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Oct. 17, 2009

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Q: How do you like instant replay now?
A: I've always been for instant replay, in fact, I was the one guy that started griping about it way back. If we had instant replay we would've won two games when Tony Johnson was inbounds and they called him out of bounds in a big game. And we had another one. I started screaming for it then.

Q: Were your coaches telling you that Derek Moye was inbounds?
A: I didn't call it, the referees did, give them credit. I didn't have a charged timeout. I didn't call a timeout or anything. The guy upstairs must've told them, 'we got to replay this thing.' You try to make sure that the better team wins and if there's a call in there sometimes it doesn't happen that way. I think the instant replay is a good thing. It's a good thing for everybody.

Q: Moye ended up having a really big day, has he come along a little quicker than you expected?
A: No, he's a redshirt-sophomore, a third-year player. He was a heck of a high school player and he played well last year. We had high hopes for him and he's done well. Once in a while he gets a little careless and takes his eye off the football and wants to run with it, but each week he gets better, he blocks well. He's a big man. He's a good, tough kid and he's got the making of a real good one.

Q: [Moye's high school team] didn't use him much as a wide out, how did you get a look at him at that position?
A: We saw him play basketball, I think Jay [Paterno] went up there with Tom [Bradley] and watched him. I know I saw him on tape, and I knew his family from way back. His father was a heck of an athlete, they're Beaver Falls [Pa.] people originally. I knew of him, but if you've seen him play basketball you know what kind of athlete he is. He's a really good basketball player.

Q: Was the plan to ease Sean Lee into the game, do you feel like he is going to get more time going forward?
A: I think Sean might've gotten a little tired in there, I don't know. The field was a little tough, the weather wasn't good. I think he'll keep working his way in there.

Q: Can you talk about the defense on Eric Decker?
A: We basically challenged A.J. Wallace to handle him, but he had help. What we had to do, what we felt we had to do, was to get pressure on the quarterback without sending a lot of people, where we would have to go one-on-one with Decker. Fans didn't see much of him today, boy he's some player, he can play, he's a great player. We changed up on him and tried to keep the quarterback where we had enough pressure that we didn't allow those deep passes enough time to develop. The people up front did a really good job, we played a really good defensive football game. We were sloppy offensively with all the penalties.

Q: What led to all the sustained offense and major advantage in time of possession?
A: We did move the ball well, I think that was obvious, but we didn't do a particularly good job in the red zone. We came away with a couple of field goals, and then we missed another one. I think the penalties hurt us, I think a couple of dropped passes hurt us. I don't think we played a really sharp game offensively. We played hard and made plays when we had to make them. [Daryll] Clark did that, got the ball out there to Moye a couple of times. Overall it was a good performance, we did have the ball and we dominated the whole third quarter. When we came out [of halftime] we didn't do well that first series, but we controlled the rest of the quarter doing a good job. We played well, we played hard, but we were sloppy and careless with the penalties.

Q: A lot of people thought there would be a lot of empty seats [due to the parking restrictions at Beaver Stadium], can you comment on the crowd and the attendance?
A: I think that's a tribute to the fans and their loyalty and spirit. I know the kids appreciate it. I thought the crowd was good, a couple times they got into it. I hadn't thought about people not coming, you have to give the University some credit, they parked people [all over]. One of my nieces, she is from Harrisburg and they stopped at the Wal-Mart and said they were tailgating at the Wal-Mart and they were bussing them in. They like to come, they like to have a little fun, they like to see Penn State play. That's a great, great feeling for the kids who play, I know it is for me.

Q: What happened to Stephfon Green, is he hurt? And also, can you tell us what happened to Knowledge Timmons, was he not ready to go?
Knowledge Timmons is ready to go, but the plan was to challenge A.J. Wallace to get with Decker. Knowledge is a lot shorter than A.J. and we were worried if we put Knowledge in and put him on Decker that some of the jump ball contests might hurt us. We thought that A.J. would do a better job. [Timmons] has been doing well, for this big game, Wallace was better for the opponent than Knowledge would be. Now Green, I know he's hurt, but I don't know how badly. It was probably an ankle [injury].

