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Sept. 15, 2007

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#50 Mike Lucian
Sr./Jr., Guard

Q: What was it like to make your first start?
A: It felt good. John (Shaw) is sore in the knee and needed a break. We're starting the Big Ten schedule and it is a very tough league. It felt great. I've been working very hard for three years on both sides of the ball. Finally getting in there today and getting a win felt good.

Q: Did you have butterflies?
A: Definitely. Last night at the hotel I was fine, but it hit me when I got off the bus. Before every game I'm nervous, whether I'm going to play or not.

Q: Was the plan prior to game to alternate with (Stefen) Wisniewski?
A: I'm not sure. He had talked to coach Anderson and they said, "Plan on playing today." I went out there, had three or four series to start off, and then we got Wisiewski in there. I think he is doing a great job and has come a long way. I was glad to see him in there; he has done a great job. He's going to be great in the future. If we need him this year, I think he will be a solid back-up.

#40 Dan Connor
Sr./Sr., Linebacker

Q: Has this been the biggest test the defense has had all year today?
A: Yes, I think so. We knew that coming into it. The coaches knew this was a high-powered offense and a well-coached team. They had a good plan against us, attacked us, and did a great job.

Q: Was there any lack of focus with the defense in the second half?
A: Yes., I think so. We came out strong defensively. We held strong up until about the 4th quarter and then we got sloppy and gave it up. Luckily we had the offense to pick us up a little bit.

Q: How good does it feel to be 3-0 going into Michigan?
A: We were not worried about that. We knew each game required us to be focused. This is like another week for us. We just have to stay focused and go out there and win.

#4 Terrell Golden
Gr./Sr., Wide Receiver

Q: Did the offense start out slow?
A: Yes, I think we started out slow today. I could not really put my finger on why...I'd have to go back and watch the tape. We definitely started off slow and that is something we will look to correct in practice.

Q: How key was Rodney Kinlaw coming off the bench and doing what he did?
A: That was great. I think that is a test to how good we are in the backfield. If Rodney or Austin (Scott) have an off day, the other one can come in right where he left off. When the running game is working, it always makes the passing game easier.

Q: What does Andrew Quarless add to you guys?
A: Just having him back in the huddle is great. He is a great kid and everyone on the team loves him. On the field, he is a great player. In the game today, he had two great touchdowns that were difficult to make. He is a guy that can go down the middle and make some plays for us and that really helped us out in the pass game.

#45 Sean Lee
Jr./Jr., Linebacker

Q: In the second half, what we the rational behind taking the starters on defense out, and then putting you back in?
A: I think he was tired of our lack of effort. We let down a little bit and looked tired. I think he wanted us strong to finish the game, so that is why he put us back in.

Q: Do you feel when the offense is slow like they were at the beginning today that the defense has to make up for that?
A: Yeah. We are always trying to make a big play, but when ever the offense starts slow, we are trying to jump-start the team. We feel like that has been our role for awhile, and we are ready to fulfill it.

Q: Regarding the goalline stand in the first quarter...
A: I think I knew before the formation that it may be a screen. I opened up and saw him flaring, and I just moved over there. I knew I needed to lay a pretty good hit on him because he was coming downhill full speed. I had a feeling the way they were set up that is was going to be a screen.

#9 Mark Rubin
Senior, Safety

Q: What happened to Tony Davis?
A: He just got a bruise on his shoulder. He'll get rehabbed up and be ready to go for next week.

Q: If you have to start next week, will you be ready for that?
A: Definitely. I actually try to prepare each week like I'm the starter. It helps to prepare that way because you never know when they'll call your number. You really have to go out each week and prepare like you are the starter. If you're not, great. That means Tony is healthy. You just have to have your head in the game and be ready when your number is called.

Q: How will the holiday affect you next week, if at all?
A: Not really to be honest. I just kind of celebrate it in my own way. My dad's side of the family is Jewish and my mom's side of the family is Christian so I celebrate both. I'll be fine for next week.

