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Penn State Basketball Media Day – Student-Athlete Quotes

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Oct. 12, 2017

Penn State Basketball
Media Day – Student-Athlete Quotes
October 12, 2017

Tony Carr | Guard | Sophomore

Q. Tony, is it true you added 28 pounds since the end of last season?

[TC]: I added 28 pounds of muscle, not just 28 pounds, so yes that’s true.

Q. What do you know now that you didn’t know 12 months ago?

[TC]: I learned that you can’t take anything for granted. Last season I felt as though we lost some games that we shouldn’t have lost and we weren’t as serious as we needed to be as a team. So just going into this year, just making sure we work as hard we can everyday so we don’t miss any steps when it comes to gameday.

Q. What did you take away from your trip to the Nike Skills Academy this summer?

[TC]: I took a whole lot from that experience. Just learning from all those NBA guys and coaches out there, and just playing against the best players in college right now. It was great on a day-to-day basis just competing and learning little tips here and there from those guys.

Q. Coach said after last season he talked to you a lot about on-court demeanor. Is that something you feel you need to work on?

[TC]: There were definitely some times where I kind of lost my cool last year, and let my emotions get the best of me out there on the court, and I watched a whole lot of film during the offseason. Looking for things I can do better and how I can handle situations differently. So I definitely made that a key point, just keeping myself under the wraps out there and just trying to be the best player and the best teammate that I can.



Lamar Stevens | Forward | Sophomore

Q. I remember last season your three-point game expanding a little bit towards the end of the season, is that something you’ve stressed this offseason?

[LS]: I worked on it a lot in the offseason. It was a focus for our team after losing some of the guys that we lost. I think it’s something that’s been improved by a lot of guys on the team, mainly Josh Reaves. I would say he improved his shot a lot.

Q. March is a long ways away and the season hasn’t even gotten started but postseason play, in terms of making it to the tournament, what are your expectations?

[LS]: It’s definitely a goal of ours, but like Tony said, we have to focus on the small things and not take anything for granted. We focus one practice at a time, one game at a time, and hopefully if we do that, then that dream and goal of ours will come true.

Q. What was your offseason physical conditioning work like?

[LS]: Everybody improved, that’s a lot of credit to Greg (Miskinis, strength and conditioning coach for MBB) and us for pushing each other. It was a great summer and everybody improved in a lot of areas.

Shep Garner | Guard | Senior

Q. Not your first rodeo, you’ve done this a few times, what’s your mindset going into that last year?

[SG]: This year, we’re just focused on being a better team, and just trying to get better every day. We’re going in the right direction and we’re really connected. I think this is the most connected team I’ve ever been a part of.

Q. Have you given much thought into what you want your legacy to be at Penn State?

[SG]: Not really. Right now I’m focusing on what’s ahead of me. I’m trying to make this season the best season it could possibly be, whatever that may be. Right now we’re focusing on putting the work in every day and hopefully by the end of the season we’re winners.

Q. There is a lot of talent on this team across the roster but what can you say about how important is that you guys got that experience together last year?

[SG]: I thought it was great that last year we went through the experience. I think for everybody that is returning, it’s going to play a big part of this year and adding Satchel to our team is great. We’re definitely an experienced team.


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