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Penn State vs. Eastern Michigan Postgame Quotes

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Sept. 24, 2011

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Q: What is the word on Michael Mauti and D'Anton Lynn?
[D'Anton] Lynn can move all of his extremities. Dr. [Wayne] Sebastianelli went over to the hospital with him and his folks just to make sure he was OK. I think we've lost Mike [Mauti] for the year. I haven't had a chance to talk to [Sebastianelli] because he's not in there. He's got an ACL [injury], which is obviously two of our better players, but that's the way it goes. I feel sorry for the kids. They've both worked awfully hard. It kind of takes a little bit off the win, but that's the way it goes.

Q: How do you think the quarterbacks, Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin, played?
I think they both played well. I think they threw the ball well. I thought they did some things well. [Eastern Michigan] took the run away from us. We got in the ball game with the idea that we were going to have to beat an eight-man front most of the day and we're going to have to get the ball down field. So, I think the kids did a good job. They handled the team well, got a little better. We're not where I'd like us to be yet. A lot of that really has nothing to do with the two [quarterbacks]. Two linemen got offsides, which kind of gets you a little bit. I thought they both played well.

Q: What goes into your decision to have [Anthony] Fera kick and punt?
The other kid [Sam Ficken] hit the field goal. We're struggling. We've just got to keep plugging away and try to get those kids a little bit more confidence in themselves. We spent an awful lot of time on the kicking game this past week. I thought we were better. We still weren't where I'd like us to be, but I thought we were better. We've just got to keep working on that part of it. There's ability there, it's just a question of kickers playing golf. If they make a couple putts, they can make them all. They've got to learn to concentrate a little bit more. I thought they had a good week at practice and I'm hopeful they're going to continue to get a bit better each week.

Q: Why did you go up in the box in the second half?
Because I was hurting. No, I'm trying to get away without taking pain pills and trying to do things without the cane. I'm trying to do a little bit on my own. I don't want to have something supporting me. I felt great until about four or five minutes to go in the first half and then I just could hardly move, but obviously I had to move. When we got ahead and it looked like we were OK, I just decided, "Hey, this is foolish so I'm going to go upstairs." I think each week I'll do a little bit more. It just hurts. I'm not as tough as I used to be, not that I was ever tough.

Q: Can you talk about the win?
I thought we played a good, solid football game. It wasn't like Temple. I tried to tell you guys I thought that was the best Temple team I've ever seen. What did they beat Maryland, [38-7] today? I thought, contrary to what you guys felt, I felt like there were a lot of good things in that ball game, some not so good obviously. I thought today we went into the game, had a good week of practice. I think we went in there a little bit more disciplined. We made couple mental mistakes. The worst thing we did was obviously the two offsides penalties. You hate to see that. I thought it was a good win. When I looked at Eastern Michigan before the game, watching them warm up, it's a good-looking squad. When I had watched them, I don't know whether maybe I said this last Tuesday, I said if I picked out 20 plays that Eastern Michigan had run, I told the squad that, they looked as good as anybody. They're not consistent. I didn't think they could do as would be necessary to be successful with the tough schedule they have. That's about the way it turned out. I thought it was a good win for us, I really do. Now, we've got the Big Ten schedule coming up so let's see where we are.

Q: What does Derek Moye bring to the offense after getting to 2,000 yards for his career?
He's a heck of a receiver. I'm repeating myself. How many times have I said I think our wide-outs are pretty darn good? I think we've got good wide outs. I thought that going into this ball game that if [Eastern Michigan] wanted to play eight guys around the football, we would have to throw the ball better than we have been, not that we've been poor, and I thought we would have to get the ball to the tight end a little bit. We didn't get the ball to the tight end as much as I would have liked but we got a couple shots at him, a couple pretty good plays. We're making some progress, we really are. We've got a long way to go. I'm not going to go home and jump with joy. We've got a ways to go and hopefully we get a little better.

