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Sept. 19, 2009

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Joe Paterno
Head Coach

Q: Can you talk about the overall health of your team. How many guys were sick? Can you talk about how some of them got nicked up today?
A: I'm not sure the figure, but it may be around 15-16 kids who we were worried about at one time or another. They were all ready to play today. I'd like to say something about our medical people. Dr. Auckerman and Dr. Sebastianelli just did a terrific job. Nobody's got better people. They come to practice. We've got two doctors in practice just about every time we suit up. Dr. Auckerman was on top of those kids all the time. I don't think there was anybody, maybe [Tom] McEowen, but we hadn't planned on playing him anyway. He may have been one kid who didn't play, but I think he could have if we wanted to.

Q: How about how you came out of this game? It seems like quite a few guys got nicked up today.
A: I won't know until I talk to the doctors. I don't know. They all come in tomorrow morning and then at 12:00, Doc calls me and we talk about their physical situation. I don't really know of anybody that's serious. I'm hoping that Bowman will be back next week. I don't know if he will or not. He's one guy who just can't get over that problem he has with the leg.

Q: How can you know where these guys are without really challenging your nonconference schedule? Do you remember a time in the past where you didn't have a challenge through your nonconference schedule?
A: I haven't got the slightest idea. We've played well and hard against the teams we've played. All you can do is evaluate your techniques and the things you do in a particular game. We were a little sloppy today in some situations, but overall, I think we played better today than we have so far this year and that's all I keep telling the kids. Let's get better each week and see where we end up. It isn't as if we won't have a chance to show people just how good we are. We'll have an opportunity to do that, but up to now, they've done all that we've asked them to do.

Q: Can you assess the play of Johnnie Troutman today?
A: There's a whole mess of kids on the field; I'm looking at a lot of different things. I can tell you if he fouled up on something. But I think Troutman probably played a pretty good game. I have to look at some tape, but I think he did pretty well.

Q: Was it the flu that was going around the team? Was that specifically what it was? Did Clark or Royster have any of it?
A: Royster did, but Clark didn't. Royster wasn't feeling well. They were treated for a bad cold for a while. We were checking their fever. I think we had about six kids who turned up with a little fever, but the rest of them just felt lousy and they had no energy. We weren't sure whether it would get worse and when I say we, I mean the doctors. The doctors were looking at them and couldn't be sure whether it would develop into something worse or they would be okay. Fortunately, they were okay. We worried about it, trying to space their time. I played Royster more than we intended. Green was another kid who I wasn't sure if he would be able to play. This morning, he felt good.

Q: Can you talk about the performance of the rushing game? Were you pleased with the improvement?
A: I think we did some things well, but again, you've got to understand that Temple didn't play us the same way as Syracuse and Akron played us. Temple played us with a four-spoke secondary, and they did some blitzing later on, but not a lot of it. They just hustled and played good, solid defense. I think that will be a pretty good football team when it's all said and done. We've got to be able to run when they only put seven in the box. If we can't run with seven in the box, then we've really got some problems. We were playing against eight and nine kids in the box the first two games which makes it tough. Especially if you want to spread out a little bit and throw the football.

Q: You said that you played better this week than you did the previous two? What specifically are some of the things you feel your team did better?
A: I just think we played a little tougher across the line of scrimmage. We were a little more precise with our running game. We played with a little more bounce. You get a feel for those things. Each time, you think you did a little better than some other weeks. I can look at the tape and feel differently, but I'd be surprised. I think the kids played a good, solid game.

Q: Was Brackett ill? Is that why Drake played so much too?
A: No, Brackett was okay. Brackett's got to turn it up a little bit maybe. The other kid can do a couple of things in there. We were trying to get those young kids ready for the rest of the season. We know what Brackett can do. You play a kid like Drake, the Smith kid or Brown and do the things they practice because they can't handle everything. They have certain things they can do and when it came time for a certain play, we gave them a chance. Just like that reverse pass, Drake was a former high school quarterback and he can throw the football. He didn't look like it on that pass, but he can throw the ball.

Q: It looked like Daryll took a few more shots than maybe he's taken. How do you think he handled that? Was Temple trying to put pressure up there?
A: One of the first passes we threw, he took a good shot and had to get rid of it. Daryll is a tough kid. It's not a question that he's not tough. We're constantly trying to keep him from getting hit because he's so important to the football team, so we don't want to get him banged up. But I thought he handled it; he can handle it. We did a little better job on the perimeter. They were coming hard on the outside and early in the game, particularly the first series, we didn't do a very good job. But after that, we did alright. Daryll knows what's going on. We had a couple chances for big plays and we didn't block it real well. Then the big kid knocked him down when we were supposed to cut him at the line of scrimmage. We obviously have to get better with things like that.

