Penn State vs. Maryland Post Game Quotes

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Dec. 2, 2010

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Penn State vs. Maryland Post Game Quotes
Penn State vs Maryland 12/1/10

Head Coach Ed DeChellis

Q: What's your take on the way you played in the first half?
A: I thought we got off to a good start. I thought we had some flow offensively and made a couple shots. I thought defensively we were doing okay. And then from that point on, from 9 to 13 and then we were stuck on 13 forever. And then DJ got two quick fouls, Jeff got fouls. At the half time mark, I felt like we were okay- we shot 22% and we had two of the guys who play a lot of minutes sitting on the bench and we're down six. I mean I thought we would be okay, I just didn't think we would shoot it that poorly the second half.

Q: Your bench only gave you three points tonight, can you comment on that?
A: Well I don't think offensively anybody played well. We didn't have anything off the bench, we had no answers off the bench. We have to have guys coming off the bench ready to play and make some shots and defend and rebound and do some things. It just didn't happen tonight.

Q: How did the early foul trouble affect how you attacked Maryland?
A: Well we got in foul trouble early. I thought in the first half they shot several free throws and that was part of the emphasis- to play well without fouling. We didn't do that. I think we shot one the first half, I think they shot nine or ten. But again, I thought we were going to be okay, I wasn't panicking at halftime. We were down six, we come out and make the first basket second half. We're down three and I'm thinking `Okay now we'll start making some shots and get in some rhythm,' but we just never got in any kind of rhythm offensively and then it affected our defense the last ten minutes.

Q: When you struggled the most last year, it was because it seemed like Talor was the only one making any shots. We saw some of that tonight. Is that something you worry about this year?
A: Well yeah I do. I know that we dribble too much. We dribble way way too much. We're trying to use the ball screens and put them in ball screen situations, screen and roll, but then we just got carried away with it. They had nine blocked shots tonight and our thinking going in was drive to pitch, drive to pitch, use the ball screens, bring the big guy away from the basket, and drive and then pitch out and we'll make a couple shots or catch a shot fake and then drive again, but we never really got the ball reversed. The guys never really got into an offensive rhythm. I thought we missed some easy shots, shot we normally make. And we just sort of lost our confidence.



Q: Did you think the guys were too amped up?
A: No, I don't think too amped up. We came out pretty good. If we came out and were shooting them right away and didn't make a shot, then I would say yeah we were too amped up, but we came out and made some baskets and got a lead, and I thought we were pretty settled offensively, but then the wheels kind of came off second half. But we gotta make some shots now. You can't go three for 27 from the three-point line and win many games.

Q: Anything drastically needed to be done going into this weekend or are you just going to put this game behind you?
A: Well I think it's important that we don't let one loss turn into two. I think we need to come to practice tomorrow night ready to go, with energy and do the things we have to do. You can't let one loss turn into two losses; we can't let Maryland beat us twice. There are other teams that got beat. It's early in the season, you have to come back and fight through it and be a better basketball team Saturday afternoon than we were tonight.

Q: How much of a concern is Virginia Tech?
A: I'm not even thinking about Virginia Tech. I'm concerned with Duquesne on Saturday. It's not on my radar yet.

Q: How frustrating is it to have trouble with rebounds like you did tonight?
A: We had 20 all together and we had 12 first half, we just couldn't convert anything into the basket. I think sometimes we were trying to take some tough shots. I thought Drew did a good job first half trying to rebound the ball to Jeff, and then we got the ball back out and then just couldn't convert. I think the kids worked hard, they competed, they just couldn't make enough baskets to try to get us going.

#12 Talor Battle, #25 Jeff Brooks

Did you feel you played well in the first half aside from shooting?
Talor: Defensively we were playing pretty well in the first half and that's what kept us in the game. We shot a lot in the first half I think we were 9-40. We have to move on from this one.

How did the early foul trouble hurt you throughout the rest of the game?
Talor: It hurt us a little bit, but we still scored. We came into the second half only down six. There was nothing else to talk about. We knew how poorly we shot the basketball and they made some shots. They shot nearly 50 percent and that's what is came down to.

