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Nov. 7, 2009

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Head Coach Joe Paterno
Q: Ohio State's front four seemed to get a good jump on the offensive line right from the get-go. Did that throw you guys off a little bit?
A: I don't think we were off a little bit anywhere. I just think for the whole ball game, they gave us a good licking. They played better than we did today.

Q: How about the special teams play?
A: I said prior to the game that I was worried about the kicking game. That kid (Ray Small) was obviously a big difference. We didn't have much field position in the first three quarters. In fact, we didn't have any kind of field position until the ballgame was out of hand. You've got to give Ohio State credit. They did a good job.

Q: What happened on the long touchdown pass?
A: We were in a coverage where the corner just got a little careless.

Q: This is the second game where your special teams has broken down in a loss. Do you have to take a look at the way you're doing some things there?
A: We've done it this way before. I don't know. We'll obviously take a look at it, but I don't know if it's a question of looking at it to change things, maybe personnel. I didn't see how that kid (Ray Small) got around there. A couple of the coaches said the guy who was responsible fell down. I don't know. We'll have to look at the tapes.

Q: What are your thoughts on the way [Ohio State quarterback Terrelle] Pryor played?
A: I thought Pryor played well. Pryor is a good football player.I thought he played well.

Q: How did you feel Daryll Clark did?
A: He's had better games, but then again, there was an awful lot of pressure on him early and throughout the whole ballgame, actually. Once they were able to put that kind of pressure on without really sending a lot of people; that makes it tough to develop some of the routes you'd like to do against the kind of coverage they we're playing. They did a good job; they did a good job up front. They're a good defensive football game and they obviously played well today.

Q: Was Clark hurrying his throws?
A: I don't think he had anybody open a couple times. He was trying to create some things. Again, I'd have to look at some of the tapes. We weren't very smooth out there. You've got to give Ohio State credit. They were more aggressive than we were around the football and played a better game.

Q: [You've had] two big conference games at home in primetime. How disappointing is it to lose at home?
A: We lost. It doesn't matter if we lose at home or away.

Q: You guys had Clark up the middle a few times on quarterback draws. Was that a design from the start?
A: It's a called draw. All of them may not have been. A couple times, the rush was coming tough and he saw a crack and he may have gone up. We had three or four quarterback draws and I know that one or two were definitely planned draw plays.

Q: Iowa got beat today. Did you guys know that beforehand?
A: I didn't know it. I didn't know until you just told me. I don't think that had anything to do with it. We came in here with the idea that we were playing a good football team, would have to play well and we obviously didn't. We broke down on a kicking play, had a couple of tough penalties and didn't get any kind of field position. It was a tough ballgame for us against a good football team who played very well.

Q: You talked about Ohio State just licking you the entire game. Was their defense able to bring some things that you didn't expect? Why were they able to give you such a licking?
A: I don't know if I'd say "such a licking." I think they beat us just enough up front to control things. Again, the field position was a big thing. They got theirs with the punt return while we were starting way back all the time. When I said we got a good licking, that was probably not fair to our team. We just couldn't make some big plays.

Q: [Evan] Royster went off the field during warm-ups then came back. Is he okay?
A: I haven't seen the docs yet, but I know he walked off the field and they were concerned. Actually, I didn't see it, but coaches were saying he ran into a couple of kids who were watching during warm-up. [They were] a couple of our players who wouldn't necessarily be playing. That's one of the problems you get when you dress everybody. We had 112 kids dressed today. [Royster] went in and had it checked then came back out and he was okay. I don't think it affected his play, but I haven't seen the doctors yet.

Q: Did you think coming into this game that your offensive line was further along than it showed today?
A: I knew we would have troubles. We had felt that the front seven of Ohio State played the run about as well as anybody we had seen, including Iowa. We knew we would have our hands full. Through three quarters, it was the kind of game I expected, but we didn't make the plays. I expected it to be a tough game, the kicking game would have a part in it, and there would be some turnovers and penalties. Ohio State did well. They didn't turn it over and until the end, were careful with the penalties.

Head Coach Tom Bradley
Q: Did you feel that your defense had to chase Pryor from sideline to sideline the whole game?
A: We worked on that. We worked all week trying to spot the scramble. He made some big plays. As I said he is a difficult guy because of how fast he is and how hard he is to contain.

