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Penn State Offensive Player Postgame Quotes

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Sept. 22, 2012

Penn State vs. Temple
September 22, 2012

#64 John Urschel
Gr./Jr., Guard

Q: How would you assess the play of the offense today?
A: I think we did well. I think we strung together some good plays, and good drives. Especially in the fourth quarter; that last drive to chew up the play clock. I'm not exactly sure of the time, but I think we chewed up about seven minutes on that drive. Especially in the fourth quarter, when they know we're running the ball, to be able to do that is great. Zach Zwinak did a great job of running the ball. He had a great day today.

Q: Where do you think you guys are heading into Big Ten play?
A: I think we're feeling good. We're on a two game win streak. The offense is starting to click in. We're starting to drive the ball a little bit and put together drives. Our defense is doing a great job of stopping the opposing team. It's great to go into Big Ten play with a two game win streak.

Q: Does getting a second win make it feel more routine again rather than just a celebration for the first win?
A: No Saturday game is routine. Every week we have a different opponent and a different team to prepare for. We came into this game playing very hard and very focused. We're really glad that we could get the win and start to build momentum going into the season. We had a rough start and lost our first two games. It's good to get back on track, and get back to .500 going into Big Ten play. We're starting to feel confident about where we are and are improving as a team.

#97 Sam Ficken
So./So., Kicker

Q: What have the last couple of weeks been like for you?
A: A rollercoaster ride. Obviously with what happened in Virginia I'm pretty disappointed. It's my job to keep moving forward. I have to focus on my technique and think about the next kick. It was up and down. I had a lot of support from family and friends, and a lot of Penn State supporters out there that sent out letters, emails, messages, and all kinds of things. It felt pretty good to have all that support.



Q: When you say Penn State supporters do you mean fans or former players?
A: Fans, players, coaches, friends, family. Pretty much anyone that directly reached out to me, it was positive. It felt pretty good.

Q: How did your teammates deal with everything?
A: They were there for me. That night they stayed with me and we watched some games. We tried not to think about the whole game against Virginia. That helped, and it felt good to know that they were there for me.

#54 Matt Stankiewitch
Sr., Offensive Line

Q:How has winning two in a row help the confidence of this team coming into the Big Ten opener against Illinois?
A: It's a great feeling because we did not want to go into our Big Ten opener with a loss but we needed this win and are very determined and focused on Illinois.

Q. Temple kids were calling this game their Super Bowl. Does that give you guys any motivation?
A. It gives us a little more motivation for this game. If they want to call this game their Super Bowl then that's fine. They can do whatever they need to get them more motivated for this game. I try to focus on more what they do as a team with the defensive lineman and linebackers and try to watch film to see how I can defend against them. They can say what they want to say.

Q. Where is the offensive line now going into the Big Ten season and is it where you wanted it to be?
A. Yea each game we're getting better and the biggest thing is communicating with each other. We have to be verbal with each other when we see a blitz or a stunt coming. It all comes with practice and we all try to get better.

Q. Where would this team be without Matt McGloin?
A. I am scared to think of where we would be without Matty. He really embraced this role and is constantly watching film. That's an awesome feeling as an offensive lineman to see he cares that much.

#9 Michael Zordich
Sr./Sr., Fullback/Tailback

Q: How do you feel going into Big Ten play?
A: We feel good. Four games in, we have some things to improve. We like where we are. We're 2-2 with a two game win streak going into conference play. It feels good, we're rolling a little. We're looking forward to getting some guys back, get some extra players on the field.

Q: How much more important are Big Ten games to you guys this year with no bowl game to play?
A: You know that every game you have something to play for. With no bowl game to play for or championship to play for, every Saturday is our time when we go out there. At this point, we're just playing for the guys that four years from now will be able to compete for those.

Q: Will being able to play for the Leaders Division title help motivate you guys?
A: Yeah, if we win it, that's something that we're able to say that we accomplished. It's something for us to compete for this year and we're going to take it in stride and try to win it.

#11 Matt McGloin
Gr./Sr., Quarterback

Q: When you win games, how much of an advantage is that emotionally as you go into Big Ten play?
A: Well this is a big win for us. Temple is a great football team. We knew they were going to come here with a lot of intensity and it's our job to match that and we did. The fans were into it today and we were excited about that. Another thing, getting this big win gives us a lot of confidence going into Big Ten play.

Q: How big is that confidence? You start 0-2, with a couple of close games, and win a couple of games. What does that do for your confidence?
A: Well, we're just starting to get comfortable, especially as an offense. We're feeling really good about where we're at now. There [are] a lot of plays we left out there on the field today. I made some mistakes with protection and missed a couple of throws. I have to correct those so that we can move forward as an offense.

Q: What's the feeling about getting Penn State's first two rushing touchdowns of the season?
A: That was something I didn't expect to do today, but it just happened. That's the way it played out and it feels good.

Q: Compared to the last two years, how much better of a quarterback do you feel you are today?
A: I'm just able to play how I know to play the game of football. That's just taking what the defense gives me, controlling the game, and throwing to the open guy. I feel like I don't have to press myself to take shots or force a ball to try to stay out there.

Q: Do you feel this is one of the better games of your career?
A: Today was a very emotional win. It was a great win for us. I definitely think it was one of the better games of my career. The line did a great job blocking and the wide outs got open today. Temple is a great football team. They came in here with a lot of intensity and it was our job to match it. Thanks to the fans for the support and we were able to get the win today.

#75 Eric Shrive
Sr./Jr., Guard

Q: What's it like when you have Zordich (#9) and Zwinak (#28) and these big fullback guys barreling down the field? It's got to be cool for offensive linemen to play that style of ball.
A: Yeah, we have some tough backs back there and, like you saw today, they ran hard. We had a couple guys down, so next guy up. Zach Zwinak stepped up to play with McGloin (#11).

Q: Did you get the sense that the defense was getting tired as you continued to play as you guys kept pounding away?
A: Yeah, we put 400-something offensive yards up there and we shot ourselves in the foot a couple times. They didn't really stop us; we stopped ourselves a few times. I think we had a well-balanced offensive attack and they played well.

Q: Games like this where you can get better, where you're not necessarily perfect the whole game and you make some mistakes, does that limit the amount of points you score and give you something to set out for?
A: Yeah, it was a good win to get rolling going into Big Ten play. We're starting out with an eight-game streak here going into Big Ten and we're excited to play.

#28 Zach Zwinak
Jr./So., Running Back

Q: At what point today did you realize you were going to be getting a lot of work?
A: Just when coach started calling my number, I got a little series in there and I was like "this is exciting." If this is all I get it's fine, but I was just happy to play. Then Z (Zordich #9) took that hit and I realized I'm going to have to make sure I'm around in case they do need me if he comes back or if he doesn't.

Q: How do you think you played?
A: I think I did pretty well. I owed it a lot to the line. Anybody can run through some of those holes if they open up and as a running back it starts with them, so I owe credit to them.

Q: Did you know you were going to be going in today?
A: I didn't know what was going to happen until roughly this morning because a couple of guys were pressuring names. I was ready at any point for whatever, so that's kind of how I came into it. If I got to play, I got to play and if I didn't, I didn't. That's the teamwork.


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