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Sept. 14, 2013

Penn State vs. UCF
September 14, 2013

#96 Sam Ficken
Jr./Jr., Place Kicker

Q: Can you go through the final kickoff first for us?

A: They wanted me to keep it away from number six who had been returning the ball really well. I looked at him and he was way up; so I tried to chip one back one behind him. It bounced on the five and unfortunately rolled under the line.

Q: When you came up for the 57-yard kick how confident were you?

A: I was pretty confident but unfortunately on that 57-yarder I got a little under the ball and it ended up being a yard or two short. I think if the kicks were switched they both would have been good. The direction was good, the hold and snap was good. I just got under it a little bit.

Q: Does it mean anything to you that your streak was broken during the game?

A: It was a good streak to have. I want to make every kick that I am sent out there to do. I am more focused on the game at hand. Personal accomplishments are great but I would have rather aided that.

#14 Christian Hackenberg
Fr./Fr., Quarterback

Q: How much more comfortable are you now than you were in week one?

A: I was definitely more comfortable with two games under my belt, and now three. We are just moving forward and trying to get better this week. We need to prepare for Kent State.

Q: Talk about Allen Robinson's game today.

A: Allen (Robinson) had a great day. He has been very consistent and a great play maker for us. If you can get the ball in his hands, he can do a lot of things.

Q: What did you see on that last touchdown throw to him (Allen Robinson) in the corner?



A: Allen (Robinson) was manned up, so I gave him a shot. He's got a 38 inch vertical, so I just gave him a shot.

Q: Richy Anderson and Adam Breneman got more involved today. What have you seen from those guys in practice and in the game?

A: They have been working hard. We have all been working hard. They played their role today and they made plays when the ball came their way.

#23 Allen Robinson
Jr./Jr., Wide Receiver

Q: You talked about how you never thought you were out of it, but when you made it a one-possession game did that bring you guys back into the mix?

A: Coach [O'Brien] preached to us -- it's one play at a time, one drive at a time. I think that we never really counted ourselves out of the game. It was a similar situation last year against Northwestern. I think that it's something all of our guys really thought about. We put some plays together, put a few drives together and we just came up a little short.

Q: What do you think the big takeaway of today's game is?

A: I would say the biggest takeaway is that we need to start fast. We are in the Big Ten playing against some great offenses and people are going to put points up early, so we need to get going early and start off fast.

Q: When you're in a one-on-one situation like you were on your touchdown catch, what are you thinking when you see it?

A: I am just trying to beat them one-on-one. It's something we do all the time -- one-on-one drills. I'm just trying to win the one-on-one. Christian [Hackenberg] tossed me up a good ball and gave me a good chance to make a play and I was able to come down with it.

#64 John Urschel
Gr./Sr., Guard

Q: What did you expect of them as far as physical toughness? Where they tougher than you thought?

A: They were a good tough football team. They played with good fundamentals. They are very well coached and today they played well. They out played us today.

Q: What areas did you feel you were outplayed today?

A: You can't go out there and say these units did not play well today. At the end of the day, we win as a team and we lose as a team. Every unit has room for improvement. Every player has room for improvement.

Q: What do you take from a defeat like this?

A: You take the only thing you can. You go back on Sunday and Monday, you look at the film, see what you did well and most importantly see what you did poorly. You work to improve. Then after you watch the film and you learn from it, you do not dwell on it. You let it go and you start focusing on Kent State.

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