Jeff, nine minutes in you picked up your second foul, how did that affect you down low?
Jeff: I think it took away my chance to get into a rhythm. I started out well I got an offense rebound and a dunk. Then the next thing I knew I had a two fouls and I was pm the bench for 11 minutes. I think that's going to be stressed a lot throughout the season, to stay out of foul trouble early because then I had to work the whole second half to try to get into a rhythm, but tonight that just didn't work at all.

Talor, you guys talked about after the Mississippi game how you felt you didn't have time to think about it because of the next game, are you eager to get out on the court and forget about this loss?
Talor: This is one of those games you just want to forget about. Saturday can't come soon enough. I'm going to let this one go tonight because we can't let Maryland beat us twice. We have to move onto Duquesne and come out Saturday night and try to win.

Talor, were you guys happy with the way you moved the ball in the first half?
Talor: I know we had some good shots, but we air balled six or seven shots in the first half alone. When you play a team like Maryland, you just have to put the basketball in the whole and I think that's what it really came down to. We got shots and we got offensive rebounds, but we just could not put the basketball in the basket.

Do you think you guys were too amped?
Jeff: No, we stressed that yesterday in practice. It's a big game, we know were going to be on ESPN and everybody is going to be watching. And that was the biggest thing, trying to stay level. We didn't wan to come out with too much energy and next thing you know everybody is too tired to get up and down the floor. I think we came out well, we came out 9-0, we came out running the floor well, playing defense, the next thing we know, it's a cold streak. We just couldn't make baskets. We just go back to practice the next two days and work on shooting the basketball and getting back in a rhythm and come out Saturday, trying to get a win.

Maryland Head Coach Gary Williams
Opening Statement:

In the beginning of the game Penn State did a good job coming out and taking it to us. We seemed to pick it up when we subbed early and that allowed us to get those guys that we subbed out back into the game in the first half and they played better from there. We were in pretty good shape, I thought our defense was consistent all night. Battle is a good player and he'll have great games this year for Penn State and we just tried to stay fresh on him in other words somebody that could stay active and wasn't tired stayed on him. Our bench really helped us tonight, Terrell Stoglin, Pe'Shon Howard, both those guys did a great job playing 18-19 minutes a piece. James Padgett did some things for us that don't always show up in the stats but he got 18 minutes that allowed us when Dino Gregory got in foul trouble to not get hurt. Dino has picked it up this year as a senior and he has played backup to some great players in the past years so it is great to see him get his turn and do what he is doing. He really worked hard this summer and he deserves a lot of credit. We are a team that is trying to get better. We lost three great players last year, one is a first round draft pick, and we've had to make some adjustments to the way we play and we've hung together and this was a big win for us to go on the road and get a win.

Q: You talked about trying to get the defense to improve, how pleased are you with what you saw tonight?
A: I was pleased. When you play a player like Battle and he is first league Big Ten player, he had 18 points a game last year, when you stop somebody like that you make him work for his shots because he's going to get his shots since he can shoot from far out. What we tried to do was keep a fresh guard on him but at the same time all four players were watching him. If they could get a hand on him at any time to help they would do that. We executed the game plan very well.

Q: Jeff Brooks was getting Penn State the second option that they lacked last season, but he didn't do much tonight. Was that part of your plan or were you just focusing on Battle?
A: We felt Battle was the key. Brooks is a very good player though in fact Sean Mosley was on him most of the time and did a very good job. Those guys, if they keep getting their looks, they're proven scorers. Tonight he didn't really score, I would like to think it was our defense but a lot of times guys miss shots. I'm sure they felt they had some shots they just missed. They are a good team, they get those seniors out there and they know what they are doing, it will come. Brooks just had one of those nights and he's had some great nights for Penn State.

Q: How much did Jeff Brooks getting into foul trouble early on in the game, affect the game?
A: We didn't change much, it's hard to say. When you have a guy like Taran Buie who is a pretty good player, coming off the bench, and Oliver who can shoot the ball when he comes in. We did feel we had more guys playing and if we could get to the bench that would be a good thing for us but that's the way we play. We didn't change anything, we try to play eight or nine most nights.

Q: In the second half it seemed you were able to take some of those rebounds off of missed shots and take it into transition, do you feel that helped you stretch the lead?
A: We think we are a good transition team but the problem was we were giving them second shots in the first half. They had 12 offensive rebounds in the first half and we had three so we weren't really given the opportunity to run. We need to run, that is a part of our offense, but we can't do it unless we rebound the ball.


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