Q: What was it like playing against Buffalo?
A: It was great. It's kind of cool because it's always fun to talk to a couple of the guys after the game and wish them luck for the rest of the season. I always keep my eye on Buffalo and am glad they're doing well.

#7 Anthony Scirrotto
Junior, Safety

Q: Were you surprised that Joe sent you back into the game?
A: A little bit. It was still a close game at the time and anything could happen. We're ready whenever to get back in the game.

Q: The offense started a little slow today, did you feel you needed to give them a little spark on defense?
A: Yeah, they started slow. They did a good job and put a lot of points on the board and that's what we need to do. Our defense does a great job of keeping the opponent out of the end zone.

Q: Do you guys feel you're where you want to be heading into the Big Ten portion of the season?
A: There's always room for improvement. They passed a lot on us today and we didn't really like that. Other than that, we're playing great. We just have to work on the little things and get better each week because Big Ten is coming up and that will be big for us.

#76 Gerald Cadogan
Senior, Tackle

Q: It took you guys a little bit to get moving. Was it just the fumbles today?
A: It was a lot of little things that happened today. But as you saw, we kept our poise today and kept our nose to the guards and got the ball rolling.

Q: You guys scored like four touchdowns in about 10 minutes, did you feel like the offense was starting to get going?
A: Yeah, we definitely started to get in the rhythm. We ironed out those little tweaks here and there and just got the ball rolling.

Q: How do you think Stefen did today?
A: I think Stefen did a great job, especially on the one screen play. I saw him and he did a great job today and I was glad to be playing with him.

Q: How do you feel the offense has done the first three games in terms of communicating with each other?
A: I think we've been doing a great job. The way Rich and I talk about stuff down the line in terms of blitzes and stuff. When I work with Mickey and Quarless, we work on different blitzes. I think we're communicating fine.

Rodney Kinlaw, Sr.
Running Back

Q: Did it feel good to get the opportunity and take advantage of it?
It just felt great to get out there and get the ball and just be able to run.

Q: How do you mentally get ready for a game if you don't know who the starting running back is until Friday?
For me, I've just got to be prepared to go in at any time. I'm always prepared when they call on me.

Q: How do you keep yourself motivated when you have to wait your turn? Is that tough?
It's all about patience and just being prepared whenever [the coaches] call on you.

Q: Could you have dreamed of setting a couple career highs today?
I just wanted to come in and get at least get 100 yards. I haven't had one of those, so I wanted to get 100 yards today, and I did that so I'm very thankful.

Q: Did you feel like you were finally in a rhythm today?
Yeah, I felt like, since I was going back-to-back series, I was able to get on a roll and make some big runs.

Austin Scott, Sr.
Running Back

Q: Talk about the touchdown run.
I was trying to redeem myself for those two fumbles. So at the end of the game, it helped us get towards that win, and that's what matters the most.

Q: Are you personally where you want to be going into the Big Ten season?
Personally, no but that's how the cookie crumbles. I've got to get ready for this next game and just try to have a big one next week.

Q: Where did you think you'd be by now?
I just wanted to have another 100-yard game, but the main thing is that we're winning. I want to get this Big Ten Championship and hopefully the National Championship this year. As long as we keep on winning, individual performances and personal performances are irrelevant to me. As long as we win, I'm happy.

Q: Is it difficult to keep from being discouraged when some bad things like [fumbles] happen?
It's rough when you as an individual make a play, a decision, or a move that hurts the team and the whole offense as a group. It's hard when it's just you making that mistake, but you've just got to come back, put it behind you and not let it affect the rest of your game.

Jordan Norwood, Jr.
Wide Receiver

Q: Do you feel like [the touchdown catch] is one of the best or most exciting catches you've ever made?
I guess so. For me, right now, in my college career it is.

Q: How do you guys feel now going into Michigan now with the Big Ten slate coming up?
We're excited. We've really got to step our game up for the Big Ten.

Q: Jordan, with 45 points, do you think that the offense is clicking?
I'd say so. We would have liked to put points up on those first few possessions. We feel like we can put points up like that every game.