Q: Last year, you did a really good job containing him. He didn't really break a lot of runs. What do you think the difference was?
A: He cut the edge a couple times on us and out ran us. I would have to look at the tapes. You have to keep really good leverage on him because of how fast he does get around the perimeter. A couple of those third downs, you know we anticipated that, you just have to be able to rally towards him and tackle him.

Q: What happened with the long-pass play that they got behind you?
A: I think we should have checked two or three deep there and when we didn't, but we still should have been able to play with what we were in. We should have been okay with that one. It shouldn't have been a big problem.

Q: With the way your offense was struggling a little bit, when they hit that play was there a feeling of deflation? A: I said this all week, you can't give up the big play. We got off to not a great start with the long punt return, took it to the seven, then the long pass. You can't give up big plays and win big games.

Quarterbacks Coach Jay Paterno
Q: What did you think of Daryl Clark's day and how OSU was defending Derek Moye?
A: They were rolling up hard on Moye all day, so we tried to get some other guys involved. We just never really got in a rhythm. We were getting a lot of third-and-ones or third-and-twos and consistently not getting first downs, and that hurt us a lot.

Q: Did you try to change up some things to try and get Daryl out of the pocket more and give him some more space to work with?
A: Yeah, we sprinted out more this game than we have in any of the previous games we've played. Their pass rush guys did a good job of pressuring us. Some things didn't work as well as we wanted, but yes we tried to get him out of the pocket.

Q: Was that disappointing? Did you have a feeling you could do something better?
A: I thought after we had a touchdown drive we were in a good rhythm, that we were able to do some things. It was tough in the second half because we weren't on the field much, obviously part of it was our fault but part of it was that they held the ball and were able to do some things well. The disappointing thing is just not being able to get into a rhythm, part of that is on us, the coaches and I'm not going to sit here and point the finger at anyone else. It starts upstairs.

Head Coach Jim Tressel
Q: Opening Statement
A: I thought it was a heck of a win for our entire group. Starting with the special teams that Jon Thoma pinned them down in on that opening punt, Ray Small doing a great job on returns, our coverage people doing a good job, Devin Barclay stepping in when needed. And then defensively there's no question about it, they were going to have a tough time moving it on us and offensively, I thought our O-line did a heck of a job when you can come in here and rush for a couple hundred yards and not get sacked, that's a big deal. I thought Terrelle Pryor did a heck of a job. He was a little bit banged up, but he gutted it out and did what he had to do and that was a good win for Ohio State. We thought all of that white was cheering for us since we were wearin' white. It was kind of nice.

Q: What kind of confirmation is this for Terrelle coming in here in his home state that he's on the right track? You mentioned this week that he didn't feel he had won a big game at Ohio State. Now he can say he can, do you agree?
A: We've got a big game next week and he's got a chance to see if he can win that big game. I don't know what "confirmation" means. Terrelle did a good job today. He got us in and out of things. He stepped up and ran, scored a touchdown the first time, threw a couple, I think. He did a good job, but there's no such thing as confirmation because if you have a game next week whether you're a coach or you're a player, you can become "un-confirmed" fast. So, it was a step.

Q: Does it confirm what you thought about him this week when you came out of those meetings saying "I've never seen him like this before"?
A: He did a good job. He's done a good job every week. (He's) understanding more and more and more and I've never waivered in my thinking of his progress. I know others have, but I get to be at practice and I get to be at meetings, so I'm not complaining that others have waivered. Still, we've got another big test. You're only as good as the next one.

Q: The pass to DeVier Posey that basically broke it open , I think you guys had run I think 13 or 14 times on first downs up to that moment. What did you see there? You were kind of setting that up all day.
A: We been an unbalanced a decent amount. We felt that they knew the same thing that everyone else knew - we'd been running a lot on first downs. We felt like if we had decent field position it was time to try to strike. We were out near the 40, I think, and we felt that we could get behind them. The guy that made the play in my mind was Bryant Browning, because 'ol 91 was rushing like a son of a gun and Bryant hooked on to him and just pushed him past and Terrelle stepped up and it was huge.

Q: You mentioned Ray Small earlier, how important was that initial kick-return/punt-return that he had that set you up for that first touchdown?
A: That was the second special teams play that got it all going. The first one was we punted them way down then they punted back to us and all of a sudden we're on the whatever we were on, plus-40 or I don't know where we were, but you knew this was going to be a field position game. No one was going to drive up and down the field, it just wasn't going to happen. So, every bit of field position that we could get, especially at the outset, and then we got it in the endzone. We always say that an offense has got to be opportunistic when they're on the road. I thought our offense did a pretty good job except for the time going the other way where we ended up going backwards and had to punt.