Q: Are you pleased with A.J.'s response when you asked him to step up and deal with Decker today?
A: I've been pleased with A.J. doing a lot of things we've challenged him with. Originally, we weren't going to play him for two games until he proved to me he was going to class and some other things that he hadn't been doing. He does have ability and he's bright. He just wasn't working at it in the classroom or on the practice field so he just decided, 'hey, it's going to be done a certain way, if I got to play I have to do it that way.' When he did that, I think he started to realize what it took to be really good.

Q: What's your thinking of the field goal attempts versus the pooch punt, what were the decisions about?
A: Because he was short on the 49 yarder, we're going to back it up three yards and he's going to make it? We just didn't think that was the thing to do at the time. We went for one because it was early in the game and 13 points, they score twice and it's a different ball game. Any sort of thing can happen in a ball game, a safety can pop up in there some place along the way. So you take the one and as I said, it was early in the game and we moved on.

Q: Royster seemed to be running a bit harder today, what do you think attributed to his strong day?
A: He did, he has been. I don't think he would admit it, but he had a period there where he was sick with the flu and the whole bit. He kept saying, 'I'm okay, I'm okay,' but he never quite had the spring in his legs that he had a year ago, and I think today he started to come around and feel a little better. I thought he had a good game, I thought he played well.


Tom Bradley
Penn State Coach in Charge of Defense/Cornerbacks

Q: How many plays do you think [A.J. Wallace] played roughly?
A: Twenty maybe at the most. We only had what about 40 snaps? About 18 then; maybe a couple more. We put him in some base defense too there late in the third quarter.

Q: Why did you challenge A.J.? Joe was talking about that.
A: We felt that A.J. was one of the guys that could hang with Decker and jump balls. That's the only reason why.

Q: How do you think he did?
A: I felt A.J. had an outstanding game. He played hard, made some good tackles, mixed it up on his own, and showed some presence. We didn't see the spot screen all day, and that had been a big part of their offense. He finessed that really well.

Q: Wallace saved a shutout for you with that play at the goal line. Did you see that?
A: Yes, he better have done that down there. He and Bowman really closed fast on that play. It was interesting because we don't normally play A.J. on the goal line package in our 99 personnel, but when I saw Decker come in, I made a substitution to get AJ in the game, and we took out Nick [Sukay] because we didn't want to get the jump ball. We usually play with two safeties in that package. I wasn't sure if they were going to throw it, but that's part of their package and I didn't think it was fair to Nick to put him in that situation, with the personnel grouping they had with [Decker] in there.

Evan Royster #22
Junior, Tailback

Q: How would you assess the play of the offense overall today?
A: We played great all around. We could run and throw the ball on them, and that's a good thing. We didn't really know where we were at as an offense going into this game, but I think we have a good idea now.

Q: Joe said he thinks that the flu that you had a few weeks ago was still affecting you, that today was the first time you really had that same spring in your legs as last season. Would you agree with that?
A: It's tough to say. I've been feeling better, but it does take some time to get your legs back. I felt okay last week and the week before, but sometimes you're just not on top of your game, but today I guess I was.

Q: The touchdown catch that was overturned, how good of a play was that?
A: It was unbelievable. You'll probably see it on the top 10 on ESPN or something like that. It was an unbelievable catch, and it was crazy how he got his foot down.

Q: Time of possession can often be a misleading stat in games. Today the time told the story of this game, don't you think?
A: Definitely. We held the ball on them for a long time, and our defense played great. We were able to get them off the field quick and we ran the ball and kept the ball on our side.

Q: What does it do for your confidence when you have a possession, and get 2 or 3 penalties to get backed up real quick, and then still get the first down anyway?
A: That's a confidence booster, definitely, that you can dig yourself a hole and then get out of it like that, and we did it a couple times today. It just shows that we have good players and that we can make some plays.

