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Nov. 28, 2010

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Penn State vs. Furman Post-Game Quotes

Penn State Coach Ed DeChellis

Q: At seven minutes you put Battle on the bench and then put back in. What was said?

A: I just didn't like the way we were playing. Those two were playing sloppy and flat I just told those guys that there was a four or five minute stretch of a lack of maturity. You're up twenty points and you just execute, we were trying to do things ourselves, we weren't defending and that was the disappointing part. I didn't want those guys to play anymore. It got down to 13 points with four or five minutes to go and now all of a sudden you got a problem. But when those guys went in they got in back where it needed to be. My message was a lack of maturity.

Q: How do you think the first half went?

Answer: First half went well. I think we played well. We had good ball movement we had open shots. I was pretty worried about coming out flat. We had a 48-hour turn around. But, the guys really weren't flat; they took it easy yesterday and walked through some stuff and I was very happy. Second half we were only okay and all of a sudden we just lost it and didn't play very well. But overall I thought it was okay.

Q: How much was talking to those guys and pulling them aside was not just about today but about their future?

Answer: I said to them afterwards in the locker room you think we just get up on somebody that we're going to play and risk to die I mean there's no way. I mean this is a competitive game and we're in a competitive field. When you give someone the opportunity to put it away you have to put it away. It's about long term and about maturity and development and learning form your mistakes so they don't happen again because you don't want history to repeat itself.

Q: You had a lot of guys getting assists today



Answer: We tried to talk about inside-out all game and every game, but I think they really play behind in the post which allows you to get it in there first. Some people really do a good job about not letting it inside the post. It's harder to get it in there, but they play behind the post and let us get the ball in there. I think we're getting better.

Q: How much of an emphasis was put on defense after the Mississippi game?

Answer: Everyday is about the defensive end and rebounding the basketball and that's what we have to hang our hat on if we want to continue to improve as a team. After the Mississippi game we spoke about it and we spoke about it yesterday and about it this morning. We have to defend and we have to rebound the ball in order to give ourselves a chance to win. Guarding Mississippi's speed was a little different than today and we will be guarding Maryland on Wednesday will be a challenge for us. The speed of the game changes so much from Friday night until today and back again on Wednesday.

Q: Overall though were you pretty pleased with the defense?

Answer: Yes, I thought we made some good rotations that we needed to. I think our communication was better defensively we had more communication on the floor. We had some lack of communication last Friday where we gave away some open shots. Screens we didn't switch it the right way and let them have some open looks at the basket but I thought we communicated better this afternoon.

Q: Do you feel like Mississippi really exposed anything for you guys?

Answer: They (Ole Miss) got beat up for a week, they got beat by Dayton where they could not make a basket and the one kid was one for something. They were such good players last year and you knew they were going to come out and we had hands in their faces at times. I mean we actually did, we were trailing them but they just made some tough shots. So, I think what our guys exposed was that you need to play so much harder when you're playing against a higher level SEC team and Mississippi is a team that will probably win the west. They are that talented and they are that deep and they have guys that can score. It was good for us to play them. We had our chance; Talor had a wide-open base line jumper early and we got a call for an illegal screen that would have put us up one. It was a big play because they weren't sure and it was a big play that would have put us up. Then they got the ball back. So there were plays in the game that you have to make but we didn't rebound the way we wanted to. I would say that and the speed of the game.

Q: How do you feel about Maryland and the ACC/Big Ten Challenge?

Answer: I think we've won three in a row. It's th first time for a home Challenge game in a while. I guess it's been a couple years. They are a great team and a great program and that's what this challenge is all about is putting two top conferences together and good players and hopefully we'll have a good atmosphere. We'll get the students out here and hopefully they have a good atmosphere Wednesday night. And show the nation that's what we're all about.

Q: Pre-season you talked about Talor with the trust issue with his teammates, how has that come along?

Answer: It's pretty good. We continued to discuss that and guys have stepped up and made plays. It's like confidence, but I tell the players you need to give me a reason to be confident I can't just sprinkle confidence dust on you. Your performance in practice and in a game has to give me confidence. It's the same way guys are playing well and making shots and it's all good stuff and positive stuff.

Q: Jeff has been making his jump shots and threes.

Answer: He's a tough match-up if he's going to make his jump shots. You have to guard him with a different guy then, then you can you can post him. But, he's been pretty good off the dribble and rebounding. He's been playing with a lot of confidence. He's a tough match of 6'8 and he can drive by you, so that's what we've been hoping from him for three years now from Jeff and he's doing a really good job.