Q: You have Iowa next week. Iowa beat you last year and probably knocked you out of the national championship game. How much of a sting was that loss last year? Do you remember what you said to the kids and just how tough that loss was?
A: I probably said, let's just forget about it; we've got another one coming up. I don't remember. They deserved to beat us last year. They beat a tough Northern Iowa team then they played really well in their game at Iowa State. I watched a little bit of that tape last night. They played really well. I think Iowa is a good football team. Hopefully, we can play a little better than we did last year. Part of that was the fact that they played so well. They played a heck of a game against us.

Q: Iowa has enjoyed recent success against you. Does Iowa present any matchup problems?
A: No. They play good, tough football. They've played better than we have. I don't think we played in '05 and I think we beat them in '07. I don't know. I don't look back. The team we're going to play this coming Saturday is not the team we played last year or the one we played five years ago. We're not the team we were last year; we're a different team. We've got to make plans with what we have as opposed to what they have. Consistently, they're a very, very physical football team on the line of scrimmage and very aggressive in the secondary. I would imagine they'd bring the same type of thing [next Saturday].

Q: You always stress the importance of a kicking game. You had an onside kick, almost had a punt blocked, given up today and a long return? Are you disappointed in the play of the kicking game?
A: I'm disappointed in the long return. We actually had told the guys to be ready for that onside kick. That kid did a great job. That ball hit the ground before it went up in the air. He banged that thing right in the air. That was on grass; we've seen guys do it on turf, but he hit that thing right in the grass and it went up. Suhey was looking right in the sun and couldn't see it. The ball was in between him and the sun, so it was a perfect play for them. But I don't think we did as good a job as we've got to do. We have to do better with coverage.

Q: Can you talk about your defense? Can you talk about the team speed in particular?
A: I'm disappointed we're not making more plays. I would like to see us get around the ball a little bit better. We have speed, but some of them aren't quite sure what they're doing and they're a little bit hesitant. They don't get the jump on the ball that they should because they don't have the type of confidence they need - organizing the pass rush, trying to steal a step or two, watching the quarterback, watching his shoulders a little bit - little things like that. They have to play a little bit more.

Tom Bradley, Defensive Coordinator

Q: Was the defense impacted at all by the flu?
A: No, not at all. Sean [Lee] didn't practice Thursday, but I wasn't worried about him being there. We adjusted; our guys did a good job. I think a lot of it is precautionary. I wasn't worried about him not being there. He would have to have the swine flu times 10 for him not to show up.

Q: Before the game it looked like Jerome [Hayes] was kind of testing his leg out to see if he can play. Did you see that?
A: No, not at all

Q: How do you think the defense played today?
A: You know, at times I thought we played with some passion. Other times, I thought we weren't as quick as we've been in the past. [I was] disappointed in some of our tackling. We're getting better, but we've got to keep playing for us to be able to play with some passion. I did see it at times, but it's got to be continuum. There's a couple of series where we made mistakes that we shouldn't have. A couple of mistakes [like] today the one on the wheel-route in the second half, I'm disappointed - we shouldn't have made.

Q: For three games the D's been playing very well. Can the team as a whole just flip a switch next week and get that complete performance?
A: Well this will be a different game next week. Iowa is a heck of a football team and we'll face different obstacles. The good thing is we've seen just about every formation we're going to see all year.

#10 Andrew Quarless
Sr./Sr., Tight End

Q: Did you avoid the illness [going around the team]? How badly were you under the weather?
A: I was a little under the weather, but I was able to play. Not too bad, not too bad, but like I said, in the locker room we just have to keep washing our hands and stuff like that. A lot of people are sick.

Q: They cancelled freshman lifts Friday. Did they do anything else to take precaution?
A: Yeah they cancelled the lift and most study hall, just to air out the building. I believe they did all that [wiping down benches with spray]. Like I said, on Thursday after practice, they made everybody get out and air the facility out because there's a lot of stuff going around.

Q: Is this team ready for Big Ten play?
A: Oh yeah, definitely. Every week we're making strides. Every week, we're getting a lot better. As you can see, we ran the ball a lot better today. So we're definitely making strides every week.