Q: When it gets cold and wet and sloppy like this, do you ever find yourself wondering how some of those western and southern teams would fare in this?
A: It's Big Ten football. That's why they go to SEC schools and we come up here. We like playing in this and it kind of shows some character.

Derek Moye #6
Sophomore, Wide receiver

Q: Talk about that catch, did you think it was a touchdown at first or not? A: Honestly, I wasn't really sure. I knew I had possession of the ball, but I wasn't really sure about my foot. I thought it was in, but I had to leave it up to the refs, and they made the right call.

Q: What do you think led to your success today?
A: I think they were giving us a lot of good coverages for receivers, and Daryll [Clark] was putting the ball on the money. I got maybe one overthrow, and aside from that, every ball was where it needed to be. He gave us a chance to make plays.

Q: There was a lot of focus on Decker coming into this game, do you use that as motivation? Do you care? Obviously you're not going head to head with him on the field.
A: Not at all. He's a good player, and our defense did a great job against him, but it has nothing to do with me.

Q: Derek, the weather today? Did that have any effect on you? You didn't seem to be bothered by it.
A: No, not at all. I think we're kind of getting used to this now actually. It's not something you want to get used to, but it looks like we're going to have to. We have to just play every game like it's dry out.

Q: How do you think you're finally coming together as a player? Do you finally feel like you're ready to be the top receiver on this team?
A: I definitely feel like I am, but there are other guys who are just as capable as I am on the receiving corps, and it just depends on what game it is and who has to step up.

Q: Talk a little bit more about your relationship with Daryll?
A: We have a good relationship going back from the spring last year in practice, but I think our relationship is starting to show more and more on the field, and you

Jay Paterno
Quarterbacks Coach

Q: Who had the view of Derek's catch?
A: From where we're at, there are people standing right along the side, so we couldn't see it. They did show it on the board, so we took our time to get the next play called. Luckily, they buzzed it. There were two key reviews there and they did a great job with it on that drive. If we don't get Zug's overturned and that one overturned, it probably would have been a different game at halftime.

Q: Derek [Moye] didn't play a lot of receiver (if any) in high school. Did you have to project him to be a wide receiver at this level because of his frame? It's obviously coming together pretty quickly for him.
A: He has great speed and great height and he has real good judgment on the ball. People don't realize because of his speed that he's a guy who runs sub 4.4. He ran 4.38 for us; he's got that type of speed. He's a tough guy to handle because of the height and speed and whole nine yards. We're trying to throw to his back shoulder. Daryll and he worked a lot on that and it was one of those things where we just went with it and they made a great throw and catch.

Q: Did you feel 13-0 was a score that was equal to your first half of offense?
A: No, we had a couple penalties that hurt us. We got sloppy on a couple plays. We had the one screen that they tipped. It was one of those things where you kept saying, "we're right there about to break this thing open." To credit our guys, they kept fighting and didn't panic when we had to settle for a couple field goals. But we kept getting to that 30 yard line and something would go awry. We obviously have to work on that. We can't afford to keep having the same number of penalties next week or the week after or the week after that. We have to work on those things. That was the most frustrating thing. We come out of halftime 13-0. We were kind of happy that it wasn't 9-0 because we had two calls reviewed, but still kind of felt like we should have had a little more distance between us.

#43 Josh Hull
Sr./Sr., Linebacker

Q: What kind of pride do you guys take as a defense to come out and pitch a shutout like that?
A: We take a lot of pride in it. We had our backs against the wall down there in the end zone. I told all 10 guys on the defense, "listen, we need to get the job done here" and everyone came through. A.J. had great initial contact and Navorro just came out of nowhere and wrapped the kid's legs up. It was a great job by both of them

Q: How good do you feel for A.J. [Wallace] that he ends up having a big day?
A: I feel great. He goes into practice each week working extremely hard to come out on a Saturday and have a performance like he did today. Everyone on the defense feels really happy for him.

