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Sept. 3, 2011

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#11 Matt McGloin
Sr./Jr., Quarterback

Q: Joe was just in there and he said he would give both you guys a shot, how do you kind of go into it next week based on that?
A: Just got to take it one day at a time I guess. Whatever the coaches say I'll agree with, but I think, performance, how I played today, I think it speaks for itself. I said I want to be in there, I want to get the job, especially next weekend for Bama but, like I said, take it one day at a time, whatever the coaches decide, I will go with.

Q: You're a competitive guy, how difficult was it when they said that Rob (Bolden) was going to be the starter?
A: The way Coach Joe explained it to me and the way Jay (Paterno) explained it, was that we don't have a starter. Rob's going to play the first quarter, you're going to play the second quarter, and I was fine with it. They sat us down and went through the process. Guys were there saying 'You'll get in there, you'll get your shot and just do what you do.' I'm glad I had a lot of support from the guys around me and I was able to stay mentally focused and stay focused on the task at hand. I was proud of the guys out there today.

Q: What's it like trying to get a rhythm when you're going in and out like that?
A: That was tough today, but like I said, I'm glad the way everybody else around responded with guys mixing in and out. I thought at times it got a little tight on the sidelines here and there, especially with the weather. The weather was tough out there today, coming on and off but, like I said, I'm glad with the way we moved the offense.

#47 Jordan Hill
Jr./Jr., Defensive Line

Q: What can you do, anything different this year? I know you're in great shape this year.
A: Just play hard. I think the biggest thing we need to do is just have fun this year. We didn't have as much fun or come out in an enthusiastic way. We really want to play together. We have a lot of seniors - Dev (Devon Still), Jack (Crawford), Latty (Eric Latimore). We just want to come out and make it a good year for them.

Q: Jordan, do you sense that the defensive line is more complete this year with two healthy guys on the ends so that when you try and pressure an offensive scheme you get some consistent pressure off the edge. Do you think it opened things up for you guys?
A: Without a doubt. Dev (Devon Still) and I looked over and we're like 'Hey, just keep that pressure on coming outside. Make it come up to us.' It definitely gives you a good feeling to have them back.

Q: Is that something you feel that a lot of people maybe aren't really sure of; that the defensive end's role is kind of set on the defensive tackles forcing people your way a little bit?
A: Definitely with a running quarterback like they had. That's what we're going to be facing a lot this year. Having those defensive ends get pressure and not letting him get outside; making him step up and through the middle. That helps a lot.

#74 Johnnie Troutman
Gr./Sr., Guard

Q: It was a good rushing game, but there was still some pressure on the quarterback. How do you fix that going into next week?
A: Most definitely. Just got to get more awareness out there. Recognize what they want to do and what blitzes they're coming with so we can just make the switches faster and check some things like that. Different protections and shore it up some.

Q: What kind of confidence does it give you guys, knowing that you got Silas (Redd) running behind you?
A: Definitely a big confidence. Not just Silas, it's Silas, Beach (Brandon Beachum), and Dukes (Curtis Dukes), and also the other running backs.They run hard, and they are downhill, and we know that with them running the ball, they aren't going to go down on the first contact, so the extra two or three yards is crucial in the game. We give them a little hole and we know they're going to hit it hard and try to get as many yards as possible, not dance around on us.

Q: First game of the season, its got to be great getting out there and finally hitting a different color. That's the whole lines favorite thing, right?
A: Most definitely. It was a long, really long camp. That first week of not having a game while at school and basically practice 30 days against ourselves, it's a real mental drain when you're going against yourself the whole time and you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. This is the light at the end of the tunnel right now, and we're just ready to go against other teams and go back to the drawing board and get ready for Alabama next week.

Jay Paterno
Quarterbacks Coach

Q: What's the advantage of having two quarterbacks that you can play?
A: We have two guys that if one get hurts, they're both ready to play. I think that's a plus and I think both of them can give you some things that can help you win the game.

Q: Did you have a plan for alternating them today?
A: We went first quarter (with Rob Bolden), second quarter (with Matt McGloin) this week and what we do next week we'll decide as the week goes on.




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