Penn State vs. Gardner-Webb Post-Game Quotes

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Dec. 20, 2009

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Ed DeChellis

Q: How much did you emphasize to get Tim Frazier to drive the ball to the basket?
A: It helps you. We talked to him about taking the ball inside and making layups to get him going. Try to get a transition basket to get yourself going. That goes for Talor too. We try to emphasize to those guys to try to get something easy to get your momentum going instead of trying jump shot after jump shot. I think we did a good job of that tonight.

Q: Can you talk about the small crowd tonight?
A: I'm not even sure you're my wife came. She couldn't get out of the driveway after I shoveled it all afternoon. I thought the people here were tremendous. For them to come out here, I really appreciate that. I would also like to salute Russ Rose and the volleyball team. That was unbelievable for them to be down 2-0 and then to come back and win the thing. That says a lot about their toughness and focus. I would like to congratulate them as well.

Q: Can you talk about the quick turnaround to the American game?
A: Yeah we are going to come in and practice at four. I think we got our guys' attention the other day when American beat DePaul at DePaul. They added a new player who was a transfer who had 26 points off the bench. He played very well. So hopefully that got our guys' attention and hopefully they pay attention to detail at practice. We play early on Monday.

#10 Cris Babb
Sophomore Guard

Q: Coach talked a lot about making your own energy. Can you talk a little bit about that?
A: Yeah especially over breaks like this, pretty much everyone is gone. So we have to create our own energy. We came out and tried to get as excited as we could before the game. We took our defense into our offense and got easy buckets in transition, it was a couple minutes before they even scored. So we just tried to build off that and keep pulling.



Q: You made a lot more shots inside tonight, as opposed to just shooting the 3-pointer. Is that something Coach [DeChellis] has stressed to you?
A: He didn't really stress it. He's mentioned it, along with the other coaches, but I took it upon myself. A lot of my shots haven't been falling the past couple games, so I've been trying to create, whether it's off the dribble or penetrate and kick with Talor [Battle] and Tim [Frazier] drawing a lot of attention, it's easier for me to start getting open looks.

Q: Coach said you guys didn't get a lot of practice time this week, can you talk about that problems that might present?
A: It's been a while in between games, and we didn't really have a lot of time to prepare. But coach said it's not about the other team, it's about us and us getting better as a team. We just had to take that, and it got us this victory.

Q: Chris you guys are almost done with the non-conference schedule. In your mind is this team ready to go into the Big 10?
A: I think we're as ready as we're going to be. There's not much more we can do. It's just up to us now. Coach has given us all the preparation and we're as ready as we're going to be. The time is here so it's on us.

#23 Tim Frazier
Freshman Guard

Q: Did you need a game like tonight? Where all the buckets are falling early?
A: I wouldn't say I needed it, but definitely having that is great. Coming out to a game where your shots are falling definitely leads you into the next game, and gives you more energy.

Q: Quick turnaround to the American game, how do you get focused in such a short time span.
A: Yeah, it is a quick turnaround. Our goal is to get to the NCAA tournament, and to do that we have to win. We have to just turn around and be focused on the next game. By the end of tonight this game is over and we have to start focusing so we can be ready for Monday, and execute.

Gardner-Webb Head Coach Rick Scruggs

Opening Statement:
A: Too much Penn State tonight for us. I think too much schedule for us. We've had a tough schedule playing (North) Carolina and Duke and Penn State, now we've got to look forward to Texas right after Christmas. That's our New Years present is Texas. We'll save the No. 2 team for last I guess, for no particular reason. Penn State played really well tonight. They shot the ball extremely well. They out-matched us in every phase of the game. It's just one of those nights that the best team did what they could to the team that they could beat the way they did. You've got to give them all the credit and put all the blame us.

Q: How does Talor Battle stack up with the good players your team has seen so far?
A: Battle can play on any team we've played against this year. He'd fit in great with Duke or Carolina. Carolina could really use him right now, in fact, I think. They need some more guard play. I think that was probably evidenced today by Texas a little bit. He'd fit in with Duke. Duke's guards are really good and shoot it well. They're constant motion and they're always moving and they hit their open shots and that sort of thing. I think Battle would fit in real well with those guys. He's definitely a big time player.

Q: Why didn't Grayson Flittner play in the second half?
A: I just didn't think he deserved to play much. I didn't think him and Auryn MacMillan and a couple of those guys came out ready to play and we decided to sit them in the second half. The whole team has had a cold it seems like. It's not an excuse, I'm just saying I could have sat anybody and said that they were sick, including myself. I should have sat out tonight. That would have been a good one. I would have stayed at the motel and watched the game and got room service. That would have been more appropriate. We just didn't think the seniors showed a lot of leadership and we didn't think they showed a lot of heart tonight so we just sat them.

Q: Do you always get this type of game out of Anton Silver?
A: Anton, no. I'll tell you what, and this will sound funny coming out, but he's had a ton of practices like that. We just thought he was playing against us. He's a very good junior college player. Last year he came off the bench for us and gave us four or five points a game, that sort of thing. Then this year, he's got a lot of heart. He plays hard no matter what the score is. He just loves to play. That's why he got a lot of playing time and he had a great game tonight and I was glad to see him come through. If he hadn't been scoring, I'm not sure where the points would have come from.


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