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Sept. 15, 2012

Penn State vs. Navy
September 15, 2012

Stan Hixon
Assistant Head Coach, Wide Receiver Coach

Q: Talk about Allen Robinson's development - How has he turned into what seems to be your go to guy?
A: Obviously he's made a big improvement from the spring, and from the spring we saw that he has potential to be a really good receiver. Each and every day, he's getting better and better at running routes, coming out of routes, and also, a much better job catching the ball in his hands. He has done a good job getting separation in certain routes, like we ask him to do, and he's been a really good student of the game.

Q: Talk about the wide receivers at large - What have they improved on in the time you've spent with them?
A: The biggest improvement has been the knowledge of our offense. In the spring, everyone was going through a learning curve. What they've done here before is different completely. We are post-out offense and the guys have really adapted from spring to fall. Each and every week we're getting better. The better we are, the more they understand and the faster they play. When they were learning to play the offense, they were playing pretty slow. And now they're playing a lot faster than they did in spring game.

Q: Have you seen growth in the route running at all?
A: Most definitely. We're not where we want to be on certain routes, but we certainly have made a big improvement overall in the passing game. We have some work to do really. We're not there yet, but we're making some big improvements.

Q: How has Matt McGloin helped the rest of the wide receivers move along?
A: Matt has picked up the offense really well by showing his confidence and his leadership on the field. The players know that he knows the offense, and he puts them in the right play at the right time. They really respect him for doing that. He's done a really good job and he's getting better. We're building him to go a little bit faster and we really need his offense to play faster. But we're getting there. It's not going to happen overnight.



Ted Roof
Defensive Coordinator

Q: Do you feel that other than the tip ball against Ohio and the fourth-to-last drive against Virginia that you guys have generally played pretty well on defense?
A: I think we have to play better but I have been pleased with a lot of things; certainly in our ability to get off the field on third down in the first two weeks. There are a lot of positives and you want to build on the positives, correct the negatives and we were better on third down today. I think they had eight fourth down chances and they were 4-for-15 on third down and 5-for-8 on fourth down so there were some opportunities created today because of their style of play, that's what they do. It was much better on third down and I was pleased with the takeaways and we just have to continue to work to get better.

Q: Did you think it would take a few games for the guys to get used to the new system? I know you were here throughout the spring and everything but it's different when you get out there on the field actually in games.
A: Yes, it is. You hope not but when you install a new system, you go through some growing pains. We have been through some and we're probably not done going through them yet. I just want our guys to keep a great attitude, work everyday to get better, focus on the next opponent and get ready to go play and play physical.

Q: Have you seen specific areas where they have improved? You talked about the third down, maybe from mistakes that we made earlier that have gotten better as the season has gone along?
A: Yes, I thought we pressured the passer better the last couple weeks. I think we had three sacks last week. I think we had four today. That's better. Certainly the takeaways, we had zero the first week and I think we had four last week and four this week so we need to keep doing that.

Q: What kind of growing pains have you been going through with these guys these last few games?
A: Some situations that come up and just seeing how they respond. People say we have this experienced defense. We have four starters coming back off the team that finished the season last year with an entirely new secondary, so we had a lot of inexperience. There is no excuse but that is a fact and there is only one way to get experience and that is to play. And when you gain experience, you are going to make mistakes. And we have but we have not wallowed in self-pity, we have fought through them and that is what I focus on, how do we respond to something like that. We have gotten better but certainly not arrived by any stretch of the imagination but we have just got to keep working to get better and stay focused on working to improve and be a better team next week than we were this week.


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