Q: What do you think this team still has to improve on?
A: Me personally, I always feel like we should be more physical. I think the Big Ten is a very physical conference.

Q: There were a lot of chances today. Talk about having that 70-yarder called back.
A: Hey man, that stuff happens. You know, a young guy got the penalty and I told him, 'You owe me one man.' No, I had no clue [it was called back]. After I scored, I turned around and saw a flag and that's never a good look.

#81 Jack Crawford
So./So., Defensive End

Q: I know the one sack, you really had to fight through some guys to get there.
A: Yeah, we actually had a stunt on, where I was coming in and it was just wide open. I was with Devon Still and he ran the stunt really well and I was just wide open. Then suddenly, they saw it and they came back, but it was too late because I still got through.

Q: Talk about the defensive unit in general.
A: Defensively, I think we came out really strong. Certain points we slipped up, certain points we lost focus, and at certain points we just weren't together, but I think it's something to learn from. It was tough because we couldn't go by what they had done against Villanova because they had a bye week. So we had the game plan for them, but we really hadn't seen what they had done. We really weren't really prepared enough for them; we couldn't practice for what they came out with today.

Q: Talk about what it's like coming back on the field right after the interception or the onside kick?
A: It's tough because you just came off the field and you feel relieved and then next thing you know you have to go back on the field. It kind of kills your spirit; your morale a little bit. But these things happen. We just have to focus on our special teams more and focus on certain things like holding onto the ball.

Q: Three solid efforts by the defense. Are you guys ready for Big Ten play?
A: I think we are ready. Coach Johnson always says, 'The way how we practice is the way we're going to play,' and we have been consistently practicing hard and have the same attitude on the field as we do on the practice field. It's going be tougher next week definitely, but some people say this is where the real season starts. This is where we have to buckle down and get ready because these games are going to get tougher as we go on. We are just going to have to practice and get better every week.

#73 Dennis Landolt
Gr./Sr., Offensive Tackle

Q: Was that the most physical team you've played of the three so far?
A: I think so and we played our most physical game too. We ran the ball really well. We were able to get things going on the ground.

Q: Do you feel like you're ready for Big Ten play?
A: I think we are. We made some mistakes out there today that we can't have happen. I think this week in practice we will get things straightened out.

Q: What seemed to kick in for your run blocking today?
A: I think it's just we are all getting better. Everything was executing better and we saw things. We got on people and we stayed on our blocks.

Q: Can you talk about the play of Johnnie Troutman today?
A: I think he played great today. He made good blocks. He was good with calls and everything. I think he's a great player.

Q: Do you think Troutman has locked that spot down?
A: I don't know. We'll have to see. It's likely that we will keep rotating guys in there. But I couldn't really tell you.

#91 Jared Odrick
Sr./Sr., Defensive Tackle

Q: What have you guys learned about yourselves now that the non-conference games are over with?
A: It's a great learning experience just because we got a lot of younger guys and a lot of guys that are starting for the first time. We're trying to tell them it's on another level starting next week. We just hope that everybody can really step up and this week of practice can be good and everything can flow. Hopefully, we'll get it done.

Q: Do you think the Iowa game will tell you where you guys really stand and what will happen down the road you think?
A: I mean it could. Each Big Ten team is different in what they do. They each have their own way. It starts with Iowa and where we can grade ourselves on how well of a defensive line we can be. They have some great players on their offensive line, so we're looking forward to a great week of practice.

Q: How do you guys handle the whole revenge/payback thing after the loss to Iowa last season?
A: Honestly, it was one of the worst feelings I had last year walking off the field like that. Just the rush of their fans coming on and knowing you can't say anything because you lost and it was a horrible feeling. It is definitely motivation, but I am just as motivated as any other game. Every game, it's the same motivation for me.

#17 Daryll Clark
Gr./Sr., Quarterback

Q: Did you do something to your shoulder?
A: I had a little stinger that shot through my arm as I threw the ball. It bothered me for about a quarter and a half, but I was okay. I'm alright now. It's a little sore, but I'll ice it up and be ready next week.

Q: This was your first tough game this season. What do you think was the reason?
A: I think it was just a lack of execution. I made a few bad throws. I felt like I made the right reads at times. We had a couple of drops. We had a couple of protection issues. It was a little bit of everything today. But, we ran the ball better. That was one of the main things we wanted to get done this week.