Q: How did it feel to have Sean [Lee] next to you again?
A: It's great. We've got the trio back that we started with. It's real exciting having Sean out there. A lot of leadership and a lot of experience comes when he's able to step onto the field with us.

Q: Can you talk about your interception?
A: It was just a basic bunch route. I just sat on the hook inside off of number three, read the quarterback's eyes and broke on the ball. [The quarterback] threw it right to me. It was a big play.

#91 Jared Odrick
Sr./Sr., Defensive Tackle

Q: Joe said that they tried to stick with as much four man rush as they could because that would be important to help double cover Decker and that sort of thing. How do you think that worked out? You guys didn't get a ton of sacks, but you did get some good pressure.
A: Definitely. I thought it worked out well. They were sliding a certain way in the first half. Then in the second half, we were able to run some stunts that counteracted that and we were able to get some good pressure.

Q: What was it like to see A.J. go out against an All-American type player (Decker) and shut him down?
A: It was great to see. As a defensive lineman, you really don't notice those type things until the end of the game. You don't see Decker catch a ball. [After the game], you realize he was really taken out of the game. You only realize that at the end because you're so immersed in the game.

Q: What do you think about this trip coming up?
A: I'm excited. As soon as the game ends, we're thinking Michigan. I'm excited to go back out there and play again. We had an opportunity my sophomore year to get a win and we came up short. We had way too many rushing yards against us. We need to put some more points on the board. We'll prepare a whole lot differently and get ready to play.

#28 Drew Astorino
Jr./So., Safety

Q: How did AJ Wallace do today? The coach said he challenged AJ to handle Eric [Decker] today.
A: AJ went with him on every single play. He [Decker] didn't get too much. He got one catch that was on me and Sukay, that was our fault and AJ played a great game.

Q: How do you think the secondary did as a whole? You stopped Illinios' passing attack pretty well, you shut down Decker for pretty much the entire game. Is there a passing attack in this league that you guys don't think you can shut down?
A: I don't know about that. We've been playing pretty well. We just can't give up the long pass like we did today. We didn't all game other than one time, but one time can hurt us. We just have to keep getting better.

Q: Can you talk a little bit about pitching the first shut-out of the year? I know that's the goal of the defense every week, but you got it done this week.
A: It feels great, not one field goal. The offense, I don't think they had any turnovers and we didn't get pinned back in our area at all. They played great which helps us field position wise and our kick-off cover came together today and they had a good day so field position really helped out the defense too.

#11 Navorro Bowman
Sr./Jr., Linebacker

Q: How much pride do you take in that goal line stand at the end?
A: We take a lot of pride in it. We feed off of energy and when a team is threatening on our goal line we plan to stop them. I'm glad it happened for us and I'm glad we were able to make the play.

Q: Is that something you will feed off of for the rest of the year?
A: Yes, we feed off of everything we did today. It's going to take us to the next step and get us better for next week.

Q: AJ [Wallace] was really pumped after that play. Can you talk about, given a lot of things he's been through, what it means to have him help you on that play?
A: I'm excited for AJ. He rooms with me now and we've been talking this whole week. I tell him 'you have to step up to the plate.' With a leading receiver coming in who's been making a lot of plays, it's what you have to do. He came out and really stepped up and showed everyone that he's dedicated and really wants to be a factor in this team being successful. I'm happy that AJ came out and played the way he did.

#45 Sean Lee
Sr./Sr., Linebacker

Q: How was your endurance?
A: It was fine. I felt like vision wise it was a little rusty but for the most part it was good.

Q: That first hit set the tone for the game really physically for your defense. Were you trying to send a message?
A: I know we came into the game knowing we had to be physical. That's how we always try to play. We always try to play fast, we're always trying to hit hard, we're always trying to play Penn State defense.

Q: How much closer do you get to full time status after what you did today?
A: I think we're just going to take it week by week. The way I felt today and through practice, I felt great so hopefully each week I'll get more reps.

