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Oct. 31, 2010

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Head Coach Joe Paterno Quotes

Q: Can you evaluate Matt McGloin's performance?
A: Well I thought he did well. I thought the whole team played well. We never had a turnover, we never fumbled, I don't even think we had a penalty. That's about as well as we can play. We did a lot of good things and I think Matt had a lot to do with it. But overall, it really was a good football game if you didn't take sides. I think their kids played well. That (Denard) Robinson kid is a heck of a football player. It was a good effort and I think Matt had a lot to do with it. He had a lot of poise.

Q: Can you talk about Evan Royster's performance tonight?
A: I thought that's the best he's played. I thought he had a little more running room. He had a chance to make some decisions and he had time to make some decisions because we stayed on some blocks. I think he overall did a good job. He must have broken the record, did he break it today? I don't know how many yards he got. But he's a good back, a good solid back. But he's like all of them, he needs some running room. I think he got some today and he took advantage of it.

Q: Can you talk about the play of the offensive line?
A: I think we played better. We didn't put ourselves in bad situations. I think we only gave up one sack. We we're sacked when we ran the bootleg and the kid came and he wasn't accounted for. He just got right in there and it was a good call on their part. But I think the offensive line did a good job.

Q: Considering the problems that Robinson brings, how well did the defense play?
A: I thought we played well. I think we got a little panicky early and then we had the one bad play when the kid started to scramble and we dropped off the one guy when they made that long touchdown catch. But I think overall we were alert and we made them earn some things. You don't realize how quick (Robinson) is. He is impressive on film. But until you run around him, you see guys that can move pretty well and he ran right away from them. I think overall, once we settled down, we played pretty well.

Q: Your team was young and inexperienced. How important was a win tonight for the confidence of the team?
A: Well I think it was important. They have to get the feeling of what it takes to get some confidence in themselves. It's good they can go out there and play a good football team and do as well as they did. I was impressed with the fact that we didn't do anything silly. We were pretty solid. I think that's a sign of growing up.

Penn State Postgame Player Quotes

#28 Drew Astorino Sr./Jr., Saf

Q: Describe the overall environment in the stadium tonight.
A: Well it's Saturday night, it's Michigan at home and the crowd was great. It was just a great game to be a part of, that's what you come to Penn State for. It was big, but we have to move on and prepare for next week's game.

Q: What kind of challenges does playing a guy like [Denard] Robinson present for a defense?
A: They put you in bad situations all night, so it's more what they do to you.

Q: What does a win like this do for a young team?
A: It's big. Every win's big, but in a game like this where we eek out a win against Michigan at night, at home, it's a huge confidence booster.

#48 Chris Colasanti Sr./Sr. LB

Q: Describe what it was like to deal with [Denard] Robinson all game long.
A: He's a great player. I'd fill inside and think I was going to come up and get off the block, and all of a sudden he's out and around the corner. He's elusive, he's quick, and we saw that today. He made things happen.

Q: What was the mindset going into the game tonight defensively?
A: Each person needed to do their job. Everyone needed to handle their responsibilities. We're going to make mistakes. We're human. You just have to learn from them and get better.

Q: How'd you feel when you stopped [Michigan] on that last drive and forced the turnover on downs?
A: I can't even explain the feeling. It was awesome. [Mike] Mauti came off the edge and it worked out great.

#22 Evan Royster Gr./Sr. RB

Q: Is it equal parts satisfaction and relief that you were finally about to get the record?
A: Yeah. You know I've said this a bunch of times already, that it feels like the monkey is finally off my back. I look forward to celebrating for a little bit, but then getting back to it and looking forward to next week.

Q: You had a game to play obviously, but did you get any encouragement or nice words on the bench from your teammates?
A: Yeah, everybody was coming up to me. I found out after we scored on that drive. Everyone was coming up to me and congratulating me and that's when I knew.

Q: Why were you able to run so well tonight?
A: You know I'm not quite sure. It was something about the atmosphere, it really lit a fire under me. I just came out and played hard tonight.