Q: Is it a little bit frustrating that you guys have not put things together in these first three games as an offense?
A: Yeah, a little bit. You are going to run into something like that. The question is how will you deal with it? The non-conference schedule is done until Eastern Illinois. We have a big game at 8:00 next week against Iowa. We're definitely going to be focused for that one. We put everything we have done behind us and we are 0-0 right now. It's time to get going now for Big Ten play.

Q: What do you remember about the Iowa game last year?
A: I remember that they beat us fair and square. I didn't play very well. I know it's something that cannot happen this time around. We are very excited about the game, obviously. We are going to practice very well this week. We can't afford to have a bad week because Iowa is a very good football team. They are well coached and they will be ready to play.

Q: You had a concussion last year. Did you have any effects of that in the Iowa game?
A: Nope. The coaches did a good job the bye week we had to get me back where I needed to be. Going into that game I felt fine. I wasn't dizzy or drowsy. I just played bad.

Q: Is there a switch you can hit to just have a complete game offensively? A: We hope so. When the play is called, it has to be executed as best as possible. Plain and simple. We can't make any excuses on what a defense is doing to us or anything like that.

#28 Drew Astorino
Jr./So., Safety

Q: How prepared are you guys to head in to the Big Ten Opener next week?
A: I feel like we're pretty prepared. We're gonna just keep practicing this week, go week by week and keep working.

Q: What are your thoughts on the Temple defense? Were they more physical than or as physical as Syracuse?
A: I mean Temple is a good team. They always play real hard. They're very well coached. They played real hard. They're a physical team and they played real well against us.

Q: How has the defense improved over these first few games?
A: I feel like we've been playing good. We keep getting a little better each week and we've got to keep improving for next week.

Q: Have you guys been challenged yet on defense?
A: Today we were just talking about it, that Temple's quarterback is a very good quarterback. He can throw the ball real well. I know that we're going to get challenged and that we're going to get a lot of teams passing so I think we're ready for it. We're excited about it.

#22 Evan Royster
Sr./Jr., Tailback

Q: How does it feel to finally get a 100-yard game? A: It was only a matter of time. Our offensive line blocked real well today and we had some big plays.

Q: What was the difference today?
A: Their safeties played a lot less aggressively. They stayed back in pass coverage a little more than these past few teams we've played. Our offensive line just executed their blocks a little better.

Q: Do you need to make any changes for Iowa?
A: No, I think if we do what we did this week we've got a good shot next week.

Q: Do you think Temple played you a little more physically than the other two teams you've faced?
A: They weren't as aggressive as the other safeties. We were able to get the run game going a little bit and get into open space. I'd say they were just as physical though on contact.

Q: How much fun was it for you to get over 100 yards in the first half?
A: It was good. Our offensive line played great. It was fun to finally get into open space and make some plays.

#74 Johnnie Troutman
Jr./So., Guard

Q: How do you rate your performance today getting the start? A: I think I did alright. There's always room for improvement. We'll take a look at the tape on Monday and I'll re-evaluate myself Monday.

Q: What do you have to say about how the running game went?
A: I think I did well. I think we could have done a little better. We were trying to hit the 200-yard mark with the rushing yards but we didn't quite get there.

Q: How do you think the line will be against Big Ten caliber competition?
A: I think we'll be alright, just every week trying to get better. Temple had two good inside guys. Number two (Andre Neblett) is getting a lot of looks from NFL teams, so I think we'll be alright with the Big Ten coming up.

Q: How was Temple's pass rush affecting you guys? A: It was what plays we called. They were blitzing on the back side and so we had less blockers there and that was one of the things that got Daryll (Clark) hit early. He just had to read off that guy. We will get that stuff down with practice and just reassure him that he does have time on certain pass rushes.

Q: How did you feel about getting your first start?
A: I felt good. I was a little jitterish last night but that comes with my first start ever. So, it felt good. I think I played well; well enough to get the job done. We'll see Monday. We will get to watch the film and see how I did.

#85 Ollie Ogbu
Sr./Jr., Defensive Tackle

Q: How did the offensive line play today?
A: I think they did pretty well today. If you watch tape or if you even watched the game we had a lot of good runs by Evan (Royster) and even Stephfon (Green). I don't think we're in trouble or in turmoil. I think we're right where we're supposed to be-ready for the Big Ten. We're starting to get the ball rolling and now we're good to go. I think they're doing pretty good.

