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Junior Running Back Silas Redd - Quotes

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Silas Redd

Feb. 1, 2012

Silas Redd - Running Back

Q: On recruits staying committed to Penn State:
A: "That means a whole lot to us. To have guys that are committed, figuratively and literally, that commit to this team and are willing to work and just block everything else that's going on out and focus on our goal here. "

Q: On the excitement about Coach O'Brien and new era:
A: "We're really excited. We want him to finish his job with the Patriots and hopefully get a Super Bowl, then he can focus on us and what we have to do to get things running here."

Q: On what things will change when coach arrives:
A: "Things won't change. I think this is going to be our program pretty much now and we all accepted the fact that we're all going to be up pretty early these next couple of weeks. We understand it's going to help us out in the long run."

Q: On what has changed since Coach O'Brien and his staff have arrived:
A: "Nothing's changed too much as far as academics and just morals and values. We have the same things as far as that, but like I said the weight program has changed a lot. That's really been it, just strength and conditioning."

Q: On the excitement of translating Patriots offense to here:
A: "Just the thought of having half as explosive of offense as the Patriots - I can't wait until he (Coach O'Brien) is here full time and get things going."

Q: On experience with the new staff:
A: "The whole staff, at least the position coaches, they made the effort very quickly to meet with their players and talk to them one-on-one. I can speak for myself, Coach London and I had a great meeting and my first impression of him was that he's a great guy and he's willing to work to try to get us better."




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