Q: Talk about where you think you guys are as a team right now, heading into the next two weeks?
A: I think we've gotten better each week and I think we're going to continue to get better. You saw us make a lot of really good plays, but at the same time give up the one big pass defensively. We had too many penalties probably, on defense and offense so we have to get rid of those. Other than that, I thought we played well.

#5 Graham Zug
Jr. Wide Receiver

Q:Talk about the play that they reviewed - did you know you caught that?
A: I knew I caught it, I just wasn't sure if they were going to have a good camera angle to show that I did catch it. It was under two minutes so I figured it was just going to come from the booth.

Q: You got off to a slow start in the first quarter, what happened in the second and third quarters that enabled the offense to sustain drives?
A: I think we just came together and knew that we had to start executing to win the game. We did a good job with that and took advantage of what we could.

Q: You see Derek Moye in practice all the time. What is he doing to blossom into one of the best receivers in the Big Ten?
A: He's doing a great job. He practices hard every single day. He gives a lot of effort and that's why he's getting so good.

Q: Sustaining offensive drives is something that Penn State wasn't doing so well, especially against teams like Iowa. With Michigan coming up next week, is there a sense that this team is shaping up offensively?
A: We're coming together, but we're still not where we could be. We all know that so we're all working hard. Eventually we'll get there and we'll take advantage of it when we do.

Q: How do you feel going into the Big House next week?
A: I'm excited. The first time there, I wasn't really playing. Now that I'm playing, I'm very excited.

Q: Can you talk about how the offensive balance has improved from the first few weeks?
A: The balance is important. If we're balanced, both running the ball and throwing the ball is going to work.

Q: What does Moye do that makes him such a great target?
A: He just runs great routes. He always catches the ball, he rarely drops it. That makes him a good target for Darryl [Clark] to throw to.

#17 Darryl Clark
Sr. Quarterback

Q: Can you talk about Derek Moye's performance today?
A: He definitely made a lot of plays for us today. We were in some tight situations and I was able to throw it up there and he used his height to go up and make some big catches for us. It is vital that we have a player like him on the team.

Q: How were you guys able to establish an offensive balance today?
A: The defense did a good job once again. They gave us a ton of opportunities to put points on the board. It took us a little while to get used to the elements and the different looks that they were throwing at us, but we made our adjustments and we were able to run and pass. It was a little different today. It wasn't lights out with a bunch of points, but a win is a win.

Q: Can you describe Derek's touchdown?
A: We had the two fades on the outside called and the defender was playing way over top so we were aiming to throw it at the back shoulder. He was using his long arms and everything and stretched out and got his foot down and he made the catch. It was reviewed but he ran right back to me and told me he had his foot down. It's clutch to have someone like him.

Q: Talk about the offensive line's effort today.
A: They did a good job all week. I think they know now how important it is for their production to be as good as possible for us to be able to run and pass. I'm real proud of those guys today. They dug down and when we needed to run, we did. When we needed to pass, we got it done. So, the offensive line definitely gets a lot of brownie points today.

Q: How ready are you guys to go on the road for two straight weeks, especially with Purdue beating Ohio State today?
A: Things are really up in the air and we're definitely looking forward to this game. It's going to be a test going to play up at the Big House. They're usually really good at home. That's something that I'm sure Coach Paterno is going to address at the beginning of next week. At practice one of the main things we need to do is match their intensity. They definitely won't forget what happened last season so we'll have to play hard and run the football.

#1 A.J. Wallace
Sr. Cornerback

Q: Can you talk about how you responded to the last few weeks today?
A: I take great pride in being challenged. I had some big stuff on my plate and I was ready to eat. I took it hand in hand. I practice real hard all week and I feel as though I did pretty well in the game.

Q: How did you want to defend [Minnesota wide receiver Eric Decker]?
A: I just wanted to match his intensity and try to be more physical than he was. I just wanted him to not be able to get into a rhythm with his quarterback and make them be out of sync and throw ill-advised passes.