Q: How excited are you guys for next week?
A: There's really no words. This isn't a revenge game, this is just our Big Ten opener. This is just like playing every other team, this is round four. We can't look at is as putting all our eggs in the basket for this game. We remember what they did last year so we're not going to forget but in no way is this a circle on the calendar game. We've got to take every game as serious as this one, as we did the last three. This is a big game, yeah, but we've got a long season and we're just going to go out there and play them hard.

Q: After three blowouts, are you guys ready to go in the Big Ten?
A: Yeah we're good. We've got to work on some things because Temple did a good job of doubling the inside guys and chipping the ends so we were a little slow. We've got to work on that. During the season, we will learn to get acclimated to that and I think we're ready to go.

#6 Derek Moye
Jr./So., Wide Receiver

Q: What happened on the touchdown play, was there something there you saw?
A: The play was designed to go to the front side, but I had a backside slant and they were playing me man-to-man. Daryll [Clark] recognized it and anytime we're going man-to-man, he feels I'm going to beat them and he gave me a good pass.

Q: How did Daryll Clark handle the physical nature of the game?
A: I think he handled it well and he's got a good body to be handling some physical-ness (sic). I think he did a great job with it.

Q: Are you where you need to be going into the Iowa game?
A: We always feel like we can get better and we know there are things we need to shape up.

Q: Did the running game come back today?
Definitely, they weren't eight guys in the box today so when that happens we can run it all day. I think the passing game helped open that up.

Q: Was the passing game easier the last couple of weeks?
It was because Temple didn't play man-to-man and make us beat them, they didn't want to take that chance. It opened the running game up for us.

Q: What happened on the end-around with Drake, did you see what happened to him?
A: He told me when he threw it somebody hit his arm. We run that play plenty of times in practice and it was on the money every time. We usually run it to the boundary and it gets switched up in practice.

#43 Josh Hull
Sr./Sr., Linebacker

Q: How is the preparation heading into the Big Ten season?
A: I think we're prepared OK, we have a lot of work to do next week. There's no doubt in my mind we're going to be ready to play come Saturday.

Q: Did you get enough of a challenge out of the three non-conference games?
A: Absolutely, these last three games have brought a lot out that the defense needs to work on. Today we had too many mental mistakes. Communication is the thing that's been hurting us for the last three weeks. We have to really iron those things out in practice to be ready for Iowa.

Q: What about your near-interception today?
A: I have to learn how to catch the ball with two hands. I was trying to be a hot-shot and catch it with one hand.

Q: Is the jump you had in the 2nd quarter something you saw in game film or something you saw on the field?
A: We work it a lot in practice with the tight end routes. We knew he was going to run five yards out and so I sat on his hip and broke underneath him and unfortunately didn't catch it.

Q: Is communication the biggest problem you see?
A: Up to this point it's the biggest problem we have. Every day we have in practice we have to communicate with each other whether it's a formation chance or a responsibility, everybody needs to be communicating the whole time.

Q: What are your thoughts on next week vs. Iowa?
A: It's an eight o'clock game and it's going to be really exciting to be in Beaver Stadium next week. I'm really looking forward to it, it's going to be a lot of fun.


Q: What's different from the last three times you played these guys? In terms of the competitiveness of the game, as the game went along, was that one of the biggest things that you noticed?
A: Probably. I was pleased; we're obviously stronger. We're more physical. We had some guys that finished the game. So, I was pleased with our competitiveness. We still had some guys that lost their poise, which we've got to get over that, which has a lot to do with coming and playing here. It was considerably less than last time we came, so it's a process for them. I'm pleased that a lot of guys competed today.

Q: You had four drops at least...
A: I just thought that there were some times that we just either didn't put it on them or a kid kind of just cut his route off- just kind of lost their poise a little bit at times. Especially the little screen passes. I'll throw a number out there, I'm not sure it was correct, but I bet you we were one-for-six on screens and you can't do that on the screen game. A lot of that was just some guys losing their poise on the timing part of it.

Q: On the offensive line...
A: We only had one (sack) until the end and I don't want to say it was garbage time either because a lot of kids on both teams were fighting. We had one when Vaughn (Charlton) was in there and I think Chester (Stewart) took one when he was in there and then Vaughn took another one late. I don't know if we ended up with three or four, but for three quarters I bet you it was only one. I'm pleased with the offensive line. I was pleased with their demeanor, their look. During the game, we ran the ball better than we ever have. I don't know what the finals were, but there were a lot of good six-, seven-yard runs. We've got to get the running backs to run harder, more consistently. That's going to be a challenge right now to the running backs to run the ball harder, more consistently and finish runs. We're not doing that well enough right now.

