Penn State-Indiana Quotes (11/20/10)

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Nov. 20, 2010

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Joe Paterno Quotes

Was the blocked punt a play you've been looking for and waiting for?
Yes, I think we had a couple things happen today. Of course, a couple things we didn't make happen; dropped a pass and missed a big play. I thought Indiana didn't have an advantage. I thought they played a good football game and I thought we hung in there and played better and more consistently. The blocked punt was a big play obviously.

Did the depth on your defensive line make a difference and what happened with Ollie Ogbu?
He was late. All the kids (four players) were very late when the bus was leaving. So I told them they weren't playing in the first half.

On the blocked punt, (Andrew) Dailey blocked it and (Jamie) Van Fleet returned it, two kids who don't play a lot. Is that just an example of if they continue to work hard, they may end up with a big play?
Van Fleet is a good kid. He's a walk-on. He's a good person. He's a redshirt freshman so we've been fortunate we have kids like him. Dailey did a good job. They didn't get to play a lot, but they made some plays. They did a pretty good job here today.

This whole game had a strange, wacky feel to it. What were you thinking at 24-24?
I was disappointed. I thought we started out and I said, "Here we go again." I grabbed a couple of the kids and I said, "Are we back to where we usually are?" They said, "No ,Coach we're going to be okay." So I was concerned, let's put it that way. I was concerned, we had a good lead and we let them back in the ball game.

There were five replays today. Was it crazy on the field?
I think that makes it fair. I didn't even look at the television because we didn't challenge. I think that's a good way and I think it takes an official with some character to say; "hey, I'm not sure" and he takes a look at it. I think that's being fair to everybody and that's basically what we want to do, so I had no problem with it. They didn't take a lot of time expect for one. The one that really was a crucial one and then they came back down and scored. That was a heck of a drive.


#83 Brett Brackett
Sr./Sr., Wide Receiver

Q: What made you believe you could pull this game out in the second half?
A: [Indiana is] a good football team. They move the ball really well offensively, we knew that coming in and they're really tough defensively. We watched them on film against Iowa and we knew they were a really tough football team. There was no doubt in my mind they were going to come out and fight [and be] ready to play. At that point and time, it was good for us to show some persistence. Sticking with it on offense, we got held back a couple times, they made some nice plays. We held ourselves back a little bit.

Q: How important was that blocked punt? Was that a game changer?
A: Without a doubt. We've been talking a lot this year about game-changing plays. You felt the energy in the stadium [and] you felt a big change in the game after that.

Q: Can you talk about Matt McGloin's performance?
A: I thought he did a great job again. He took all what the defense gave him. He's got a lot of moxie out there. He does a great job throwing the ball around getting the ball to a lot of wide receivers that can make plays for him.

#28 Drew Astorino
Sr./Jr., Cornerback

Q: What was going through your mind with the game tied at 24-24?
A: We're in a ball game, a dog fight. You got to play, gotta make a play and that's what we did.

Q: On special teams people moved around a lot, was that an area of concern coming in, stepping back with some new people in there?
A: No, it was obviously tough to lose [Anthony Fera] because he's such a good kicker, but we had people, even David Sullivan got in there and had a couple kicks. So the backups are always good, we always have good backups so I'm not worried about it.

Q: Talk about your interception, how do you think that changed the game a little bit?
A: We just had a punt block for a touchdown, three-and-out, I got the interception, [which] puts the offense right back on the field, we're up seven [points] trying to make it a two-possession game. We did that, [Collin Wagner] hit a field goal so I feel like it was big.

Q: What does getting the turnovers today do for the defense?
A: It's huge, the turnover margin usually tells you who wins the game and who loses the game. I felt like our defense played well and we need more of that.

Q: How important is the momentum?
A: You can feel it a little bit. You just gotta keep plugging next play after next play and just feed off of it.

Q: With all the Penn State fans in attendance today, did it almost feel like a home game?
A: Absolutely, they dominated the stadium so it was really nice.

#34 Nathan Stupar
Sr./Jr., Linebacker

Q: What are your thoughts on your fumble recovery for a touchdown that was overturned by video evidence?
A: They have video evidence and I'm a video major, so I know that that stuff is very precise. When it happened I'm like, `Hey, they got me.' When the play was going I didn't know if [IU quarterback Ben Chappell] was down or not. I just grabbed it and started to run, I didn't hear a whistle at all. I just left it up to the replay.

Q: Have you ever been a game where two fumble recoveries took place after a player was down and the referees didn't blow the play dead?
A: Things happen, you just have to adjust to it. That's why we have instant replay to stop screwy plays. If we didn't have an instant replay, I would have a touchdown and I'd be psyched about that. It happens, it makes the game fair and evens the playing field.