Sophomore tight end Andrew Quarless

What did you do during the suspension?
In practice, I was working hard against the defense. Just working hard to be ready for whenever they call on me again.

What did you learn from this whole experience?
It was definitely a life lesson for me. I paid the price. I really worked hard to show Coach Paterno that I wanted to be on the team and that I was planning on it.

How anxious were you to get in the game today?
I was a bit anxious. It was hard to watch. I had to pay the price. I made a mistake. I took full responsibility and worked hard in practice against our defense. It paid off today.

Can you talk about the first touchdown today?
Anthony and I talked right before that in the huddle and he asked 'Are you going to be open?' I said, 'Definitely, look for me.' It happened and it was an exciting play. I was just happy to get back out on the field and make a play like that.

Do you feel like you and Anthony (Morelli) didn't miss a step even after not playing together in a long time?
I was kind of rusty. I have been practicing, going over plays, watching film on Buffalo and even the Notre Dame game from last week, just in case they did throw me in.

Did you know you were going to get into game today beforehand?
No, not really. They told me just to be ready. I was just happy to be in there.

Senior quarterback Anthony Morelli
What did having Andrew Quarless back in the line-up mean to the offense?
As you could see today, it was great. He can do some things that can really help the offense out. It just gives the defense something else to worry about. Having him in might also help open up the wideouts, you never know.

Do you have a comfort zone with (Quarless) because you seem to hit it off down the stretch last year?
He runs good routes. I know where he is going to be. He expects the ball when he is open and I can get it to him. It's as simple as that.

Talk about your stats, getting the four touchdown passes today
We got the win and that's all that matters. And that is all I care about. I have said many times that the win is the most important thing to me.

What is the difference between Rodney Kinlaw and Austin Scott?
They have different styles of running. Kinlaw might be a little bit more shifty. Austin is fast with maybe a little bit more power. They will have their days. One time, Austin might have better day than Rodney and vice versa. That is the good thing about this offense, we have a lot of running backs that we can throw in there.

Was there a little bit of an emotional spark missing at the beginning of the game?
We started off slow for the second week. But, like I have said many times, we did what matters at the end and won the football game. We can always work and get better.

You have another big emotional game next week, how ready are you for Michigan and the Big Ten season?
We are excited for the Big Ten to start. We have a long week of practice ahead of us. We have to work hard. We have to get better. We have to improve every day on the little things, things that might put us over the edge.

Are you at the point where you can go into Michigan with confidence?
Yes, I think we will go in with some confidence. If we can't, we better not go in there because Michigan is a good football team. We have them at their stadium, so we better be prepared.

Junior wide receiver Deon Butler
How do explain the sluggish start on offense today?
There really is not excuse for it. It was an early season game, but we have to come ready to play in games like that. We are just not clicking on offense yet. We have to work on getting our timing down better. It usually takes us a while to get started and that is something we have to fix.

Do you think it's because where the game fell on the schedule, between the Notre Dame and Michigan games?
No, we are ready to play every game. I don't care who we are playing, we are just trying to get better. They are just things we need to fix ourselves internally. There is nothing to us taking our opponents lightly.

Where do you think the offense is going into the Big Ten season?
I think we have a lot of work to do. We have done pretty well, but against better opponents, we need to get our offense started earlier than we have been. I am excited about where we are headed, but we definitely have a lot of work to do.

Is it nice to be able to look forward to Michigan?
It's always nice to start the Big Ten season. Teams are going to be tough, week-in, week-out. But a team like Michigan, who we haven't beaten in a long time, I am definitely anxious to get out there and play...we want to go out there and send a message. It would be nice to get that monkey off of our back, because we haven't beaten them in a long time.

Can you talk about Rodney Kinlaw, coming in today and giving the team a lift?
He is a good back. The only missing is the official title of starter. Between him and Austin, I don't think they care too much who has that title. They help each other out. If Austin is having a rough day, Rodney can step up. That speaks to the talent depth of our team, a guy like Rodney can come off the bench and have a day like he did today.




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