Q: Everybody talked coming into this game that you were going to have to keep up with their offense. But it turned out to be your offense setting the pace tonight. How good did that feel?
A: It felt good. We were able to control the ball a lot, and that's what really helped us out. We were able to run the ball and chew up the clock, and we kept their offense off the field.

#36 Collin Wagner Sr./Sr., K

Q: How was the chance to show your legs during that fake field goal?
A: Yeah, I really never touched the ball in a game before like that. It was cool to get my first experience like that.

Q: What did it mean to you to stretch for that first-down marker and knowing that if you did, the game would pretty much be over?
A: I mean there was a time out and our coaches just made the perfect call right there. We went over this fake all week at practice and it paid off tonight.

Q: Can you talk about beating Michigan and what it does for this team?
A: It is a great feeling, three years in a row now. It gives the team a lot of confidence for next week heading against Northwestern.

#5 Graham Zug Sr./Sr., WR

Q: Can you talk a little bit about what you saw from Matt [McGloin] tonight?
A: He is just a cool, calm, collected guy. We knew from the beginning if he had to make plays he could do it. He practices hard. You know he came in as a walk on just like me and that makes you work harder. You know that you can't ever step back. He has worked hard since the day he arrived.

Q: A lot of people said that you [Penn State] would have a hard time keeping up with their [Michigan] offense. How good do you feel playing ahead the whole time and putting up 41 points?
A: It is good that we put up that many points and got the win. The defense did a really good job and as an offense we knew what we had to do. We knew it was going to be a long game and we had to put up points to win.

Q: Why do you think you had so much success tonight?
A: Guys were just more motivated and were ready to go. We realized that we had a five-game road ahead of us and Michigan was the first one.

#9 Michael Zordich Jr./So., RB

Q: What does it mean to you to see Evan [Royster] capture this milestone?
A: It means a lot. Evan and I are really good friends and have gotten close over the years. We hang out a lot so I consider us very good friends and just to see him do what he did on the field today was great. It was great to be part of that and part of history. I am proud of him and couldn't be happier for him. We are boys and I am just really happy to see him do what he did today and run the ball the way he did.

Q: Were you guys surprised at all by the number of points you put up tonight?
A: No, I wasn't surprised. We have been planning on doing that all year and we have just been struggling. To come out and execute the way we did, run the ball the way we did and get things done means a lot and I am very, very proud of the guys.

Q: Did you feel added pressure with the defense not having one of their best games, to keep the shootout?
A: I wouldn't say extra pressure. We knew going in that it was going to be tough and we would have to control the ball. Michigan has one hell of an offense and to be able to keep them off the field and generate some points was a big part of the game and thankfully we were able to do that.

Q: How did it feel to get that touchdown?
A: It felt good. Anytime you get in the endzone feels good. Carrying the ball is rare for my position, so anytime I can get into the endzone is a great feeling. Being able to do that in a game like this means a lot.

Coach Joe Paterno

Q: How do you think Matt (McGloin) managed the game tonight?
A: If you saw the same game I saw, he did a phenomenal job. Even in the drive when we went and kicked a field goal - the next-to-last drive when we kicked a field goal when we had the ball with nine minutes - he was running the clock down and we were all thinking what he wanted to do. We had a third-and-four right before we kicked the last field goal and instead of trying to force it (down) the field, he took the easiest road. Obviously we may have made the first down otherwise, but we talked about it and he said, 'I got the three points in our pocket and we got to get it back to a two-score game,' so I think he did a really good job. He's a smart football player. I didn't have any doubts. A lot of other people did, and I got a lot of emails with suggestions this week about what we should do and I didn't answer any of them because I knew we had it.

Q: You said a lot of people had doubts going into this game. How confident did you feel about McGloin?
A: I didn't have any doubts. I didn't have any questions as to what we would need. I told him before the game, I said, 'Rob's ready to go, but the docs would like to hold him out for another week for his own good and for the long range.' So I told him, 'you know we're not looking to bring him in if you have any troubles, this is your game. You got to go win it.' So we didn't have any problems.

Q: Is there a quarterback controversy?
A: No. No, no. It's Rob Bolden's job. He got hurt, he's coming back. But the great thing is we got two guys that we know can really go into games and big-time environments and make plays, so that's a great situation to be in.

