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Visiting Coach Quotes: Penn State 80, Binghamton 65

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Dec. 19, 2017

Penn State Men's Basketball
Vs. Binghamton - Opposing Coach
December 19, 2017


Tommy Dempsey | Binghamton Head Coach

Opening Statement:

I am proud of the way our kids played. I thought we came to fight tonight, and we felt that we had a lot on the line. We came in on a seven-game winning streak, and we had an opportunity to go after a Big Ten team, and we embraced it. I felt that we came after them; we showed up for the fight, and they wore us down, made some big shots late, and put us away.


Q: [Mike] Watkins athleticism and length have given teams a lot of different problems. Is there anything you can do to try and slow that down? What is that game plan?

TD: You know, I thought when we attacked the paint we did a good job of playing off two feet, and not serving up blocks to Watkins. I know he probably had a few; I think he blocked two jump shots. I thought when we got to the rim, we were disciplined on how we attacked them, and again I thought they got out and got after us a bit, but we were able to spread them out and get quality shots. We shot a better percentage in the first half, but overall I thought we did our job. We needed to play a really good game tonight to beat them on their home floor, and I thought we played hard. I don't believe we were at our best, but we needed to be at our best tonight.




Q: You guys have played that zone all year. Was the idea to try to force them to beat you with three's?

TD: Well, we had to protect the paint. They are built, and they drive it relentlessly into the paint, and when they drive it you have to help, and they will lob it to [Mike] Watkins or drop it down, and you don't really have an answer for that, so we matched up in our zone. We tried to stay with Watkins along the baseline and not give him space to really be free, and he can jump, and they can throw it to the rim. If they see any space, they just throw it up, and that's a game changer. We play a lot of zone, and when we played man, we did a lot of switching and tried to put two guys on him [Mike Watkins] when we played man, and he was in the paint. We felt like, to answer your questions about the three's, we needed them to beat us from three. I thought we guarded the line pretty well. They made some long ones, and those are tough to guard. The couple Shep [Gardner] hit from five feet, six feet from behind the line; I think we have to live with those. We felt like we had to live with [Lamar] Stevens making some mid-elbow shots because if they throw it in the elbow and you come up at them, and they drop it down to Watkins, he dunks it. We went in with the philosophy of no layups and tried to compete in the paint, and I thought we did pretty well.


Q: What did you say to the guys in the locker room? What can they take away from this tonight?

TD: I said that there are no moral victories. We came, and we fought, and we played against a good team. We played tight for pretty much the entire game, and they put us away in the last couple of minutes. I want us feeling like we can win these games because eventually, we're going to be able to. I also didn't want them to lose their confidence because we are on a good streak and we are playing good basketball. We played good basketball tonight. I just want them to quickly get refocused for our game at home on Friday against LIU. I think that's one we have to take care of. We already started talking about turning the page.


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