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Buffalo Player Quotes

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Sept. 15, 2007

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Q: What did Coach Gill say to you guys after the game?
A: He told us that we played hard and we never gave up, and he appreciated that we stayed relentless.

Q: What is it like coming to play one of the top ranked teams in the nation, do you look forward to it more?
A: Yea, we looked forward to just having the test for ourselves, and to prove to everyone else that we can play with the big teams and that we're something to be reckoned with this year.

Q: You guys banged heads with pretty much the top defense in the country today, how do you feel about it?
A: It felt great just to know that we could come and play against a top defense with a couple of All-Americans and know that we can put some points up on the board and go deep on them.


Q: You haven't had a great run in a while, and then today you had that big run for a touchdown. Talk about what that feeling was like in between.
A: it's just my team keeps pushing at me, my coaches trusting in me; I know a lot of people look up to me so I had to be a leader and step up. I have to take the offense on my shoulders and just basically play. I give people confidence so I had to do something.

Q: You guys banged heads with pretty much the top defense in the country today, how do you feel about it?
A: When we're clicking, I feel that we can score against any team. When we start, when we get rolling and everybody's on the same page, we can score on anybody. We just have to keep going.

Q: What is your impression of Penn State's defense? Are they like they look on film?
A: They are a good defense. On film you can see that they run to the ball. Their linebackers are real steady, they stay home; you can't really cut on them so you have to be true to your assignments. They are very sound. They laid it low, they can hit. They aren't soft. They're Penn State, you know? So, they are a good defense, but we're a good team too, so it probably, you know, didn't look that way.

Q: What is the difference in mood after the loss to Rutgers when compared with today's game?
A: After the Rutgers game, that was our first game, Rutgers is a good team, we're a good team, but we weren't on the same page. That game just basically gave us the fight in practice, we had to push ourselves; we had to push each other. It helped us for this game. We decided that no matter what happened, we're going to be a team. No matter what the odds, we are going to be a team. At the end of the game, we're a team. So we have to fight together all the time.


Q: Drew [Willy] seemed like he was locked in today. Can you talk about his play?
A: I think he played really well. He kept us calm in the huddle, when it started getting loud on third down plays he kept us calm. I think he played really well. He had the team rolling and he became a leader.


Q: This is the second straight strong offensive game for you guys. Can you talk about where this offense has come in the past two games as compared with against Rutgers?
A: We just had good practices both weeks. Coach Gill has really gotten us prepared in the film room. We've known what we're going against. The offensive line, it starts with them, they've done a good job. We've had playmakers at the skill positions do great things with the ball.

Q: Did you have a feeling coming in to today's game that you could do some things against Penn State?
A: Yea, they're definitely a solid defense, but we think we're a very solid offense. We thought we could do some things and we did a pretty good job out there. We still have to clean up on some stuff before Baylor but definitely did a pretty good job in the second round.




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