Q: The three-and-outs you got on defense, the pressure you put on Daryll Clark and the play of Thaaddeus Gibson and Cameron Heyward seemed to be lights-out.
A: I know going into the game we were leading the nation in three-and-outs. We don't know how many we got this week and Cam and Thad are great players, so are the other nine guys that are in the line-up with them. We've got a great staff over there. They have a lot of confidence in one another and they came ready to play. Our defense was good.

Q: The first step in this gauntlet of November...
A: "November is for contenders," we always say that. That's why it's kind of hard to get too ecstatic right now, because you know the Hawkeyes are coming to town.

Q: You've got Stansi out, you have Michigan in total disarray, losing five straight, does that mean anything to you at this point?
A: Not a thing.

Q: You scored your first touchdown and then you got back down to the 26-yard line and opted not to go to Barclay then. What was the thinking there?
A: There was just a little a breeze there. We wanted to be down in to about the 22, the 23. Hindsight, we might have done a couple different things when we initially got down there. The 2nd-and-7 call, if we could have it back, we probably wouldn't have incompleted it.

Q: You down there again and he delivers a field goal. What'd that do for you confidence-wise?
A: Devin's been good all year. He's been good in the kick scrimmages, which we think are a lot of pressure. He's been good when called upon in games. He's a veteran. He's 27-years-old or something like that.

Q: What does it say about Pryor that he missed the one touchdown at the end of the first half and then came back on what looked like the same play...
A: Well, it wasn't the same play, but no one is harder on themselves than T.P. and the fact that he had a chance to hit a homerun and didn't, you know that was eating at him. He didn't say it or whatever, but he did a great job on the long touchdown pass. He got back, he stepped up in the pocket, people whizzin' by his ears- it didn't bother him. Then he laid it- I don't know how far in the air it was, but it was out there. So that was a huge play, and I'm sure that made him feel al little bit better after having missed that one at the end of the half.

Q: With all of the attention that Terrelle was under this week, when you saw him before the game, what did you see in his eyes?
A: He was prepared. Nick Siciliano, after their last quarterback meeting this morning, said, "Coach, T.P. is zoned in now." Then when we got into our final last meeting- we have more meetings- before we boarded the bus, you could tell he knew what was up and I don't know what his passing numbers were, and I don't know how much he threw it, but he made some good, big throws and made some good decisions not to throw. If you don't turn it over, and you rush for over 200, and you have a defense like ours, and special teams, you're going to win most games. So, T.P. did a great job.

Q: Terrelle was on a stationary bike behind the bench the whole night, did you limit your play-calling and go conservative a little bit with your play-calling because of him?
A: There were some things we didn't feature for sure, because he wasn't 100%, but he wasn't going to miss a Big Ten game here at Beaver Stadium. He has so much respect for the people here, so much respect for competition that he wasn't going to miss it, he was going to stay loose.

Q: How important was it to have your running backs be steady tonight?
A: Yeah, Boom (Dan Herron) got a little banged up near the end, which makes me nervous for next week. I hope he's okay. I thought both B. (Brandon) Saine and Boom... would've like to have played Jordan (Hall) a little more... it was just hard to get three guys in and the other two were doing pretty well. You can't have enough good tailbacks.

Q: How gratifying is it for you guys to make the plays?
A: This is a gratifying game. You come over here and win - it's hard. You play Penn State any time- it's hard. So, that's a good thing, but being gratifying gets halted the minute you start thinking about what's next. You got Iowa coming in the Big Ten co-leaders, and you know how much respect we have for them. It's tough, too, because it's the last time our seniors get to play at home. A lot is coming together at one point, but it's a gratifying win for sure.

Q: What did Coach Paterno have to say?
A: Joe... you know him, he's the perfect gentleman. His comment was, "Hey, Jimmy, your kids played really well." And that's the way he is. He's great for the game. He's a legend. Sometimes I pinch myself to think that I've had a chance to coach against him.

Media: You're 6-3 against him.
A: Well, you know...I remember the three probably more than the six.