Q: What went through your mind when Lynn went down?
I didn't know he was down. I couldn't see. I was upstairs then. There were all of those people around him. I asked, I said, 'Who's down?' If I were on the sideline, I would have known right away. That's one of the reasons I've never liked being upstairs. You really don't feel like you're in it. If something like that happens when you're on the sidelines, you usually grab the kid that's going to replace him and say, 'Come on, here's your opportunity. Somebody else's misfortune can turn out to be good fortune for you.' You hate to approach it that way, but that's life. [Lynn] and [Michael] Mauti have worked really hard, both of those kids. That's taking a lot out of the fact that we won and I thought played well overall. They're two good kids who stayed up here all summer, worked hard, were leaders. Then, one play and they're out of there.

Q: With D'Anton Lynn and Michael Mauti injured, are you concerned about team morale?
I think, obviously, they were leaders. I think your observation there was correct. But, I think there's a lot of ways to handle adversity. You can feel sorry for yourself or it can bind you together and a couple of guys to rise to the occasion and say, 'Hey, we don't have this guy, we don't have that guy. I've got to do a little bit more. I've got to be a little bit better.' Hopefully, we'll have some guys who will do that.


Galen Hall
Assistant Coach, Offense/Running Backs

Q: What did you think of the quarterback play today?
I thought they played pretty well. We threw it and caught it and that is what we need to do for this team. For [Rob Bolden and Matt McGloin], I haven't looked at anything except what happened on the field, and I thought they both played very well.

Q: Talk about [Matt] McGloin's performance coming off the bench.
I am very happy for whoever it is that comes in and gets us kick-started. He can see over there and he can see what they are doing. As long as you are intelligent and heady, you study even from the sideline. I know we learn from playing, but if you can learn from the sideline and see what they are doing on defense, you will be a little better prepared then if maybe you are just straight off the bat.

Q: Derek Moye moved up to third all-time in program history for receiving yards. Talk about his performance today and the past four years.
I think he has made big plays for us in the past and he continues to do that. Derek and all of them caught the ball the best we have, especially this year. I thought they performed pretty well.

Tom Bradley
Assistant Coach, Defense/Cornerbacks

Q: What impact will the defensive injuries to Mike Mauti and D'Anton Lynn have?
Well we are talking about two pretty good players. D'Anton [Lynn] is the heart and soul of that secondary, he's a three-year starter, does everything the right way, comes to practice every day. He is one guy who never gets hurt but he did have his head down, he had the crown of his helmet down when he made contact with the guy.

Q: How do you deal with this as a defensive coordinator with the rest of the team?
During the game I said 'Let's get to work, there isn't much we can do about that, we'll talk about it after the game and if we are going to be a good football team guys are going to have to step up.'

Q: Did you know Mike Mauti was down and how serious it was?
I thought he was going to be OK. I thought he got the wind knocked out of him. But when he started to get up and said, 'Coach I have to stay down, so we can get a substitute in?' I didn't know until Wayne came over and told me that it was his other ACL, his other knee.

Q: You had all the injuries last year, how do you go forward from here?
It's a similar situation. One of the things is that we have had guys that have played different positions. We will just have to adjust from there and Nate Stupar is going to have to step up and take on that role.


#71 Devon Still
Sr./Sr., Defensive Tackle

Q: How do you keep up the mindset after you see two serious injuries throughout the course of the game?
It's hard. I'm not even going to lie. It's hard to just keep on playing when you see two of your fellow teammates go down like that. Especially when you know how hard they work during the offseason and how hard they work period throughout the year. Just to see something like that, it's hard to go out there and play. Like I said, this is football. We all know it's a dangerous game. We know what we are putting on the line when we go out there. We're just going to have to have to go out there and keep on our feet.

Q: What are your thoughts on Big Ten play starting next week?
I'm excited. We done with our nonconference games and now it's time to get into the big shows. We are just looking forward to playing a good Indiana team next week and getting after it.

#81 Jack Crawford
Sr./Sr., Defensive End

Q: After all the injuries last year, are you nervous that this could be something that could pile up?
I don't think about it when I'm on the field. When I see my teammates go down, it's tough to swallow. When [D'Anton Lynn] went down I was just praying he would be okay both on and off the field.