Q: You did a lot of things in the first half, you had the on-side kick, you had fourth-down plays. Was that part of your plan?
A: I think any time your play an operation like this, you have to give your kids a chance. Also as coaches, you want to show them that you're here to compete. This year was really the first time I heard guys say, 'Hey, let's go up there and win. Let's go up there and try to win.' As opposed to 'Let's just survive.' Obviously it didn't work out, but at least they had a good attitude going into the game. Again, we wanted to be aggressive. We had a chance to hit a post early to James (Nixon), we didn't convert it and boy that would've done wonders. When you have shots against Penn State, you have to convert them and we didn't do that necessarily, but you have to give them a lot of credit, they're a heck of a defense and they were very tough in the red area.

Q: Were you pleased with placekicker Brandon McManus in his first game?
A: Yes. Yeah, he was very poised. He's one of the guys that was very poised, and he's very confident. His first kickoff he hit the ground and he came over with like a 'it will never happen again' kind of attitude, so he has a great attitude for a kicker because he has a short memory. He didn't let that ruin the rest of his day. He really drilled them, to be honest with you. He hit them really good. He had good lift. I'm very pleased with him. Obviously he's three-for-three for the year.

Q: About the talk coming in about Penn State not being able to run the ball against a stacked line- It didn't seem like you had that game plan.
A: The big thing is that if you don't give them the big play, you have the chance to make some plays. Now, what their running backs did well was they protected the ball and what their quarterback does exceedingly well is protect the football. When you have that philosophy of trying to get them to go the distance rather than give them quick ones, because Akron had given them a lot of quick ones and we didn't want to do that. When you have that philosophy you have to create some plays. We never really created some takeaways. We got one early, we dropped another one- I think we dropped two actually. I think both safeties dropped one that we could've had. You've got to catch the one he throws you. What they did do running well today was the second-level runs, the kind of delayed or kind of a full trap or a draw. They did that really well and (Evan) Royster is a good back in space and we have to do a better job tackling.

Q: You didn't have as much success when quarterback Chester (Stewart) came in today. What went wrong on that first play?
A: He just fumbled the ball coming out, so the timing of the play was destroyed there. Then on the second one he had a good game going and he fumbles. We're not going to give up on the kid. He's talented and there are some things that he can do for us, but obviously you can't turn the ball over.

Q: On huddling the whole team at the start of the fourth quarter...
A: It's tradition. We just try to make sure that we continue to do that, so that they can hear from me and that we learn how to finish. There are so many things I wish we had done better at, executed better at. In terms of the kids flying around and trying to finish the game and everything, I'm happy about that. We've just got to keep our poise a little bit. The thing that I was most pleased about was for Vaughn (Charlton) to come into this environment and really look it in the eye and not lose his poise. I thought Vaughn Charlton played with great poise, made good decisions, made some big-time throws. We have to help him out a little bit better. We could have caught some of the ones he threw us early that would have got us going, but I thought he really came back well. Obviously, having no interceptions is great.

Q: On letting Penn State score another touchdown before the half...
A: It would've been nice to go in at 14-3. Certainly 21-3, with us getting the ball, if we had come out scored right away, then you've got a shot or something. It's not over there, but you get the sense that you've got to do something quick. We didn't do that. We didn't come out and score right away. We had some chances to, but they stopped us in the red zone. They did a nice job in the red zone and then we got a penalty on the punt later on, which hurt.

Q: You did have a delay of game. You had to call one or two timeouts late. Is that just early-season operational things?
A: No, I don't think so, because we didn't have it in the first game. I just think, like I said, I thought some guys lost their poise. I'm just going to be honest with you, because we haven't had many penalties at all and today we had to use some time-outs and we had some operational penalties and we were rushed other times. Always the coaches first, coaches have to do a better job, myself included. That's the first thing, but the second thing is that the players have to play with a little bit of poise. We had some guys out there that were like deer in the headlights a little bit, but we had less than we had last year, I promise you that.