Q: The return by Ray (Small) and then the touchdown, can you talk about that?
A: That was really big. We were looking to throw it in there. We had a little route for Jake Stoneburner that we thought we could free him up and they came with a blitz off the edge and our backs did a good job of picking it up and T.P. stepped up, looked at his primary target and didn't have it and ran it in. That was huge. If we would've been limited to a field goal there, I think emotionally in their stadium, that would have almost been a victory for them. So getting that touch was huge.

Q: How close to perfection was this team today compared to the rest of the season?
A: Well, from a turnover standpoint, it was the best we've done having none. If we can do that, we can have a chance. We weren't perfect in the special teams. There were a couple punts maybe we could've put a little deeper in. We had a penalty on a punt return, I believe, but I thought we did well on special teams. Defensively, we were darn good. I don't remember how they got their points exactly, but we're never going to feel as if we're in a perfection mode because of what comes next, and next, and next, and next, but we're making progress. We're becoming a better team.

Q: Did you foresee this type of breakout for your team tonight?
A: You never know what's going to happen in a ball game like this. You always are optimistic that if you do what you think you're capable, you can win, but that doesn't mean we didn't think we could win 7-6. We thought it would be a 60-minute battle. I thought with about five minutes to go, fourth-and-four, they might've gone for it, but they ended up punting us down and we got a good first down. It was a well-earned win by our guys.

Q: Anything you shared with Terrelle afterwards?
A: Good job.

Q: Did you tell your players before the game at all that Iowa lost?
A: No, I don't think I did. We just did afterwards, though. We said, "Hey, by the way, they're going to be in a nasty mood when they come to town, because they're not used to losing."

Q: If you win out, you can win the Big Ten outright, what does that mean to you to have that opportunity?
A: You still have that opportunity, but man you're a long way from that happening. We're going to go to work for it. We still have a chance. That's all you can ask for in life is a chance.

Q: Would you caution fans not to buy tickets to Pasadena?
A: I would caution them in spades.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the emotion that a guy like Terrelle, coming into this type of environment, has to overcome?
A: I think there's no doubt that when you get the kind of attention that Terrelle gets and especially, because he was coming back to a place that he has so much respect for. He was hyped. I can't take any credit for calming him down. Nick Siciliano, his quarterback coach, does a fabulous job. He's the guy that you'd have to tip your cap to that works night and day with him, but Terrelle is a focused guy and even though he was hyped he knew he had to have his awareness and his focus if he was going to leave here happy, 'cause he was happy he was coming here, he was excited, but he wanted to leave here happy as well.

Sr./Sr. Linebacker, #43 Josh Hull
Q: Can you talk about stopping Pryor on third-and-long situations and the run game?
A: Our defense struggled today to stop the run. We gave up 200-plus yards on the ground and that's unacceptable. Pryor is a great player, we knew we couldn't let him break contain and that's exactly what he did and he broke open a couple real big plays

Q: How tough is that when he does that in a third-and-long situation?
A: It's extremely difficult, but we were prepared for it. We worked all week in practice to get to his level and make him step up in the pocket so he wouldn't obviously break contain. We knew he was dangerous on the perimeter and he did today what he's done in the past.

Q: Is Pryor just that fast?
A: He's deceivingly fast, his legs don't move that quickly but his strides are so long that if you don't take the right angle, you get in trouble.

Q: How important is it to come out next week [vs. Indiana] on Senior Day and perform well?
A: It's extremely important, not just for our seniors but for the whole Penn State football team. We're still playing for a New Year's Day bowl game, it's still in our grasp and we just have to keep working hard for these next two weeks and I'm one-hundred-percent confident we're going to do that and win out.

Gr./Sr. Tackle, #73 Dennis Landolt
Q: You guys seemed to struggle with keeping their defensive line off of Daryll Clark today, what happened? How does OSU compare to Iowa's defensive line?
A: They didn't really give us anything different, we just didn't block well enough. They're both big strong lines.

Q: Is this the best D-line you've faced this year?
A: They're right up there they've got four guys that can all play.

Q: Ohio State was able to get some good pressure without having to bring extra guys in a blitz, was that something different with the four-man line causing problems?
A: Yeah, they ran some stunts and stuff, but we didn't handle it. It's all stuff we've handled before, we just didn't execute tonight.

