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Sept. 8, 2007

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#2 Derrick Williams Jr./Jr., Wide Receiver

Q: Describe the punt return...
A: I think everything was set up right. The other guys on the touchdown return did a great job. I had the easy part of just running. One thing that the coaches always stress is just getting the ball down the field. I just tried to make something happen.

Q: Was it a difficult catch?
A: It was a little shoe-string. It looked like the punters ball was tilting a little bit, so it was something I had to adjust to.

Q: Regarding downfield blocking...
A: It was great. Everyone on the punt return team did a great job and gave 100%. We knew it was going to come down to the kicking game. You can see that A.J. Wallace had a great kick-return. The offense and defense did a great job; everyone played their best.

Q: Did you feel that the kick gave the team a bit of a boost?
A: I was hoping it did. When I was out there, the only thing I tried to do was make plays.

#4 Terrell Golden Gr./Sr., Wide Receiver

Q: Did the crowd live up to your expectations?
A: It definitely did. 110, just doesn't get any better than this. A lot of the guys were saying that this is why we come to Penn State. You hear legends about 110,000, but playing in front of them is something you just have to experience. You cannot put it in words.

Q: How different was it to have the white out in the whole stadium as opposed to jus the student section?
A: James McDonald said it best when he said, "It looks like a blur." Everyone is crazy, and all you can see is white. I can only imagine how it was for the away team.

Q: What does this win mean to you as a senior captain?
A: This is definitely a big win. Notre Dame is a great team and we just wanted to come out and see where we stacked with them. It just feels good. We went to South Bend and did not have such a hot time, but starting the season off (this year) 2-0 is great.

Q: How do you think Anthony Morelli responded to the first quarter interception?
A: It happened, and then it was over. Quarterbacks need to have a short memory, and he did a great job of that. He threw the interception, came back and found out what he did wrong, and after that we did not talk about it the rest of the game.

#1 Justin King Jr., Jr., Cornerback

Q: Regarding overall defensive performance...
A: I think we had a good day. We came out and were aggressive and played with confidence.

Q: Were you expecting them to come to you a few times today?
A: I was excited! I was ready and was on my toes. That's what we were like have to be ready for it.

Q: How much did you guys defensively feed off of the crowd?
A: We fed off of the crowd a lot. When the offense can't hear, that gets you excited. You just got to go out there and have fun and we had a great day.

Q: Was there a point in the game where you guys felt like you had control of the game?
A: Yes, in the end of the first quarter.

#24 Jordan Norwood Junior, Wide Receiver

Q: What is the mood like in the locker room right now?
A: It's exciting. Guys are excited about the win, obviously, excited to get out of the locker room and see their families. I guess we will be back here in eight hours but that is alright, everybody is excited and looking forward to next week already.

Q: You're an understated player, but a lot of guys have been talking about the revenge factor. How much do you guys feel like you got some revenge today?
A: We won the game, so for a lot of guys that erases the pain of last year and for me it does a little bit too. I am just excited personally for this season and looking forward to Buffalo already.

Q: When you look at your defense, how much of a comforting factor is that on offense?
A: That is comforting and it has been that way for the past four or five years. That is thanks to Tom Bradley running a great defense. That is something that we will have for the rest of the season and hopefully we will be able to rely on them a little bit when we are not producing as much on offense.

Q: What do you have to do to make the offense more consistent?
A: We just gotta be ready for whatever defenses throw at us. Notre Dame had some new coaching defensively, so we weren't sure what they were going to give us, even though they played one game, we still weren't sure what they were going to give us. It took a little bit for us to adjust but once we did, I think we played well.

#12 A.J. Wallace Sophomore, Cornerback

Q: What did the special teams mean in this game today?
A: It was really big. Special teams can turn the game around really quickly, so we knew if we had the openings that we could just hit the seams and get there. So, Derrick [Williams] did a good job returning it and I my best to try and get it down there. We capitalized on that and good field position changed the whole game, really.

Q: How much does something like Derrick Williams' punt return do to energize the team?
A: You can see it on the sidelines, how hyped the crowd gets, how hyped the team gets. Once you get there and get that big play, it just gives the team some juice to move on from that.