Q: Were you bothered by the roughing the kicker penalty?
A: I'm always bothered by that. I coach it, No. 1. They way we teach it, there's no reason for you to get near the punter. We teach outside arm in that case, so even if you put you're outside arm across the punter's foot, your body won't touch the punter. He's one of the most honest kids I've even been around and he swears it hit his elbow. Certainly, when the young man punts it for 50-yard average and that one goes into the stands or wherever it ended up, I certainly tended to believe him that he did get a piece of it. I guess it didn't prove that way.

Q: On Penn State's offensive line, did you see anything different from the previous two games?
A: I don't think. I just think they got us on different levels with their running game and I thought Royster really made some great cuts. We missed some open-field tackles. We didn't contain the ball very well in terms of our force at times, which enabled him to get out. They were exactly what we thought they were going to be. I thought our guys battled. If you've got a chance when you're in the red zone, you've got to score. Otherwise, the defense has to keep going back out there, so it all works together.

Q: What'd you tell the guys after the game?
A: Coming into the game, it was about poise and unity. I thought we stayed together. Our poise wasn't very good. The younger guys have to learn from this. Hopefully next year that "awe" factor will be reduced even more or will be minimized even more. Then basically, let's get dressed and get out of here. We've got Buffalo coming in and we've got our whole season in front of us. The tournament starts basically this weekend. It's a 10-game tournament coming up. Eight of them are MAC games and that's it. We learned a lot from these first two games, in which we were 1-1, but we made too many mistakes in the opener to win that one and we didn't convert enough here. I am very impressed with the way Vaughn Charlton came back today, which is exciting going into the MAC schedule.


#19 Brandon McManus
Fr./Fr., PK/P

Q: How did you prepare for this atmosphere, you looked pretty comfortable?
A: My team did a great job. We practiced with crowd noise and my teammates were yelling behind me to get me use to that game atmosphere.

Q: You didn't know until two weeks ago that you would be the kicker, is it different now knowing that for the past two weeks you were going to be the guy this week?
A: No, I was prepared in all of the games. I was still kicking off and I wanted to make sure I was doing good with that. Coming in here, I knew it was going to be a great game and I knew it was going to be a great atmosphere; I just wanted to kick well for my team.

Q: You don't seem to get rattled by much, have you always been this way?
A: I am a pretty calm guy. I mentally block out everything else to keep my focus. My team did a great job preparing me for the crowd noise. I was more excited than nervous to play this team and I just wanted to play well against them.

#77 John Palumbo
So./Jr., OL

Q: Did you feel well prepared for the game?
A: I felt prepared for the game. I studied film all week with my teammates. When I stepped in, there were a few technical mistakes that I wish I didn't make, but overall I felt good about it.

Q. What is this doing for you guys moving forward, with a few potential All-Americans on their [Penn State] defensive line, that really didn't do much today? Did you neutralize on that?
A. They have some great players, all around on defense; linebackers and defensive line. As a whole we did all right. We could have made a few better decisions. We didn't really neutralize them because we didn't win the game. We wish we would have taken better chances with the opportunities that we had, but we didn't. That is really the end of that.

Q. As the game goes on against this team, when you have a missed opportunity that is close, does it feel like the window shuts a little bit more?
A. Absolutely, there are times that we could have made plays that we didn't. It sucks the energy out of you a little bit, but we have to keep fighting. You all have to try to stay on the same page and just keep playing.

#12 Vaughn Charlton
Jr./Sr., QB

Q: Against one of the best defenses in the country you guys didn't really give up too many sacks, what do you guys take away from a game like this?
A: I think our offensive line really came together today. I think what we take away from this game, as far as the offense goes, is unity and trust with each other. I think we really played well today.

Q: You had some drops, as the quarterback do you just have to shake that off?
A: After a play like that you have to forget it. If you let is dwell on you, if you let it hang with you then it will just be a negative thought with negative energy.

Q: Does it take you out of your rhythm at all when Chester [Stewart] comes in?
A: No it doesn't bother me at all. That is what we did this game. I love it. I love when Chester comes in because he is a dynamic player and he causes problems.

Q. The tight ends really didn't have too much success this game; can you explain what happened with that?
A. Yeah, we tried to go to the tight ends a couple of times, but [Penn State's] defense is real hard on the tight ends.

Q. Ball protection went well for you today. Did you try to play conservative?
A. I think the preparation helped me with that. I think I was prepared enough to not have to think. I think I just really came out and played today. That was a big thing coming into this game today, protecting the football.




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