#12, Talor Battle Sr./Sr. , Guard

Q: Talor it didn't look like you guys were feeling too much fatigue from the short turnaround after playing Ole Miss Friday, were you guys feeling fatigue?
A: We were fine, we didn't have time to complain and not come out ready to perform because we were sore. It was light yesterday; Coach just wanted us to know what they were going to do. We were out there about an hour and Coach kept us out of the lanes. He just wanted to keep us fresh. We were in getting massages.

Q: You guys seem to be doing a great job of working inside-out, was that something you guys were trying to do today?
A: Yeah, that is something we have been trying to do every game this year, especially with D.J. and Jeff inside, we have been trying to get those guys going and once they get a couple baskets, teams begin to double down and we can kick it out.

Q: Andrew Jones hit you with a pass for a three, which does not happen too often, how did that work today?
A: It was a great pass by Drew, a strong step through too. Somebody doubled down and he fought through it and kicked out to me and I made the shot.

Q: What did you guys want to do better defensively today?
A: One of the things about the Ole Miss game was that we scored the ball really well, we had over 70 points, and we had a great offensive game, but we did not defend. Our mindset today was to defend and like coach said we wanted to tip the hat on defending and rebounding and the offense will take care of itself.

Q: This was Ed's 100th win, what does it mean to you guys to be a part of that?
A: I had no clue, but I'm excited for coach that he got his 100th win. I'm sure he'd say it's just another win for him and for us, hopefully we can get a few more after 100.

Q: You have been passing some milestones this season, you became the first player to pass 1,000 points scored, 500 rebounds, and 400 assists, does that stuff mean anything to you or do you think about it?
A: I am a hard worker, I am grateful individually for the things I've done, but I care about winning and we won tonight. If we keep winning all of those things will just fall into place.

Q: What improvements have you seen from Tim in terms of slowing down and being just a little more relaxed this season?
A: He is doing a great job distributing the ball and gets guys looks. We have to get him to shoot and not make a pass that leads to a turnover when he could have made that shot that he passes up sometimes but that's what we're trying to get across to him, but he is doing a great job and I'm sure he will continue.

Q: The coaches want him to shoot a little bit more?
A: Coaches see that he is coming down the middle of the lane looking to pass instead of shoot but we have confidence that he will make it.

#25, Jeff Brooks Sr./Sr. , Forward

Q: You guys were shooting more from 3, is that something you are trying to do?
A: I think that is a thing that the coaches stress to us during practice, to make shots. We are getting a lot of open threes right now and the biggest thing to do is to knock down the open shot and once we get teams to guard us out on the perimeter, we can start to drive. If teams continue to leave us open all we have to do is continue to knock down shots.

Q: What has been the biggest difference for you Jeff in terms of shooting 3's?
A: Arc. My shot feels a lot better than in years past. I have been working on it when I get chance and it's all about repetition.

Q: How hard have you been working on it this off-season?
A: Too hard, I was in here every day. Someone was here stressing, "not enough arc Jeff." I'm just going to keep sticking with it and working on it.

Q: Maryland is up next, what do you feel about playing in the Big Ten/ACC challenge?
A: It's another game really. Every game is an opportunity. It should be a lot of fun, Maryland is a great team and we're a good team so it should be a lot of fun to have those guys come here. I know for sure they are going to press us, so that is definitely something that is going to be stressed to us this week during practice, press offense and making smart plays with the basketball because our defense fuels our offense. It's going to be a great game, I can't wait and I know that Talor, D.J., Steve, and Drew can't wait either for our last ACC/BIG TEN challenge and we want to go out with a win.

Q: You guys out-rebounded them 33-19, after Ole Miss how much of an emphasis was put on rebounding?
A: It was big, something that we all knew was going to be a big part of the game against Ole Miss. It was going to be a battle on the boards, you know the SEC with big, athletic guys. We lost that battle by 6 and we stressed that battle a lot during practice yesterday and right after the game, about rebounding the ball and continuing momentum. That's something we tried to do today, crash the boards and I think we did a great job with that today, now we just need to take that into the Maryland game, which will be a good battle too. The team that comes out with the most 50/50 balls there will probably win the game.

Q: What was the biggest thing you took from the Mississippi game?
A: I think as a team, we should see that if we contain the ball, we should do a great job scoring the ball, but if we can't contain the ball then guys get open shots and it's hard to beat guys when they are getting open shots. It is going to be a big key for us this year to keep the ball and keep your man in their place.


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