Q: How do you feel about this win and the team's dominating performance?
A: When we went out there, we were going out there with a purpose, it was the priority of the coaches and the priority of the team. We try to go out there with a purpose. When Derrick [Williams] got that punt return, he came over to me and said I gotta make a big play, so I took that and ran with it also. Big plays lead to other big plays, which leads to big wins.

#14 Anthony Morelli Senior, Quarterback

Q: How did the punt return get the juices flowing for you guys?
A: It was just good to see that we were able to go out there when we were down to be able to bounce back and win a football game against a very solid defense.

Q: How much do you feed off your defense?
A: It's unbelievable. They are really well-coached and they play together as a team and get the job done.

Q: You bounced back nicely from the early interception and had a nice game.
A: I just didn't put enough on it, I had Derrick [Williams] to the sideline and I just kind of under threw it. You can't worry about that and have to put it behind you and that is what we did and we were able to put some drives together to get enough points to win.

Q: Do you feel like you got your revenge today?
A: We feel real good. It was another one down, now we are going to look to Buffalo. We are going to keep rolling one play at a time, one game at a time.

Q: How important is it for Austin Scott to have a performance like he did tonight?
A: He did a great job, we were really balanced there with the pass and the run. We did a good job of executing late in the game and he held on to the football. He did what he does best, he ran it well.

Q: Austin Scott said he was a little tentative at the start. Did you say anything to calm him down?
A: Once he calms down, you can see what he can do. We just had a stupid penalty on the holding and took a long run there and that kind of hurt us, but we were able to get through adversity today and put a win together and that is all that matters.

#33 Austin Scott Senior, Tailback

Q: Can you talk about getting 28 carries today?
A: It felt great getting that many carries. I am thankful that the coaches called that many running plays. It was a nice number to get into a rhythm.

Q: Comment on the fans...
A: The crowd was great. It was just great. The past couple years has been great. The whole stadium was white this time. It was great to see everyone catching on to the white atmosphere. It was great for us as a team.

Q: Can you talk about sitting out last season, and how it has impacted you this season?
A: We knew we could run the ball. It was just a matter of getting everything figured out at the beginning of the season, It took a little while, but now we are playing well. I fell like we are in a good rhythm.

#19 Chris Bell Sophomore, Wide Receiver

Q: Can you talk about your big catch today?
A: Actually it has been a dream. We have been talking about it all week long. Anthony (Morelli) was sitting on the couch in the locker room, and he said to me that he had a dream that he threw a post pattern over the middle to me, and I scored. I told him that if he threw it, I would catch the pass. And tonight that happened.

Q: How much did that catch change the momentum of the game?
A: I think it picked us up as team. I am not going to say that all the players were tired, but we needed something. That was a momentum-changer. I was just really glad to contribute tonight. Everyone was hoping that I would contribute tonight.

Q: Describe the noise tonight?
A: The noise was unbelievable. The first time that I heard noise remotely like that was at Ohio State last year. But nothing compares to tonight. All the white was like a dream. That noise was a very powerful thing for a player. Individually that gives a player a great deal of momentum. There is no other place that I can think of as a better place to be.

#40 Dan Connor Senior, Linebacker

Q: Talk about the defense this year...
A: It is unbelievable. You have to give the defensive line a lot of credit. They are young, but they have improved game after game now.

Q: What was it like going after a freshman quarterback?
A: We knew he would be a little nervous, but you have to take your hat off to him. He played a great game. He was calm for the most part. He looked like Brady Quinn out there. He was very cool under pressure.

Q: Was it satisfying beating Notre Dame after last year?
A: It was more than satisfying. You don't want to hype a game too much during the week, but everyone wanted this one bad. To go out there and execute like we did was very satisfying.

Q: What is it like knowing that no one has crossed the goal line?
A: I actually did not know that. Those are the goals we set. That is why we set goals for the season. That is why we work hard.

#76 Gerald Cadogan Junior, Offensive Tackle

Q: Talk about the line's performance tonight...
A: I thought we did a real great job. In the fourth quarter, we did a good job getting some movement on the line of scrimmage. I thought we did well.

Q: What areas did you improve on from last week?
A: We trust one another better. We have been watching films together. We each trust one another. I trust Rich Ohrnberger beside me, and he trusts me as well. We are able to communicate better to see things before they happen.

Q: Talk about the crowd tonight...
A: It was amazing. That is why we come to Penn State. It was a great experience, and I am glad that we came out on top tonight.




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