#42 Michael Mauti Jr./So., LB

Q: Can you talk about the game plan to stop (Denard) Robinson?
A: Yeah, we knew coming in he's obviously a great athlete, a Heisman candidate, so we prepared for that all week. But I guess the speed's a little different. We saw that in the fourth quarter when he started running the ball a little bit more and then we stopped him when we needed to.

Q: How much did the offense help with their drives that were time-consuming and ate up the clock?
A: Yeah, I mean I just heard they held the ball for 37 minutes, something like that, which is - I mean for us, as a defense, every series we were fresh, so that's invaluable to us. It helps us when we're sucking wind a little bit. But shoot, they came out to play today.

Q: Was that an important step for the defense tonight to shut the offense down when you needed to?
A: Definitely, I think. With more experience in situations like that, I mean our defense is only going to get better. Guys will get more experience with things like that, so it was good for us.

Q: Can you talk about the atmosphere tonight?
A: I mean it was amazing. In a stadium like this, it doesn't get any better than that. The stadium - it's one of the loudest stadiums in the country. It's awesome.

#2 Chaz Powell Sr./Jr., CB

Q: How would you grade your performance on your first start on defense?
A: I did some good things, I did some bad things, but that's what film's for. So when Monday comes around, hopefully I can grade myself even better and get ready for next week.

Q: How difficult has it been for you to go back and forth on offense and defense. Have you finally found a home or are you just going with the flow?
A: You know I'm going with the flow. Wherever they need me, I'm willing to do it. I'm willing to go out there and make plays wherever they put me - kick return, if it's back on offense. I'm willing to do anything to help this team win to the best of my ability.

Q: Joe Paterno said one thing you might need to work on is focus a little bit. Is it easier to focus on a game like this when you're playing a guy like (Denard) Robinson who can go off at any minute?
A: That's what practice was for this week, just to build my confidence up, try to stay focused and to go out there and just play football because in the end, that's what you can do. You can't worry about too much, but we went out there and won the game so practice (went) well last week. So now it's time to get ready for Northwestern.

Defensive Coordinator Tom Bradley

Q: What is it like facing a quarterback like Denard Robinson?
A: I thought we did really well the first half. I think we got a little disjointed when they came up with the one real big play. We got screwed up. We were in the coverage we wanted to be in. He looked and we jumped it, Malcolm (Willis) jumped it. Then, he turned around and went up over top. So, that was the play I think got us a little bit out of whack.

Q: Did Denard Robinson do anything different today than he usually does?
A: They threw a lot more of that pop-pass. They were doing it a lot of different ways. That's tough on your linebackers because you see the draw, the lead-back coming, you step up and they throw it in behind you. It's a tough play to defend.

Q: Overall, how do you assess the defense?
A: I thought we played a good first half. I thought we were kind of in sync there. The first one they scored we got lined up wrong. That was my fault because we were in the middle of the field. That's not a good call there. I thought we did well the first half. The second half I thought we got a little disjointed with the big plays. They started to go down the field on us.

#11 Matt McGloin Jr./So., QB

Q: How did it feel when you realized you were starting today?
A: It was a great feeling. I'm just glad the coaches believed in me, the players believed in me and, most importantly, the fans believed in me tonight. They were really behind me tonight and I'm glad we got the 'W.'

Q: How much fun were you having out there, especially when you went for it on fourth down?
A: You have four downs for a reason. I would love to go for it every time. Sometimes you have to make the right choices. We did what was right. I didn't really force the ball tonight. Everybody played really well. The fans were into it and the sideline was really into it tonight and we played well because of it.

Q: What was it like this week in practice because you were starting?
A: I was excited. I had a great week of practice. Monday through Thursday we went hard. Friday we did a walk-through just to review things. I've got to say again, the whole week the confidence level was just super high. The players believed in me, the coaches believed in me and I believed in them as well and I think it really showed.

Q: Did you have some nerves when you took that first snap?
A: You're always going to be nervous, but I really wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be. You're not going to be in situations you know you're prepared, so there's really no reason to be nervous.