Q: What did you think of [Nate] Stupar's performance today?
I think he had a great performance. He is one of those guys who is very vocal and he is very enthusiastic. He is one of those players you can count on to not skip a beat. He was playing out there [for] [Mike] Mauti today, and I think he did Mauti proud.

#34 Nate Stupar
Gr./Sr. Linebacker

Q: Talk about [Mike Mauti's] injury and your chance to play?
It's sad that that happened; you never want to see anyone go down like that. Myself and the other linebackers need to take advantage of the situation.

Q: Did you feel like you had to seize upon that moment?
Yeah I think anyone would. Even James Van Fleet got in and I was really happy for him because he's my roommate and we are good friends. It was fun today.

Q: Does this provide a little bit of confidence for you?
Yeah it gives me a little hope going into the future. And I'm excited to see what our defense and our team does in the future.

#6 Gerald Hodges
Jr./Jr. Linebacker

Q: What is it like for you when Mike Mauti goes down like that?
It is definitely a huge loss for us. We can't hang our heads now and step up as a team and as a linebacking unit and just try to fill the void. It's definitely a huge void to fill but we have to fill it.

Q: What kind of emotions go through you when you see [D'Anton Lynn] go off on a board?
I think they brought the board out for precautionary reasons but it definitely is mindboggling when you see one of your players go down like that. Most of the time when they bring the board out it's a serious injury. We just pray for him and hope everything is alright with him.

Q: How do you guys look at Nate Stupar, do you look to him as a leader?
[Nate] Stupar is definitely a leader; he is very smart on the field. With Stupar coming on the field more than likely we won't lose a beat. He is just as good. I definitely don't think we will lose a beat with Stupar in there, he is a good athlete and he is a great linebacker.

#56 Eric Latimore
Gr./Sr. Defensive End

Q: How was the game for you today?
Today was a bit of a stress reliever. When the quarterback does his job and stays in the pocket you don't have to run around and chase him. It was nice the quarterbacks were doing this. It took the pressure off me.

Q: Did the injuries your teammates suffered today affect the morale of the team?
We suffered a lot of injuries today but we really just have to pray for the guys and make sure they have a fast recovery. It didn't really affect our morale, as a team we stayed positive. We all just have to step up now.

Q: Did you expect Eastern Michigan to pass as much as they did?
We didn't expect Eastern Michigan to pass as much as they did today because they're a running team. We just had to concentrate and buckle down on running. Our coaches sat us down after the first quarter and told us to make this adjustment and we did it well.


#11 Matt McGloin
Sr./Jr., Quarterback

Q: How do you think you did today?
I thought I played well today. The offensive line gave us a lot of time to throw the ball today and a lot of us made a lot of catches. It's something we definitely needed to do for when we start Big Ten play next week.

Q: Do you think you did everything you needed to do to make your case as starting quarterback?
I don't know. I guess we will see. I have to go back and look at the film tomorrow and see how I played overall and give myself a good evaluation. If [Coach Paterno] wants to continue to do the two quarterback system, that's fine. But, like I said, it's not up to me. I just have to continue to take it one practice at a time.

Q: How much of a difference did the offensive line make?
In the pass game, they did a great job. They gave us a lot of time to throw the ball today. They were stacking the box early on in the game and we weren't able to have success in the running game. But that made us open up the passing playbook a little bit and have some success. Hopefully we will continue to have that success and throw the ball.

#67 Quinn Barham
Gr./Sr., Tackle

Q: Does it hurt the team emotionally with two senior leaders injured?
It definitely does. They are both leaders and both big playmakers. The only thing we can do now it keep everybody encouraged, especially the younger guys who may not know how to handle the situation. I think we will be fine and bounce back.

Q: Do you think this was the kind of game the offense needed going forward as a team?
Oh, definitely. It gives you a lot of momentum coming into big ten play. It really boosts our confidence. Temple was a tough game, and they are good. They beat Maryland. But today was good for us and our confidence as a team. We'll be fine.

