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Penn State - Akron: Special Teams / Defensive Player Quotes

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Sept. 2, 2017

Penn State Football Vs. Akron - Special Teams / Defensive Player Quotes
September 2, 2017

Ryan Buchholz | DE | JUNIOR

Q. How much do you go back and learn from Garrett [Sickels] and Carl [Nassib]?

I use Carl [Nassib]'s technique to teach Yetur [Gross-Matos] a lot because he and Yetur have the same body type. So, I tell him to do a lot of stuff that Carl used to do, I tell him to watch some of his film. Carl's best move was using his speed and double-hand swipe, and I told Yetur to do that today, and he did, and got a big hit on the quarterback.

Q. What about you? What did you learn from those two guys? Because they both had breakout years in their senior years.

Basically, what I learned from Garrett [Sickels] was the way he used his hands. I used to watch him. He wasn't the biggest, so he would have to use his hands to get off of people. Last year, I would watch him a lot from the sideline. We watched a lot of film of games. When we put together highlights videos to pump us up, he puts old film of them in so you get to watch them. It's good to re-watch them and learn their technique.

Tyrell Chavis | DT | SENIOR

Q. You're on the sideline watching your offensive line. Sometimes you're not facing them like you did at practice, but How good did they look?

Our O-Line looked amazing. I feel like we talk about it every day, we are our biggest competition. We go hard against each other at practice. Like the twists and movements and stuff like that. They handled the movements great today because we do it a lot at practice so they prepare for it. They are big, strong, tough, hard-nosed football. That's what they do.



Q. Talk about the shutout. How was it for you guys?

It was great. It's always good to see a zero on the scoreboard at the end of the game, but that's just preparation. Our offense goes out and scores, and our job is to stop the offense. That's what we did, we accomplished our goal today as a team, as a unit.

Q. Talk about the depth of the defense. A lot of guys saw action today.

The depth is what keeps us going. Offensive lines don't really rotate too often, usually it's the same offensive line the whole game. We get to rotate, and wear them down. Get a new fresh body in there, and you just see the looks on their face when they see a new person come in, and we love it.

Jarvis Miller | LB | SOPHOMORE

Q. Do you think that this will bring a new atmosphere knowing that this is possible, not just for you guys, but for the fans? [regarding punt returns and special teams]
Most definitely. I think that there is a new excitement on all special teams, not just offense and defense. I think we have one of the fastest kickoff units in the country. For punt [coverage] we executed the run down, and made tackles, and obviously, for punt returns, we were very explosive. We have a very explosive returner back there who can make people miss. I think we are interchangeable and have a lot of guys who can do that, so I think that there will be a great excitement around all areas [of special teams].

Amani Oruwariye | CB | JUNIOR

Q: Was it a point of emphasis to get off to a better start in this game?

Coach always emphasizes coming out of the gate right from the jump, you can't just wait until the second half like a lot of the times we did last year. He said we did play a complete game today and we were all proud of that.

Q: Can you take me through your pass breakup?

He just gave me a post route and I saw the quarterback launch it, and I stumbled a little bit, but I still got enough energy, enough power to jump and slap the ball down, so it was a good route by him, but I made a good play of it.

Q: Can you talk about what your role is on the defense? Coach mentioned he likes moving Haley over to the corner to allow you to play on the outside?

We worked a lot with Grant [Haley] [who] played a lot of star nickel position freshman year and sophomore year, so he has a lot of experience at it. So they feel comfortable with me and Christian outside and Grant on the inside.

Q: How comfortable are you playing a lot, but not being listed at the top of the depth chart?

I'm just a big believer in making the most out of your opportunities, so whatever opportunities I get out there just have to make the most of it and do it 100 miles an hour.


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