Q: How did the offensive line help you and Evan Royster?
A: Evan had a great night tonight. Congratulations to him. He really had a breakout game. What that really did is it set up the passes downfield. We went play-action a lot tonight and because of Evan's running we were able to do that.

#61 Stefen Wisniewski Sr./Sr., Guard

Q: Were you guys waiting for a win like that?
A: Yeah, we were waiting for that for a while. This is the kind of team we knew we had, we just haven't quite shown it yet. We kind of changed our attitude around that bye week and started firing on all cylinders. It feels great.

Q: What changed since the loss to Illinois?
A: I think we were really down for that Illinois game. That loss to Iowa was tough. I think we didn't quite recover for that one and played terrible. We looked at our season to that point and we were like, 'we're a lot better than we're playing right now,' and changed the attitude, changed the work ethic and started really working and having fun. The product you guys saw the last two weeks is the result of that.

Q: How much pride does the offensive line take in Evan Royster's record-breaking performance?
A: We take a lot of pride in it as an offensive line. We don't have any stats of our own, but being able to say that we blocked for Penn State's all-time leading rusher is something pretty special.


Michigan Head Coach Rich Rodriguez Quotes

Q: Defensively, you guys made some changes tonight, but it seemed like early on you didn't get the results.
A: I know they executed well, you have to give them some credit. It didn't seem like we did a real good job of getting off some blocks and missing tackles. They cut back a little bit; I'll have to check our backside pursuit. It's unfortunate because we didn't execute well offensively either in the first half. I thought there were enough plays out there offensively, if we could have gotten a few stops here and there, we could have gotten a little momentum. That's what you've got to do when you are playing in this kind of environment. To get the crowd out it, you get some momentum going offensively. They were moving the ball offensively and they kept the crowd in it the whole game.

Q: What happened to Mike Martin, same ankle?
A: It was a different ankle. That's a blow because there is no question that Mike (Martin) makes a difference when he is in there, but the next guy in has to step up and make it happen.

Q: At one point it looked like you had the defense working for you, talk about that.
A: We were at the point that we had a little momentum going in the game and needed a key stop and I was talking to the guys a little bit, but we've got a few underclassmen that are trying as hard as they can defensively. Sometimes our youth gets picked on somewhat, but our young guys have to grow up in a hurry. You try to accelerate the maturation process, but you look out there and there are five or six first-time starters and three or four true freshmen out there. At some point we have to grow up and be aggressive and roll with it.

Q: Talk about going with the no-huddle offense.
A: I was disappointed with our execution. I thought our guys were ready for that and at times, we did it, but that other times we missed a few things out there. Again, I have to watch the film. From my vantage point, it's hard to say where some of the breakdowns went, but there were some that were there that we missed, particularly in the first half. Our guys will know that and we will try to get it fixed for this week.

Q: On defense has it been that same sort of things that have happened in the recent weeks?
A: The frustrating part is that it's not just one person, it's usually a different thing. The inconsistency is a little bit frustrating for everybody, including our guys and our defense. Sometimes you get a little more of that inconsistency with youth. We just have to play better, but they didn't quit, though. I challenged them at halftime. I said I am going to look closely to see what you all do in the second half and they kept playing hard in all three phases. Again, a tough environment against a pretty good football team, you have to make some plays and we have to put them in position to make some plays. Gosh, it seems like forever since we've gotten a turnover or a fumble, in the kicking game or on defense. We've got to somehow try to get a few of those plays to spark us somewhat.

Q: Talk about putting Will Hagerup on kickoffs.
A: Seth (Broekhuizen) is struggling with that a little bit. Will (Hagerup), we practiced him quite a bit this week on kickoffs and he was doing pretty good and I thought he kicked pretty well today.

Q: Talk about your struggles on third down, especially allowing conversions on third and long.
A: That's the most frustrating part. Usually on third and long, they are going to be a little limited in what they do. The most frustrating thing for everybody is the third and long when you know they are going to run it and you've have to kill the clock and they still get the first down. That is frustrating to everybody, I am sure it is frustrating for all of our fans and to our guys too. I don't know if they are just getting overpowered or just not getting off of blocks or what the case is. We've got to play better, certainly, in all three phases. I didn't think we were real good on offense today either. We work on third downs an awful lot and we just have to get better at it.