#25 Silas Redd
So./So., Tailback

Q: How big are the losses of D'Anton Lynn and Michael Mauti emotionally?
They are huge. Those guys are excellent players and key players for our defense. It is going to be tough to replace those guys in their respective positions.

Q: How's it feel to see the passing game have some success today?
I was happy to have those guys get going and establish the passing game. We want to show everyone that we are not something to mess with when we throw the ball too.

Q: What are your thoughts about starting Big Ten play next week?
I am excited. That is where the fun begins. We have [Indiana] coming up and we have had their number for the past couple of years now, but I am excited to get it going.

#6 Derek Moye
Sr./Sr., Wide Receiver

Q: The team lost [Michael] Mauti and [D'Anton] Lynn today. Do you think that was hard on the defense?
Yes, especially with two guys like that. You never want to lose anybody, especially guys who play that big of a role on the team and on our defense. It's a tough situation.

Q: Are there concerns that you still have as an offense going into conference play?
There are always concerns. You always want to get better and clean up the mistakes we made in this game. We want to go out there and try to not make them in the next one.

Q: What does the 2,000-yard milestone mean to you?
I feel honored to be on the list. At the same time, I'm just worried about trying to get wins and trying to improve our offense this season.

#1 Rob Bolden
So./So., Quarterback

Q: How would you rate your play today?
I don't know as far as grade-wise. I think I did pretty well moving the ball. I wish I could have finished some drives. We got a field goal out of one. To start off we did a lot of running, trying to get the ball going and open some holes for Silas [Redd] and the other guys. Overall, I think I had a pretty good day, but I don't know as far as a grade.

Q: Why was the offense clicking better today?
I don't know. Like I said last week, I think it's going to take something within and we all just grabbed it from nowhere and got moving. It was good to see that. The [offensive] line did a heck of a job with pass protection. I don't think [Matt McGloin or I] got hit today so that's always a plus. If you get the ball down the field, it's a playmaker. We had a good day.

Q: Do you think you have more confidence going into conference play?
Indiana is going to be a good team and we're opening up Big Ten play this week so that's always exciting. We haven't seen film on them; I don't know that much about them right now. I guess we can take what we saw from last year and kind of apply it, but they're a good team and it's going to be a good game.



Q: Coach, obviously this year, your game has been focused on rushing. Today was a big passing day for you. Was there a reason for that? Was there a certain number of times you wanted to pass?
A: Yeah, we know we'll have to control the ball in our league and we had to work on it. So, we wanted to throw a certain number of times this game. We wanted to throw 20-30 times.

Q: Did you get a chance to talk to Coach Paterno before the game? What did he say?
A: I did. I was happy about that. He just wanted to know where I was from and if I played ball at Michigan. He's an inspiration. I just told him, 'Thank you' for what he's done for college football. I was happy about that.

Q: How special was it to have him on the sidelines?
A: Well, I noticed he was down there for a while. But once the game started, all of that was over with.

Q: Defensively, Justin Cudworth forced another fumble, as did Brad Ohrman. Defensively, those guys have been rock-solid. Just talk about their efforts.
A: Well, I thought they did a nice job. Obviously, I have to see the tape. I thought defensively, we came out and played really well in the first half. We were on short fields, really, most of the half. The last turnover really hurt our team. I thought if we go into halftime down, 10-0, we're still playing and it's a closer game. I thought that last turnover really hurt us. Justin [Cudworth] is flying around and playing hard, he's getting better. I thought Latarrius Thomas did some great things today. As you mentioned, Brad Ohrman, a senior, did some nice things today.

Q: Defensively, did you notice anything different when [Penn State QB Rob] Bolden was in rather than when [Matt] McGloin was in, with Penn State's offensive schemes?
A: Not a lot different. I think they did what they wanted to do and the things that they've done. I think they just did them better. They made some plays. I thought our guys were body to body on their receivers multiple times and their guy came up with the ball. They made plays today, more than we did.




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