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Oct. 20, 2007

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Penn State Head Coach Joe Paterno

Opening Statement:
"It really it is a shame because they gave us the game. We didn't take advantage of it with just field goals. I told the coach, `You've got a good football team there. You've just got to keep the ball off the ground."

On how his defense played against Kellen Lewis:
"You make plays. You try to stay solid and try to stay in front of him and not give up the big gainer. You know, try to play a good solid football game, and most of the time we did. Most of the time, we looked pretty good. I just felt offensively we wasted too many opportunities."

On feeling fortunate about winning the game:
"I feel fortunate every time we win, particularly today when Indiana played hard and played well. How many did we have three, four fumble recoveries? When you have four fumble recoveries you have got to feel like your fortunate. But our kids had something to do with it too. They made plays. When we had to make that drive, the last drive we made, they went down the field and picked up first downs."

On winning against a winning team on the road:
"I think if you're going to be a good football team you've got to beat teams with winning records. You can't just beat teams with four or five losses. I think we're getting a little better. Like I said, I think our defense played well and we didn't capitalize on some things, going for field goals."

Indiana Head Coach Bill Lynch

Opening Statement:
"What a great ballgame. Our kids really battled hard. At halftime, they were a little down, but they fought back and played hard. Our offense made enough plays against a great defense. It's one of those defenses that when you get ready for the game, you don't see a lot of holes in it, so you know you're going to have to kind of nickel and dime them and hope you make some plays as you go along. I thought our kids did. Obviously, (James) Hardy had a great day. He gets better and better every week.

"The difference in the game was the turnovers. You just can't turn the football over a lot. In a close game like that, whether it gives up points or changes field position, that really hurt us.

"I thought the crowd was great today. I don't know how many were there, but you could really feel them in the second half. I think they gave our football team some great energy. I would like to thank them and hopefully they enjoyed watching our football team. They are a resilient group. You can get them down, but you can't knock them out, and we'll be back next week and get ready for Wisconsin."

On how mental miscues and fumbles effected the game:
"Well, it's just turnovers. You're going to have them and in a football game against Penn State, both teams played very hard so there are going to be some mistakes. The turnovers, some of them were forced and some of them weren't. Turnovers in a close football game generally are the difference in who wins or loses. Our turnovers hurt us."

On the play of Kellen Lewis:
"He played a great football game too. He made a lot of great plays against a great defense, and he got knocked around some. With that type of defense, it's hard to throw things down the field because it's hard to protect for a long time. They have a good pass rush. They have good blitzers. We knew that going into the game. He's only a sophomore and he's made a lot of really great football plays for us. He'll get nothing but better."

On Indiana's defense in the second half:
"I thought they did a great job. [Penn State] had two pretty good drives at the end of the first half and were kind of having their way a little bit, but they bounced back. That's all you can ask. We challenged them at halftime and they responded. For the defense to bow up and force field goals, that was a really great effort by a lot of kids."




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