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Dec. 7, 2011

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Penn State Coach Patrick Chambers

Q: What did they do on Frazier, anything specific that they did, to slow him down or was it just him?

A: A little bit of both. I think the 2-3 zone probably affected him a little bit. Once you started missing some shots it starts getting in your head sometimes. I give Lafayette all the credit it was a great game plan. They did a little 1-3-1 and a little 2-3 and it worked. We just couldn't make a shot.

Q: Did you feel Penn State relied too much on threes tonight?

A: At some points yes because I wanted them to drive the ball more, but I always tell you guys I want to shoot 20 to 25 plus free throws, we shot 26. The numbers are staggering with 26 free throws and 20 offensive rebounds. It's crazy, but I give them credit. They made the plays at the end of the game that they had to and we didn't.

Q: Shots were not going down in the first quarter. Do you think they should have stopped trying for threes and have tried for something else?

A: That was what we did. We didn't take as many threes. Jermaine Marshall took that big one and cut the lead to two. We drove the ball and we got to the foul line. I thought we got pretty good shots, but some days the ball doesn't go in the basket. The game is really simple, if you make shots you are going to win a lot of games. We made a lot of shots on Sunday, and we didn't make a lot of shots today. I thought we did a really good job in the second half defensively. We only gave up 24 points against five seniors with a great coach.

Q: Were you disappointed in the finish or getting down in the first place?

A: I was disappointed in the finish. I knew it was going to be a tough game. It was a very physical and brutal game on Sunday, but we tried to come back. We had a good practice on Tuesday a little bit of a shoot around on Monday. But, they have five seniors that know the system and can make threes. I was just disappointed with the free throws and we turned the ball over too many times down the stretch. We were just in that game and we have got to start being more solid with the basketball. We have got to start making more free throws. Wemake four more free throws and we would be in overtime right now.



Q: Is the not making free throw problem a lack of poise?

Q: Did you have to tell them anything, as far as confidence goes, after a night like tonight's shooting? Or is it just a matter of them getting back in?

A: We just have to go back to work tomorrow and try to have a great practice. We have to have a great practice on Friday and then play Duquesne away. We have to continue to get better.

Q: I know that it is a conundrum, but how do you address the free throw situation in the middle of a season?

A: We shoot a ton of them and we have to keep shooting.

Q: But it doesn't seem to be working. Is it as simple as that?

A:  Yes. Instead of being 6-4 we could be 8-2 if you make free throws. Putting them on the line and putting pressure on them. If you miss you have to run. There is still pressure there. They come in and they are shooting extra free throws. At some point it becomes mental and you just have to get up there and shoot with confidence.

Q: Are they hitting in practice?

A: Yes, for the most part. Some guys yes, some guys no.

Q: Was Tim doing the other things you wanted him to do besides not making shots tonight?

A: Yes. Tim didn't obviously shoot the ball and he is our best player. He only scored three points that percentage is not good for us. But, he had nine assists. I want to see more leadership. The problem with when you are missing shots - with my prior team for the last two years, when we missed shots we grinded all the way down to the end. We would not let missing shots affect our effort or our free throw shooting. We have to get there and we just are not there yet.

Q: Is there something to be said for the effort. It looked like the effort was there but no execution.

A: I would tell you we made too many mistakes, both defensively and offensively. I thought we stood, we work on moving and getting the ball from side to side. But, when you're missing shots that gets in your head a little bit, and you put yourself in a bad situation. That's the game.

Q: Wouldyou like to see more leadership from Tim? Especially as far as body language?

A: Not just Tim (Tim Frazier). Tim, Billy (Billy Oliver), and Cam (Cameron Woodyard) you just can't hang your head when you miss a free throw. You just can't do it because everyone's eyes are on you. Tim is doing a phenomenal job. Cameron and Billy are helping him, but we just have to continue to get better.

Q: Even when Tim is having a tough shooting night, do you still want the ball in Tim's hands?

A: Absolutely, that's why I put him on the line.

Q: Do you feel as though you have better success in a transition game?

A: Yeah, we wanted to run no doubt. We wanted to run, we wanted to push the ball. Again, we hurt ourselves, 13 turnovers is just too much.


Lafayette Head Coach Fran O'Hanlon


Opening Statement: It obviously wasn't pretty.  We did what we needed to do at the end of the game.  As I just told the team, it was one of the ugliest finishes.  But, I thought our guys really stepped up and did things.  Nick Petkovich, other than calling a time out when we didn't have one, I thought we did a lot of good things.  I think our defense competed and kind of mixed it up.  It didn't look like they wanted to play against the zone. 


Q: Did you do anything specific on Frazier?

A:  We did a lot of switching on him.  We have a lot of guys the same size.  Our team has mismatches.  So we just switched that on him.  He's used to people helping and recovering, and I think our switching bothered him. 


Q:  They shot a lot of three's tonight and they didn't make many.  Is that something you planned for?

A:  Well, I think they just saw some ugly threes.  I know for Patrick, Coach Chambers, wouldn't want a shooting game like that again.  They had some decent looks but sometimes it works that way.  Sometimes you live by the three and sometimes you die by the three.  They didn't do as well, obviously, as they can. 


Q: How do you feel like you handled the pressure?

A:  I thought we did a good job.  We expected the pressure for the most part.  We didn't turn the ball over too much.  We knew they were going to play the 1-2-2.  I was a little upset at our team at times because we didn't always get to the spots we need to get to.  But we didn't turn it over, which was huge.  So, the pressure will kind of lure you into traps, and we didn't fall for that. I guess if we didn't call that timeout, we would've had one at the end.  I thought for the most part, we did a good job.




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