Q: Did it seem like a screwy game overall to you considering all the reviews and injuries?
A: There are games where there can be five reviews, six reviews. It's just the refs doing their jobs and the people up in the booths doing their jobs. All we have to worry about is playing our game and making sure we hold on to the ball so we don't have to worry [about replay reviews]. Clearly, Evan [Royster's] play was down, he was kind of mad saying, `Throw the flag, throw the red flag,' because he knows he was down. I think it's good that the refs let it play because you never know. It's harder to overturn it than to make it right the first time.

Q: What about the home-field advantage from the Penn State fans in attendance?
A: I knew a lot of Penn State people were going to be here. It was fun having a lot of people here. It was my parents' first game away [from Beaver Stadium] so I was happy they were here.

Q: Comment on the play of the defense today as a whole.
A: I thought we did a great job today. Gerald Hodges stepped up big time today. He had a lot of pass breakups and did well just dropping back and getting coverage. They [Indiana] threw a lot. They usually throw 75-percent pass and 25-percent run and I thought that we handled it really well today. I know they had some big hits on us today, but we held it together.

Q: How much did the blocked punt change the game?
A: I was in on that and I thought it changed the whole outcome of the game. It took their momentum away and it just gave it to us. We were all the way up here and we were excited and I think it boosted our enthusiasm and will to win.

Q: Were you expecting the two quarterback situation?
A: No we did not expect that at all. We saw that early in the game. I thought they were going to stay with the one quarterback with No. 7 [Edward Wright-Baker]. I guess they wanted to run the ball a little bit more, which they were starting to, but we adjusted and held them.

#19 Justin Brown
So./So. Wide Receiver

Q: How much did the blocked punt change the game?
A: That was really big. Coach [Paterno] was talking about it all year and all week that we needed to make a big play on special teams and that was a good play. To watch it unfold was kind of good because the snapper actually put the ball to where we wanted to block it. We needed that.

Q: It is 24-24 after you played well early. What was happening on the sidelines?
A: We just needed to regroup and get everything together. We just needed to get out there, do a good job and put some points on the board.

Q: How is [Matt] McGloin when it is 24-24? Is he any different?
A: No, he is probably more energetic than if we had a big lead. He is way more energetic. He is just ready to get on the field to prove that we are a good offense and a good team.

Q: What has been the key for you in the last few weeks? You've been a little bit more involved in the offense these past two weeks.
A: I am not sure if there is an actual key. I am trying to go out there and get better every day. I am working on catching the ball. I dropped the ball today, so I have to go back and keep catching the ball more. There has not been one big key to getting in the offense.

#64 John Urschel
So./Fr. Guard

Q: When it was 24-24 what happened on the sidelines that turned the game around?
A: We just needed to stay positive and keep together as a team. We just needed to keep working and know that eventually all of that hard work would show up on the scoreboard.

Q: What was it like for you to get some solid playing time today?
A: It was a good experience and I was glad to get some time in there. I was glad to be able to contribute today.

Q: How did you find out you were going in the game?
A: Well, I saw Doug [Klopacz] went down and initially I thought Ty [Howle] might go in. Then the coaches told me they wanted me to go in and move [Stefen] Wisniewski to center.

#13 Andrew Dailey
Sr./Jr., Hero

Q: Where were you on the blocked punt? Did anybody touch you on that?
A: I was lined up on the end. Nobody touched me. I came off free and it happened real fast. Give credit to Coach Vanderlinden. He said that this week our team is going to have to return a punt to the house or block a punt to put this game in our favor because they have a great offense.

Q: Did the ball leave his foot?
A: I may have got it on the drop. I know the rule is if you hit the ball you can hit the punter. I got there so fast that I just jumped all over everything.

Q: With the injury issues you've had, what did it feel like to do something like that?
A: It was great. It really motivated me because of the injuries. I have been down in the dumps on and off the field. It was real good motivation.

#11 Matt McGloin
Jr./So., Quarterback

Q: Was there any panic after you guys started off so fast and slowed down a little bit?
A: I don't think there was any kind of panic at that point during the game. Our defense really stepped things up in the second half. We were moving the ball; we just got stopped a few times. When it came down to it, we buckled down and got things going the way we wanted it to.

Q: Did you feel like you had a continuous rhythm throughout the game?
A: Yeah, we started off really well moving the ball. I think we scored in the first two possessions. We knew that we were going to move the ball. We had a great week of practice. The game plan was great. We had a great script this week. Obviously coming off last week, we played a full 60 minutes today. We need to continue to do that, especially next week.

Q: That was your first 300-yard passing game. Did you feel pretty comfortable today?
A: Yeah, I was very comfortable today. Things were clicking early on. We moved the ball very well. Our running backs made some big plays at times we needed them. I think the line did a great job today.





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