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Dec. 21, 2010

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Penn State Head Coach Ed DeChellis

Q: Did the long lay-off affect your team?
A: "Well, these games are hard because of the lay-off and finals, but we had three good days of practice Saturday, Sunday and Monday. We tried to make sure they understood the importance of this and the focus they needed. I thought this team (Maine) would give us a battle because they could make shots. It wasn't a team that couldn't score. Anytime a team can score and make shots, you have to do a good job defensively and we just didn't do that. You can't let a team come in and shoot 52 percent from the floor, 58 percent from three. If a team can shoot 58 percent from three, that's challenging."

"I though DJ (David Jackson) and Bubby (Talor Battle) tried to get us where we need to get to and we didn't have much else. That's the disappointing thing. Preparation wise, we knew Terrance Mitchell was a catch-and-shoot guy. Burnatowski is a catch-and-shoot guy. So, for three days it was get up and make them dribble, don't let them catch and shoot. That's what I'm talking about with focus and understanding what we are trying to do."

Q: Did you take Jeff Brooks out because of the shot off the inbounds from Burnatowski in the first half.
A: "Yeah. That's what he does. He's a catch-and-shoot guy. And the effort and energy you need to guard the guy is you have to get up and get into him and force him off the screens and let him do something else. That's what you need to do. You can't give guys open shots."

"I thought tonight it was more everyone took their turn. It was this possession this guy didn't do what he was supposed to do. That possession this guy didn't do what he was supposed to do. All of a sudden you put three or four possessions in a row where everyone takes a turn making a mental mistake and that's six or eight points. Offensively, we are not a team that has proven it can shoot the ball consistently every night. You get yourself in a whole and that's a problem."



David Jackson

Q: Did the zone defense bother you?
A: "Not really. We've seen the 2-3 zone before. We got some good looks when we were able to get it into the high post and kick out, but they just didn't fall. It didn't really confuse us. I think we were a little too much on our heels instead of attacking the zone."

Q: Did the long lay-off affect you?
A: "I feel like we just didn't play well. We were well prepared. They didn't really surprise us with anything they do. Maine just did a good job of executing and really making shots. That's what it came down to."

Q: How does this game affect you going into the Big Ten?
A: "It's tough. As a competitor you never want to lose period, if you're playing the No. 1 team or whoever. But, at the same time it's a whole new season coming up. We have to have a whole different level of focus and can't come out flat against of the teams in the Big Ten."

Q: Did you panic at all in the second half?
A: "There was no panic. I think we went out and really played hard and tried to press them and speed them up and get a couple of turnovers. There was no panic, you just have to play the game for 40 minutes. It can't just be at the end when you try to turn it up for the last 10.


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