Q: Do you feel you've had to be more physical in your play?
A: Absolutely. Having Sean [Lee] there and everyone taking it to them early, everyone was delivering big hits. We were physical all game I believe and it just took not letting their big players get their boost of confidence. I think us being able to just shut them down at that goal line with them being so close was huge.

Q: What does a performance like this do for your confidence?
A: It gives you a boost of confidence but you can only do that for a 24 hour span. You can't hold onto it long. Come Monday, you've just got to forget about it and work on the next team.

#36 Collin Wagner
Sr./Jr., Kicker

Q: Do you feel like this was a good game for you confidence wise?
A: Yes. It's the first time I've really gone out there and hit the long one to start us off. It helps out with my confidence right there.

Q: Is there a big difference in your play after making a big field goal like that in a big game?
A: Not really. I think that I've proved that to myself in practice that I can do that.

Q: What is your range in optimum conditions?
A: I've gone back to 55, 56 (yards). But I would say in a game, probably right around 50.

Q: What do you have to say about the kick coverage team doing a little bit better today?
A: We've really been emphasizing that in practice the last few weeks; just making sure that guys are getting down field, staying in their lanes and doing everything technique wise that we're taught to do. That helped today.

Q: What adjustments do you have to make on a day like today where the footing is a little bad?
A: Almost shorten up your steps a little bit, sacrifice a little bit of distance. Pretty much that's about it. Just make sure you're swinging through the ball.

#73 Dennis Landolt
Gr./Sr., Tackle

Q: Was there anything Minnesota did on defense that caused the penalties?
A: Not really. They went after us pretty good with blitzes and they were set on stopping a couple of our runs. I think we handled it well; you just can't make penalties like that because that will kill you.

Q: Do you guys feel like you have been more aggressive on the offensive line the past few weeks?
A: I think so. Sometimes just after a little bit of time and experience, you develop an attitude where you have to run the ball and you want to run the ball. It's just a demeanor you have.

Q: Were you guys getting frustrated at not the just number of penalties, but the time of penalties? Were you more frustrated with yourselves or the calls?
A: Most of them were legitimate calls. We just can't make mistakes like that because if it was a real tight game, you're giving up field position and sometimes stalling drives. We get a little frustrated with ourselves because you can't do that.

#10 Andrew Quarless
Sr./Sr., Tight End

Q: What are your thoughts on the big win?
A: I'm really excited about this. It was a tough, physical game from start to finish and it was just a real good game.

Q: How does it make you feel as an offense to dominate a game like that?
A: We're real excited about this win. Like I said, it was a tough, physical game from start to finish. Besides the penalties, I felt like, offensively, we played a strong game.

Q: What does it do for an offensive unit when you can put together long drives for points?
A: It's definitely a confidence boost even for the younger guys on the o-line. It's definitely a positive.

Q: Could you see the will of Minnesota wearing down as you guys continued to put together drives?
A: Definitely. That's why we had to keep going at them. We saw them getting tired. We ran the ball very effectively. It was wearing them down; they were getting tired. We had to keep on pounding them and that's one of the things we kept on doing.


Opening Statement
Obviously, disappointed to lose the football game. We didn't play well enough offensively to sustain anything really from the beginning. Give credit where credit is due. Penn State was better than we were and I thought they played extremely well. Penn State's defense is outstanding. We still, obviously, have a lot of things that we need to improve upon offensively to be a better football team, a better offensive football team. I thought our defense was very resilient for the most part, holding that football team to 20 points total. They fought their guts out. We still have an issue on third down defense and getting off the field. We have to do a better job getting off the field on third down and the third and longs are the ones that are really hurting us as a football team. But again, I'm going to give credit where credit is due. Penn State was better than we were today and Joe (Paterno) was better than I was today. They've got a good football team.