Q: The Penn State defense played pretty well tonight, what do you guys have to do between now and Indiana to prepare?
A: The defense still played pretty well, I thought by not moving the ball we were giving Ohio State short fields and the defense had their backs up against the wall, so that makes it hard on them. We have to get things together, we have to get things running smoothly again.

Q: The offensive line had taken a couple steps forward the last couple of weeks, how hard is it to take having a step back this week against the progress you have made?
A: Whenever you don't play as well as you wanted to it's a little frustrating. We have to take the little things and move on from there.

Sr./Jr., Tailback, #22 Evan Royster
Q: Is this a more painful loss than other games?
A: No it always hurts to lose. I felt like we came out and we prepared pretty hard for this team and we just came out and didn't execute. We couldn't get the run game going and we couldn't get the pass game going.

Q: Why couldn't you get the run game going?
A: I don't know. It's hard to say. I'll have to watch the film and see what happened.

Q: The Rose Bowl was still a possibility before the loss thanks to the Iowa loss. Did you guys know Iowa lost?
A: Yeah. We knew we had to come out and win out the rest of the time anyways. Just the fact that Iowa lost didn't mean much to us today but down the line it might have.

Q: What was tough about Ohio State's front seven on defense?
A: We just couldn't handle them. They were getting pressure on Daryll (Clark). They were getting to me in the backfield. We just really couldn't handle them today.

Sr./Jr., Linebacker, #11 Navorro Bowman
Q: What do you think about Ohio State's game plan today?
A: I don't know. We knew it was going to be tough coming in here but they played a good game. I don't take anything from them. They beat us. We just have to let this one go and finish the season strong.

Q: Were you surprised Ohio State ran the ball as well as they did?
A: I don't think they ran the ball that well. Adding (Terrelle) Pryor to the rushing yards, I mean that's the quarterback. You have to have a scheme ready for him and have your eyes on him at all times. I think they did a great job of making the right choices at the right time and it got them the win.

Q: What now in the next two weeks for you guys?
A: The [goal] is really to finish strong. Those guys that have been working hard and it's their last year, just send them out on a good note. That's our goal, that's my goal. They're seniors and some of their careers are going to end after this season, so play strong for them and see where we end up.

Gr./Sr., Quarterback, #17 Daryll Clark
Q: How did things go offensively today?
A: I think we just failed to develop a rhythm early on in the game. They did a good job of getting to the back field with just rushing four guys a couple of times. When that happens, it's kind of tough to execute an offense both running the ball and passing. It was just real spotty throughout the entire game. There were some good plays made, then the very next play something bad or something wrong would happen. That kind of just summed it up for the entire game. We just weren't able to get it going on offense.

Q: What was Ohio State's defense doing that was making it tough for you guys?
A: Those guys were just getting after it and getting a little bit of a push early on. Like I said, it just disrupted the whole offense early. I just felt that when you're not able to have a rhythm, you can't really get anything off of that. We thought we had a very good game plan going in and they did a good job of disrupting it and their defenders and defensive backs did a good job of getting in our guys' faces and disrupting their routes a couple of times. We were just in a little bit of disarray the whole game.

Q: Does Iowa's loss make this loss tougher on you guys?
A: Yeah, I had no idea they lost until I saw it up on the scoreboard. Obviously, I was worried about what was in front of us; a tough task in Ohio State. They definitely came ready to play and they just knocked us off today.

Q: Does this loss and the loss to Iowa make these next two games tougher?
A: In a sense, yes, but I'm very confident that myself and all of the leaders of this football team will make sure that we throw this away, as painful as it is, and just continue to move on. We have two football games to play. We still have a lot to play for and what not. Next week is the last time I'll ever suit up, along with the other seniors, here at Beaver Stadium. We definitely have to give a good showing, get a W and just keep rolling. When we get done playing Michigan State, we will find out where we are.

Sr./Sr., DT, #91 Jared Odrick
Q: Was Pryor a little better than what you thought coming into this?
A: He wasn't anything different than we expected. If he had a good game, he had a good game. I wasn't really surprised with what happened, he got out of the pocket and took it to the sidelines.

Q: This was one of the few games that you couldn't generate a lot of pressure on the quarterback, what was their line doing? Or what weren't you guys doing?
A: It was a combination of both, what we weren't doing and what they were doing. They had a strong pass protection scheme set up for us and it worked to a certain extent. We could have ran a few different things, but that is neither here nor there. We just need to move on.

