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Joe Paterno Quotes

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Sept. 15, 2007

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Q: Can you comment on Rodney Kinlaw's play and is he the new No. 1 tailback?

A: Anybody is a No. 1 tailback when you have two kids that are as equal as they (Scott and Kinlaw) are. They're both good players. They had a bad handoff and then the fumble (with Scott). Kinlaw, when he's played, he's played well and I thought he deserved a shot at it. Then, I figured I wanted to get Scott back in there in the second half. We have to have both of them. They're both first string as far as I'm concerned.

Q: How did you feel about Andrew Quarless' performance in his first action?

A: I was going to bet 100 bucks that that was going to be the first question. He's a good kid. He made a mistake and paid for it with a couple of games and some other things. I think he's obviously a talented kid. Both catches he made were good, big-time catches. I was happy for him and happy for the team, obviously.

Q: Have you said anything to Austin Scott about his fumbling?

A: What do you want me to say? Don't do it. That's all I said. 'Hey, hang onto the ball. They're grabbing for it and reaching for it. So, just sit down a little bit.' I told him at halftime, 'you're going back in there. Just don't let the fumble bother you, except you have to be careful.'

Q: You used a true freshman at right guard. Are you concerned depth-wise about that position with John Shaw having a bad knee and how did you think the offensive line played?

A: I think overall they played fairly well. That's a little better football team that maybe people will realize. Against Rutgers they were a little bit unsure of themselves but when I looked at the way they played against Temple, they really played a good, solid game and Temple is a competitive football team. They were competitive against Navy. So, I thought the offensive line did a good job. They just had the one penalty and that really wasn't Ohrnberger's fault. We did some things well. I think they get tired a little bit. Our guys are in pretty good shape. With the two tailbacks, you have to keep them fresh. So, I think overall they did a pretty good job.

Q: You sent some of the defensive starters back out onto the field in the second half after they had been out. Why did you make this decision?

A: Well, I got concerned. That kid is a heck of a player, that quarterback (Drew Willy). He's a real gutsy kid and those receivers - I don't know how many deep ones they hit on us. So, I was a little concerned that if we let things get out of hand and some of those young kids that we put in there in the secondary haven't really played much. Some are redshirt freshmen. I thought 'let's not get silly and let's not take any chances.'

Q: Can you assess Matt Hahn's contributions to the running game both as a blocker and also carrying the ball?

A: I think Matt Hahn has really been solid. He catches the ball well. He used his blockers well on that little screen and I think he's blocked well. Once in a while they bounced off a couple of his blocks but he had one or two early that were big league blocks. He's a good runner, not a great runner, he doesn't have great speed but for a fullback he's a good runner and a very effective runner.

Q: Did Tony Davis get hurt? He didn't play parts of the second half.

A: He might have gotten bucked up a little bit. I don't know. We played a lot of nickel and sometimes he's not in there when we play the nickelback. But honest to goodness I haven't had a chance to talk to the doctor about that. He may have been bumped up a little bit.

Q: Now you can focus on the Big Ten. Do you like where you team is, going to Michigan, and is it fair to say that you're not fooled by Michigan's 0-2 start?

A: Well I haven't really thought much about Michigan yet. I'm sure Michigan will be a good football team. I'm anxious to get home and watch the Notre Dame-Michigan game to be honest with you. It comes on at 3:30, right? I'm going to see if I can hustle home and see some of that on television, if I can stay awake.

Q: Do you like where your team is though, overall, heading into the Big Ten season?

A: I don't know. I have to look at the tapes. I don't know where we are yet.

Q: Did you think the team started a little bit sluggish today and if so, why?

A: I don't think we did start sluggish. I thought they were very aggressive early and we had to settle down. I thought there were a couple of passes that were just a little bit off. I thought the whole game, pass protection was good. I think we did a lot of things right from the beginning. I didn't think we were really sluggish. We weren't as sharp, maybe, as you'd like to be. But you have to give the other guy a little bit of credit. Until they got a little tired, they were very competitive.

Q: How would you compare Scott and Kinlaw as running backs?

A: Why do I have to compare them? I think they're both good backs.




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