Penn State vs Wisconsin: Coach Paterno Quotes

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Is this as bad a special teams performance as you have had?
??I don??t know whether it??s as bad as we have ever had we just obviously weren??t good. We just weren??t good, I don??t know what to tell you. Certainly we haven??t been performing well in that area the last couple of games.??

Can you talk about Michael Robinson??s performance?
??I thought Michael did real well, everything considered. Especially when we got to the point where we couldn??t handle them up from and we had to throw so much, I thought he did a good job. He obviously missed a couple and they dropped a couple but I think overall he did a good job.??

Why did you decide to use John Shaw on defense?
??Well (Tamba) Hali got hurt and Scott Paxson wasn??t doing very well in there and we had been practicing Shaw with the idea that we were going to use him. Shaw has been practicing well and is going to be a really good football player. If Hali didn??t get hurt we probably wouldn??t have used them.??

Is Tamba Hali going to be out for an extended period of time?
??I don??t know, Tamba has been banged up and in and out and the whole bit so I am not sure what is going to happen with Tamba. I think he is going to be ok, but whether he is going to be ok this week or not I am not sure.??

Talk about the play of the linebackers today?
??That??s a good running football team, those backs are good backs. I think most of the time we did a good job. We missed some tackles, particularly early in the game. But I think overall I think they played well.??

Is it more frustrating to make all those mistakes and still be in the game?
Absolutely, that??s what kills you. You talk about the mistakes we made on special teams and the missed opportunities. It??s frustrating but it??s all part of it. When your good those things don??t happen to you ?C we??re not that good yet.??

Are the fumbles the result of anxiousness or technique?
??I used to have an old saying about fumbles its either a lack of courage or a lack of concentration. I don??t think it??s a lack of courage with any of our kids, I think some of them are young players and they get enthusiastic and are trying to make things happen and they get careless with the ball.??

Is Ed Johnson hurt?
??Ed Johnson got hurt the other day and that??s why he wasn??t in there. I thought he was going to be able to play.??

Do you have any sense for why Robbie Gould is struggling?
??I really don??t know. I think kickers are like golfers sometimes ?C you just have to go back in the driving range and get back into the groove.??

Why didn??t Alan Zemaitis start?
??Well actually (Anwar) Phillips has been practicing really well. He made some really good plays in practice. In all fairness to Tom Bradley, I needled Tom and said you know Anwar has been really aggressive and made a lot of plays so we really should give him a shot at starting ?C so that??s why he started ahead of Zemaitis.??

Will Zack Mills be able to practice next week?
??I think he will be ok. In fact, Zack came to me today and said if something happens to the two quarterbacks and you need me that he could operate the offense from the shotgun. So having him said that to me and not having watched him do anything I would think he is going to be ready before the end of the week.??

Talk about Matt Kranchick??s performance today?
??It??s great to see a kid have a day like he had today. He did a couple great things in there. You know he is a fifth?Cyear kid, he came in as a walk-on and the whole bit, he??s hung in there and he has been on and off. He??s not really a natural in the sense of football but he can run and he is obviously we are going to have to do some more with.??




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