Q: Did you consider an on-side kick when you were kicking from the 45-yard line after the personal foul penalty?
A: No because there was plenty of time and we had a couple of timeouts left. Again, you let them start about midfield, and again, I couldn't see what happened there. It took me a while to get the number of the guy (penalized). I guess it was unnecessary roughness or whatever was called.

Q: Was Jeremy Gallon a bright spot on kickoffs tonight?
A: Yes, all except the one where he lost his balance there. He is a talented guy. I thought he did a pretty good job, I didn't think we blocked for him particularly well. It looked like he was trying to make a few people miss. Our return game has been disappointing at times, but we will keep working hard at it to get better.

Q: How much of the issues on defense are because of youth?
A: Some people say, you're just making an excuse, but I am more of a realist. It's reality that you look out there that there is a true freshman, another true freshman and a redshirt freshman and whatever that is playing. Ray Vinopal, he got his first start as a true freshman and I thought he did okay, but there's probably some mistakes made too. You can't scream and berate these guys when they are doing the best they can when six months ago, they were in high school. We've got to do all we can to grow them up in a hurry. We know where we're at right now and we've got to do what we can defensively, so that they can play at a higher level.

Q: James Rogers didn't play much, was that a performance issue or injury?
A: Terrance (Talbott) has been playing a little bit better and I don't know exactly when guys were going in and out. In the secondary, we know that we have made a lot of quarterbacks look pretty good. We've got to do what we can as coaches to try to get these guys in a position to make some more plays.

Q: How do you think Denard Robinson played?
A: I think he competed pretty well, I don't think he was his sharpest in some of the pass game. There were a few of the throws that he wanted to have back. I think his shoulder is not 100%. It's capable to do what we wanted him to do for the most part. He competed really hard. He is a great competitor. I thought he competed all the way to the last snap.

Michigan Post-Game Player Quotes

#12 Roy Roundtree Jr./So., WR

Q: Did the idea of running the fast paced offense take some adjustment for you guys?
A: No, not really. We've always been practicing fast paced. Today you need to take your hat off to Penn State because they played great defense.

Q: How disappointing is it to come out after the bye week and not break the losing streak?
A: It's really frustrating, but you need to learn from the mistakes and play all four quarters.

Q: Could you talk about Denard Robinson's performance?
A: Throughout the game I think Denard played well. We just had a setback, it came down to the end of the game and Penn State came out on top.

#86 Kevin Koger Jr./Jr., TE

Q: After your touchdown, did the offense feel they were on the right track?
A: We always had confidence, even after coming in at the half with 10 points on the board. We still believe in our offense and defense and thought we were going to pull it out, but we just came up short.

Q: What happened in the first half, it seemed like you weren't quite clicking?
A: We just weren't executing. We had a couple good plays, but we just weren't executing.

Q: How frustrating was that coming off the bye week thinking you could polish some of that out?
A: It's really frustrating, we had a week off to rest and recover and prepare for a great Penn State team and we just didn't get it done.

Q: Were you surprised at how well Penn State played?
A: Not at all, we knew they were a great team coming in and we didn't downplay the situation at all. Primetime, national TV, and they deserved to win.

#20 Ray Vinopal Fr./Fr., SAF

Q: When you found out you were going to start did you feel a few butterflies?
A: Oh yeah, it was quite nerve wracking, but once you get out there on the football field it's just a football game.

Q: When did they tell you that you were going to start?
A: I've been working with the ones all week so I had a pretty good idea; coach never really said it though.

Q: Is it a fair excuse to say the defense is struggling because you're young?
A: You can pin it on whatever you want, but we have talent back there. We're starting to put it together; we're working hard and we won't stop.

Q: What would you pin the struggles on?
A: We just need to play harder sometimes and not slip up when the game is on the line. We get a lot of teams into third downs and we can't let them slip when we have them down.




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