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Sept. 14, 2013

Penn State vs. Central Florida
September 14, 2013

#9 J.J. Worton
Sr./Jr., Wide Receiver

Q: How big is this win for this program?

A: A tremendous win, it is a very emotional win for all of us and the fact that we came up here to their stadium, one of the biggest stadiums in the nation and we were able to get a W, really showed the world what we can do.

Q: Were you guys intimated by the noise and crowds?

A: I mean the fact that coach was out there and had the loud noise at practice throughout the week. It wasn't much worst than that in the stadium. They are a great, great team, a lot of fans, a lot of loud fans, I mean the fact that we came out and got the drive in the first drive really put us all on ease.

Q: J.J., you mentioned coming here and showing people what you can do, did you come in here with the attitude that you had nothing to lose or did really have the attitude that "hey, we're a better team, we're going to go out there and we are going to prove some things?"

A: We feel like we're a better team than anyone that we have matched up with, we know who we have, we know who we match up with and the fact that we were able to come out here and get the win was really big for us.

Q: What gave you that confidence?

A. I mean really just all of us coming together as group in the offseason, we're a veteran group now, we'll all be able to know what each other can do and that can we came out here and do what we needed to do.

Q: J.J. this is the type of win that's eluded UCF for so long, when things started to go wrong, when that punt went over his head, were you thinking "not again" or what was the mentality going on, on that field on that last drive?

A: I mean everyone thought about that, not again, not again, the fact that we kept our composure and truly showed our character about what we can do and we were able to keep under control and come out and make that next play.



Q: Can you talk about (Blake) Bortles game, the type of game he had.

A: He's a tremendous player and a great friend as well, the fact that he was able to keep himself composed and make those plays, run as well and be able to get smart and get down when he needed to be, he's a tremendous player and he's going to take us all the way.

#5 Blake Bortles
Sr./Jr., Quarterback

Q: Why were you guys so effective on offense this evening do you think?

A: We had a good plan, we executed it, we blocked a good upfront, and receivers ran good routes. I just distributed the ball in all the right places.

Q: What's the attitude coming into a place like this; do you guys feel like you have an opportunity to prove something?

A: Yeah definitely, we definitely play with a chip on our shoulders. I know I do. We didn't have the offense from Penn State and the big schools so when we come here and play we want to make sure that they know we can play with them. And we took advantage of our opportunity tonight.

Q: What do you think this means for the program going forward?

A: I think it's huge, to beat a team like Penn State, which is such a great opponent, with such a great atmosphere to play in, we couldn't be happier.

#8 Storm Johnson
Sr./Jr., Running Back

Q: Storm, what does this win mean to the program, what's it mean to you guys?

A: It means a lot to us, we wanted to come get our respect and that's what we did. Coach O'Leary told us, "we don't want to come up here to play and have a good game, we wanted to come here and win" and that's what we did.

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