Player Quotes - Spring Football Media Day

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April 1, 2011


#28 Drew Astorino
Senior Safety

Q: Any young guys showing promise in the secondary?
A: I mean yeah we got a couple guys, like Malcolm Willis who's playing well, but he can't do too much because he's not full contact. You have guys like Ryan Keiser, he's a young walk-on freshman; he's done well. Chaz Powell, obviously. Everyone's playing pretty good, we're just trying to work on the little things right now.

Q: Anyone showing leadership, maybe for captain next year?
A: It's kind of far away from that. I think everyone's just trying to keep excited, trying to get everyone going. We have a lot of guys who are potentially going to be leaders on this team.

Q: How big is it going to be having Nick Sukay back?
A: It's going to be big. He had potentially a really big season last year. Unfortunately he got hurt early, and he was showing huge improvements so we're really excited to get him back. And he's obviously a big leader for the defense too.

Q: How interesting is it defending for these different quarterbacks?
A: Oh it's good, you know, you got two different types of quarterbacks, and you even got Paul Jones in there, so it's really good competition that we see day in and day out, and it really prepares us huge for the season.

Q: Do you feel like you're in good shape regardless of who starts?
A: Yeah, both those guys have different qualities and they're both great quarterbacks, so whoever the offense chooses, the defense is obviously going to stick with them and support them as much as we can.

Q: Who's the one young guy we haven't heard of yet that's standing out so far?
A: I would say Ryan Keiser. He's a walk-on safety, he's playing really well and he should get a lot of special teams work and maybe work his way into the rotation, but he's really stepping it up this spring and in years to come you're going to see big things from him.



Q: What are your feelings about the safety rotation for next year?
A: I mean we don't really know the rotation, we don't know who's going to start so it's good. We're all pushing each other. You've got young guys pushing older guys. So nobody's relaxed right now, we don't have certain positions set in stone and that's good. That keeps you motivated and keeps you working hard.

#6 Derek Moye
Senior Receiver

Q: Do you feel like you need to take more of a leadership role?
A: Yeah, I kind of always do that, not to the extent of yelling and screaming and things like that because that's not really me. But more of a pull somebody aside and let them know what they're doing. I try to lead by example more so.

Q: When you looked at video from the season at the end of the season, what did you see in games that went wrong?
A: We just didn't execute, you know? There were times where we could have made a lot of big plays and we just didn't execute. Maybe the receiver ran the wrong route here or there or something the quarterback did. But it was just little things here and there that we've got to clean up for next year.

Q: How are you guys approaching this season?
A: Like every season, we want to win every game.

Q: That's a pretty daunting schedule though isn't it?
A: Yeah, but I think me and rest of the team go in with the mindset that we play our games, we can't be beat, and I think that's the mindset you have to have as a football team. It doesn't matter who you play or who's on the schedule. You know you're gonna beat them.

Q: Would you like to have the quarterback picked in April and keep him all the way through January?
A: I wouldn't say April. I personally would just like to have the quarterback picked, I guess, sometime during camp. I'd definitely like to have the same quarterback for the whole season, but at the same time, the coaches are going to do what puts the team in the best position.

Q: Do you think McGloin has his confidence back after the bowl game?
A: He's not the type of kid to let something like that derail him or get him off track. He's been the same. Obviously he was upset after the game, but he came back and he was the same person.

Q: How does the spring feel different with the quarterback situation?
A: Honestly it doesn't. It's almost the same thing as last year with the competition. Just now, I guess, both McGloin and Rob (Bolden) have more experience than they did last year

#42 Michael Mauti
Junior Linebacker

Q: Things work out at linebacker losing some leaders?
A: We lost two seniors but I think we've got guys that are going to come in and fill their shoes. We've got a lot of young guys, a lot of young talent, a lot young talented kids. A lot of guys are switching positions and we'll just see what we get comfortable with.

Q: Are you playing middle linebacker?
A: Yeah, that's where I've been all spring, so far. It's just the spring so I'm sure they're testing a couple different scenarios. I enjoy middle.

Q: How much different is it than playing the outside spots?
A: It's a little bit different. You've got a little more traffic and a couple different reads and different scenarios. It's still linebacker. It's not like apples and oranges. It's kind of similar. I played there two years ago, so it's nothing new for me.

Q: Have you been calling the plays?
A: Yeah I've been doing most of it, actually, but we rotate. We like to get guys comfortable with calling the plays and things like that.

Q: Who else is playing where on the first team?
A: As of lately it's been Gerald (Hodges) and (Nate) Stupar had the hamstring deal so he's been taking it easy and Khairi (Fortt) been on the other side. That's been the first group right now but I mean, other guys are in and out so it's constantly changing.

Q: What do you like about this defense?
A: I like it. It's a fast flow defense. It gives you a little bit of flexibility. When you've got guys like Devon Still and Jordan Hill in front of you it makes things a lot easier for you. It really gives the opportunity for linebackers to make the plays. That's kind of how it's designed, linebackers make the tackles.

#8 D' Anton Lynn
Senior Cornerback

Q: What are you doing to set the bar high for yourself?
A: I'm just trying to start the season off where I ended it. I'm just taking the Florida game and trying to build off that into next season. I don't want to take any steps back. I just want to keep on taking strides forward.

Q: Any young guys taking steps forward?
A: You guys have heard of him, but Derrick Thomas. He's back with the team. He had a great winter workout. You can't even tell that he was gone. He came back, he's right in the mix of things to compete for a spot and he's had a heck of a spring.

Q: Is it nice after the Florida game to get back on track?
A: Yeah, it is. That was a frustrating game. We worked hard all winter and we've been waiting for spring ball for a while just to get back into things and get ready for next year. It's exciting.

#52 Chima Okoli
Senior Guard

Q: What is the senior class hoping to accomplish?
A: Obviously, lead the team. The goal is ultimately to win the National Championship. That's the goal of the season for everybody. The senior class, the guys who just got here, the new recruits and pretty much everybody.

Q: What's the difference between Silas Redd and Evan Royster?
A: Silas is a bit faster. There are great things about both of them. Silas is more of the get up in the hole and he's gone, but he's also durable. Evan is the more patient; pick your spot type runner. Like I said, you can't go wrong with either one of them.

Q: How much are you driven by last year's 7-6 record?
A: Obviously we didn't feel we were and 7-6 football team. There were certain moments where we should have shown up and we didn't. Obviously, we want to improve on that. That's not where we're going this year. Like I said, the goal is to win a National Championship.

Q: How do you go about that in spring?
A: You sit down, you watch a lot of film and you get here really early. You look at the key situations: the Michigan State games, the Illinois games, the games where we were in a position to win and didn't. You ask yourselves why? You break it down and you try to improve.

Q: Who is the number one line right now?
A: Myself, Johnnie Troutman, DeOn'tae Pannell, Quinn Barham and Matt Stankiewitch at center. That also rotates in and out for a period of time.

Q: Does the offensive line feel good that it's going to be able to gel as a unit?
A: We feel good because most of the people who are playing now got a chance to get in there last year and kind of feel each other out. On the offensive line, if you know the tendencies of the person next to you, it's a lot easier to play. That can only be developed with time, which I felt we were able to get last year.


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