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April 21, 2012

Blue-White Game
April 21, 2012

Mac McWhorter
Offensive Line Coach

Q: Coach, how much of the offence did you show today? What can Ohio take from this game?
A: Not a lot of it. We held a good bit back. Hopefully, they can't take a lot out of this. Obviously, it's on the (Big Ten) Network and there's no sense in advertising everything you want to do. We showed enough, I think, to show that we are a balanced team. Spring games are hard because they are so diluted. You try to get everyone in the game. I know all of my kids, all of the offensive lineman got in, but it's a lot of people. It's hard to evaluate because of that.

Q: When you first got here were you concerned with the strength of your guys?
A: Well, when I first got here we only had one starter back. There were a lot of younger kids in the program trying to get those positions. They weren't as strong as the four kids who left. So, yes, I was concerned with the strength level because it was less than I had been accustomed to. I have been really impressed with the three months that we've been here; they have made nice gains throughout. I'm really pleased with the strength program.

Q: Talk about Bill O'Brien as far as his approach to organizing his staff, practices and players.
A: I think he is a very detailed person, very meticulous about what he does. In organizing his staff, I think he went with people he had been in the foxhole with. He knew how they would be under fire. He knew what kind of recruiters they would be. He knew what kind of people they are. As far as his organizational skills, he's really good, he has a vision of what he wants to do, he sticks with his plan and he is a bright, young star in this business



Stan Hixon
Assistant Head Coach

Q: What did you think of the wide receivers today?
A: I thought we did a good job. There's always room for improvement. We've got a chance to show what we've been working on. There's still some work to be done. We're heading in the right direction. Obviously we have the summer and early fall to prepare for the upcoming season.

Q: Your first time working with the new staff, how do you think it went?
A: The sideline operations, from what I thought, were pretty good. We're using the press box and headphones. We were pretty good. We didn't have any 12 men in the huddle (calls). That's always good for the first time out. So, hopefully we can keep that continuity throughout the fall.

Q: What progress has Alan Robinson made this spring?
A: He's really shown what he can do early - from weight room workouts to on the field, in the spring and also in this game. He's by far the most improved receiver.

Charlie Fisher
Quarterbacks Coach

Q: What's it like being here in your first spring and having three quarterback contenders?
A: It's unique. You've got to have balance, because you've got to look at all of them. You've got to give the reps to see everyone compete and run the plays, and we did that. We balanced out the reps today. We've done that all spring, and we'll continue evaluating. We'll look at this tape. We'll grade it and get a great look at it and see after today where they stand.

Q: What are you seeing from Paul Jones right now?
A: He's got something to him. He finds a way to make those plays now, there's no doubt about that. He can scramble. He can make a play. He can improvise and extend the play. He's exciting. it was fun to watch him today. He did a good job..

Q: How about the other quarterbacks?
A: Matt did a good job. He ran the offense and was in control of himself. He had the one bad throw down the sidelines that you don't like to see. When Matt plays within himself and doesn't try to force, he does a really good job. And, he knows that. He knows as long as he stays within what his skill set is he does a good job. He had a good end to spring practice. He finished the last couple weeks really well. Rob started out well. We've just got to get Rob consistent in his decision making and continuing to work hard, and that's as much as you can say. You can't throw the ball into crowds, but he made some throws there. We just have to continue to work, and get him to grasp the offense and what we are trying to do.

Ted Roof
Defensive Coordinator

Q: How have things gone so far adjusting to working with Larry (Johnson) and Ron (Vanderlinden)?
A: The transition has been fantastic. We're all together as a staff, and it was good for us today as a defensive staff to be able to work on the game day aspects - all the elements and communication aspects of the headset, personnel and things of that nature. So, it's been great, and I've been real pleased with this staff.

Q: What are some of the obstacles you've had to overcome?
A: It's learning a new language for a lot of guys. We're not re-inventing the wheel. It's just: what may have been called apples are now called oranges. We're doing some experimenting with a couple of things, and, as a coach, one of the goals going into spring ball was finding out who we are. You know? What can we do well? Because, I think good coaches figure out what their players can do and then adjust their job description based on that. It's good for us to get a feel of where we are, and moving forward some of the things we really do well and some of the things we need to reevaluate and see if we need to make adjustments and how we do it or whatever. But, the spring was really good as far as that aspect.

Q: Amos was very active today, do you think there's one position that fits him best or is it really depended on what the depth is and what the competitions are?
A: Well, I think there are a lot of factors, and I think you hit it on the head. We are going to put our best group out there. At the same time, especially with a young player like Adrian, you want to put him at a position where there's carryover and there's consistency in his job. You don't have to bounce a guy like that around. You wouldn't have that much hesitation if that guy had been a three-year starter or something like that, but, being a virtual rookie, you want to be able to leave him in one spot. We'll just evaluate that, and, right now, I don't know if we have that luxury.


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