Q: You kept holding Penn State to field goals. Did you feel that if you could get something going offensively that you would be alright?
A: We were not out of the football game and, again, I give our defense great credit to hold that unit to 20 points. We never sustained anything offensively, we never really got any continuity offensively and against a good football team, you've got to be able to make a big play. I thought in the second half, we made a big play down the field and I thought we had an opportunity to knock one in and if we knocked one in, then maybe we could get some momentum going, but we just couldn't knock the football in the end zone.

Q: Talk about the goal line stand in the fourth quarter when you were stopped.
A: We had an opportunity on a scramble for Adam (Webber) to get in. We thought we had a good opportunity on the fourth down play, a toss away from (Eric) Decker, who we had in motion on the play, and we thought we had a great opportunity to get it in the end zone and to their credit they made a play and we didn't get it.

Q: How deflating was the touchdown that Penn State got right before the end of the first half?
A: It was tough. Our defense was scratching and fighting, It looked like the guy was out of bounds and there were two officials on the play, they call him out of bounds and they look at it upstairs and they say it's a touchdown.

Q: Did you find out a lot about this team today, playing in a tough environment?
A: Our football team is a resilient, tough group. Our kids are going to learn from this experience, playing the 14th-ranked team in the country. They are an outstanding football team and, obviously, playing in this environment right here is a tough environment to play in. But know what? We have no excuses. We came in here and our kids played hard. Our kids played hard until the end of the football game, but we just didn't play well enough and that's the bottom line.

Q: Derek Moye really created a lot of matchup problems. What was it about him that created a lot of matchup problems for you?
A: He's just a big body. He doesn't run real fast, but he does a great job of using his body and shielding his body. We had a smaller corner on him and he used his 6-6, 230-pound body on a much smaller defender. To (Penn State's) credit, they did a nice job. I thought (Daryll) Clark of putting the ball where he could use his body and shield defenders and make catches.

Q: What is the issue with third down on the defensive side?
A: You just have to make plays. You just have to make plays when plays are there to be made, that's all. When you have an opportunity to bat a ball, when you have an opportunity to sack the quarterback, again, it's about making plays on third down. Our guys made a lot of plays today, but it's the third downs that are the ones that continue to bite us. We just have to continue to emphasize and continue work on third down and that's exactly what we'll do.

Q: What did Penn State do with Eric Decker to limit him?
A: (Penn State) didn't do anything that anyone else doesn't do. They rolled coverage some to him. Played a lot of zone coverage. They bracketed him quite a bit. Obviously, that's what Eric Decker is going to see. To Eric's credit, he's very poised and he hung in there. That's going to be the deal for him. We know that we are going to see two and three defenders in zone coverages, they are going to slant everything to Decker. We've got to make some plays in other areas.

Q: Does it make it tough (to get the ball to Decker) when you can't run the football?
A: Absolutely. Anything on the offensive side of the football is not as good when you're not running the football.

Q: How do you think Adam Webber played today?
A: I think Adam (Webber) did some good things today. I mean, shoot, he needs help. When he gets help, obviously, the stats show up big in his favor. I don't have anything to not feel good about Adam Webber's performance. I thought he was like Houdini a few times in the second half, getting out of sacks, staying poised, throwing the football and getting first downs and doing a nice job.

Q: Penn State dominated time of possession; do you think fatigue became a factor?
A: I don't know about fatigue. I know you have to get off the field on third down, that's the bottom line. Our defense fought extremely hard all game long and we just have to do a better job of getting off the field on third downs and offensively, we have to be able to stay out there some more.

Q: D.J. Burris was a center, do you feel he was the strong one during the week?
A: Yeah, he just got most of the work this week. Trey (Davis) was not 100%. Trey could have played in the game, but I felt good about D.J. playing and we will have to take a look at how he played.

Q: How do you think your defense played against Penn State's running game?
A: I thought we did a nice job for the most part. (Penn State) got some cutbacks. They've got a good running attack. They've got a good offensive line and their backs are good backs.

Q: Why wasn't the production there between Adam Webber and Eric Decker today?
A: We had a couple of opportunities that we missed on some corner routes and on some isolation things and we just missed him a few times. That's football.




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