Q: How do you go about moving on after a game like this?
A: Just keep your head up and go to work, that is all you can do. Try to win out and hope some people go down and that you can stand strong at the end and fight for the Big Ten.

Jr./Jr., C, #61 Stefen Wisniewski
Q: What happened to Johnnie [Troutman]?
A: Johnnie hurt his calf and it was bad enough that he couldn't go back in there. As far as how long he will be out, I don't really know.

Q: Was it hard getting back into a rhythm after that?
A: It definitely hurt losing Johnnie because he has been playing so well for us. That was definitely one thing that hurt us, but there was a bunch of other things, so you can't just point to that.

Q: Do you think in the grand scheme of things, their D-line just outplayed you guys today?
A: I don't know yet. I really have to look at it. That could definitely be one of the factors with getting beat in one-on-one match ups.

Q: Is this the toughest defensive line you have faced?
A: Yeah, they are definitely the best we have faced, but they are not any better than our D-line that we go against in practice. They were the best line we have seen in a game so far.

Sr./Jr. Wide Receiver, #5 Graham Zug
Q: Could you talk about Daryll Clark's performance?
A: He was comfortable in there. On certain plays he didn't get the amount of time that he wanted to, but he was fine. He was patient, he was comfortable.

Q: How did he seem mentally as the game went on? Did he get down at any point?
A: No, I didn't see him lose any focus and he was ready to play.

Q: Graham, talk about your day, you had over 100 receiving yards.
A: It doesn't really matter to me. I just wish we would have won the game.

Q: What's it like in the huddle when you guys are down by a bunch?
A: We were still focused. We were trying to come together as a team and execute our play calls. I just don't think we executed as well as we could have.

Q: Did their doubling [Derek] Moye help open things up for you?
A: I don't know. It might have, but we just couldn't execute.

Q: Was there just not a lot of plays called to Derek's side?
A: It was probably just the defensive scheme they were running. It depends on that for who gets open.

Q: Did what happened out there surprise you?
A: It shocked us a little bit, but, like I said, we just didn't execute the plays that were called. We'll come together this week and make sure we do it for next week.

Q: How quickly can you bounce back from this game?
A: We'll bounce back right away. We'll come together. We already bonded in the locker room. We're looking out for each other and, come Monday, when we practice we'll be right back where we left off.

Sr./Jr., Defensive Tackle, #85 Ollie Ogbu
Q: Talk about the job you guys did on [Terrelle] Pryor?
A: I would say we failed. He threw a couple of touchdown passes and ran for one. Our game plan was to go in there and stop him and we didn't do it on a consistent enough basis so I would say we failed.

Q: Did you see what you expected out of him? Did you feel you were prepared?
A: I felt we were well prepared but we just didn't execute as well as we should have. A couple times he scrambled. We thought he would run a lot more, but he didn't, which kind of played into us. But then we didn't sack [him] when we needed to or get the good pressure that we've been getting all year, so I think he played pretty well.

Q: Did you blitz more today?
A: Yeah, we did. We came with a little more pressure this game, trying to get to them, rattle them. They did good job at play calling us and then run the ball when we blitzed a lot because we ran into and out of blitzes. But that's going to happen, you're going to win some, you're going to lose some.

Sr./Sr., Linebacker, #45 Sean Lee
Q: Did you blitz more today than you have?
A: I think we blitzed the same amount. As the game went on, we blitzed more because we were down. But we blitzed the same amount I thought.

Q: What were your impressions of Pryor this year?
A: I thought he did a good job taking what he had. He didn't make a lot of mistakes, which was big for them. He did a good job of escaping the pocket and scored a touchdown early. The few times whenever he saw he had something, he took it and that was smart of him.

Q: How tough is this loss to swallow, especially for you?
A: Yeah it's tough to lose like that. It wasn't what we expected, but we have two more games left and you have to put it behind you.

Q: Does the Iowa loss make this any tougher to take?
A: I mean every loss you take tough, but this is more - it stinks. When Ohio State's got what it takes instead of us, losing the way we did, that's just going to leave a bad taste in our mouths.

Q: How about the 3rd & 12 play early in the fourth quarter, where Pryor ran for 11 or 12 yards?
A: We were in a blitz. We brought two guys up the edge and he got around us. We put an emphasis on keeping him in the pocket and he got around. It's just one of those mistakes that obviously killed us and hurt us all game and we have got to correct that.




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