,000 bucks. I thought about it, I said, 'I'm not going to Oakland.' Sue was happy, so he blamed it on Sue. So he called Sue up and said, 'You know you're holding up your husband's career.' So I called him up and said, 'Al look, leave Sue out of it, I just don't want to take the job.' He said, 'Why don't you want to take the job?' I thought I'd have a little fun with him, so I said, 'Al, you know what, you and I would have a tough time getting along.' He said, 'Why?' I said, 'Because I'm smarter than you and you'll never admit it.' But Al was a good guy, I'm sorry to see that. He's been sick a while. Last time I was out on the west coast, when (Tom) Flores was the coach. I called Flores up and wanted to talk a little football with him. Al heard I was coming up and took me out to a big fancy dinner. He was a tough guy, a lot of people in the NFL didn't like him because he was a little progressive. I'm sorry to see him go, I really am.

Q: McGloin played significantly more in the second half than (Rob) Bolden. Has anything changed with the quarterback position?
A: I don't know, we have to look at that. That was because we played pretty good football the second quarter. I was set to play McGloin in the 3rd quarter and put Bolden back in the 4th quarter. The pass was a part of the game we really weren't planning on relying that much. So I thought maybe McGloin. Bolden tried to run a couple times on a couple runs. I thought we might have to run the quarterback a little more. We'll see. I don't know, we have a ways to go.

Q: Coach the 1986 team was honored at halftime, obviously Steve Smith couldn't be here. Can you talk about Steve Smith and his battle with Lou Gehrig's disease?
A: Steve Smith was a great player. He was a good kid, good football player. I remember when I went into see him, his mom came down, little lady. We got talking. I was talking about football and Penn State. He was thinking about a few other schools. She said, 'You know I want to know what kind of an education he'll get there.' So I started telling her, I reminded her last night. I said, 'If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have gotten him, because he didn't want to come.' Mom stepped in. Steve was a good kid. Liked by all his teammates, no problems, and a good football player, could catch the ball. He was a good fullback. He was about 235, 240, that was 20 years ago. You know that team only lost one time in two years? (John) Shaffer was back and Shane Conlan was here, Blair Thomas. It was a fun night last night.


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